15 Wrestlers Blacklisted by the WWE

These wrestlers will not be seen in a WWE ring anytime soon…

  1. New Jack

As you can already tell with David Benoit, sometimes a wrestler doesn’t even have to do anything to be put on WWE’s naughty list, as is the case with ECW alumni New Jack. The reason New Jack is banned from WWE has little to do with his family, as is Benoit’s case, but more has to do with the bad reputation that the man has built throughout his wrestling career.

From his time in Extreme Championship Wrestling and beyond, New Jack has been on the bad side of wrestlers and law enforcement alike. He has been known to be overly aggressive in and out of the ring and even has a reputation of going out of his way to injure opponents, as was the case with Vic Grimmes whom New Jack has gone on record as saying that he “tried to kill” during their match.

This isn’t even to mention the infamous “Mass Transit Incident”, in which New Jack cut a 16 boy deep enough that it almost killed him (granted, said boy didn’t have any business being in the wrestling ring, as he both lied about his age and training). This issue led to lawsuits against both New Jack and ECW.

With WWE being a PG, “Family Friendly” product these days, I think it is safe to say that a dangerous man like New Jack will likely never be a part of a WWE card.

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