15 Wrestlers Blacklisted by the WWE

These wrestlers will not be seen in a WWE ring anytime soon…

  1. David Benoit

In 2007, professional wrestler and former WWE World Champion Chris Benoit killed his wife Nancy and son Daniel before taking his own life. This double-murder, suicide is one of the darkest events to ever happen in the history of professional wrestling and is one that WWE has done all it could to avoid ever mentioning.

Unfortunately, this extends to Benoit’s son, David. Despite having a wrestling career of his own and not having done anything untoward to offend the WWE, David Benoit is likely never to see a WWE contract in his future simply because of his association with his father.

It is a sad circumstance that snuffs out a potential superstar’s career before it even got started. Hopefully, WWE can put the past behind them and work something out in the future so that David Benoit can get the opportunity that he was unfairly robbed of.

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