15 Wrestlers Blacklisted by the WWE

These wrestlers will not be seen in a WWE ring anytime soon…

  1. C.M. Punk

Many wrestling fans, myself included, hold onto hope that C.M. Punk will put his failed MMA career behind him and make his return to the squared circle in the future. The truth is, however, that this will always likely be a pipe dream.

Punk left the WWE back in 2014 under less than ideal circumstances. Following WWE’s annual Royal Rumble left a sour taste in both the fans and Punk’s mouth, Punk walked out of the company while still under contract with the company. While away, Punk voiced his displeasure with the company and it’s direction many times (such as on the aforementioned Colt Cabana’s podcast), and also spoke poorly about management, the McMahon family, and even wrestling fans themselves.

Punk was officially given his walking papers by the WWE on his wedding day to fellow wrestler AJ Lee and has said many times over that he has no desire to ever go back to the life of a professional wrestler. While Punk has kept contact with many wrestling colleagues and even had offers from other companies for a return, it is unlikely we will ever see the “Straight Edge Superstar” in any wrestling ring again.

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