15 Wrestlers Blacklisted by the WWE

These wrestlers will not be seen in a WWE ring anytime soon…

For professional wrestling, a lot of aspiring grapplers view the WWE much like the United States: as the land of opportunity. It is where a wrestler can become rich and famous doing what they love and make a name for themselves…

…or at least that is how many wrestlers would want it. The truth is, the WWE is a very uniform place, where you are expected to do things a certain way and are only to talk about the company in a positive light. Because of these strict guidelines, many people can easily find themselves on Vince McMahon’s bad side.

Such is the case with these fifteen wrestlers. Either due to their actions or their words, these fifteen individuals have found themselves on WWE’s blacklist and are not likely to ever be seen in a WWE ring in the future.

  1. Jeff Jarrett

We’ll start things off with an individual that has been on the bad side of WWE management for a long time: Jeff Jarrett.

A member of the famous “Jarrett” wrestling family, which includes father Jerry Jarrett, Jeff has found himself in the dog house many times. This has come as a result of Jarrett’s frequent changing of sides during the “Monday Night War”, with Jarrett going over to work for WWE’s rival World Championship Wrestling on more than one occasion.

The straw that broke the camel’s back, however, was when Jarrett held up the WWE for $300,000 dollars to work without a contract and to drop the Intercontinental Championship (which he held at the time) to rival Chyna at No Mercy ’99. As anyone in the business could tell you, no one holds up Vince McMahon, and Jarrett’s extortion saw him walking out the doors of the WWE after his match and never returning.

  1. David Benoit

In 2007, professional wrestler and former WWE World Champion Chris Benoit killed his wife Nancy and son Daniel before taking his own life. This double-murder, suicide is one of the darkest events to ever happen in the history of professional wrestling and is one that WWE has done all it could to avoid ever mentioning.

Unfortunately, this extends to Benoit’s son, David. Despite having a wrestling career of his own and not having done anything untoward to offend the WWE, David Benoit is likely never to see a WWE contract in his future simply because of his association with his father.

It is a sad circumstance that snuffs out a potential superstar’s career before it even got started. Hopefully, WWE can put the past behind them and work something out in the future so that David Benoit can get the opportunity that he was unfairly robbed of.

  1. Hulk Hogan

If you ever want to talk about a fall from grace, one need simply take a look at the case of Hulk Hogan. Once a proud wrestling legend who sold out arenas around the world and is a name synonymous with professional wrestling, recent years have seen “The Hulkster” fall on some seriously hard times.

These hard times include the release of a sex tape of Hogan from the company Gawker, which led to lawsuits and broken friendships for the man with the 48” Pythons. Perhaps more infamous, and what led to his WWE departure, is the use of racial slurs against his daughter’s boyfriend, which was leaked in audio to the public. These events have caused the WWE to scrub themselves as much as possible of Hogan from their history.

While these times are certainly dire for the man, Hulk Hogan and WWE go hand-in-hand. No matter how much WWE tries to erase Hogan, I think that it is still plausible to find Hogan back in a WWE ring at some point in time.

  1. Scott Steiner

Scott Steiner is a wrestler that has never been afraid to speak his mind, that is for certain. While not always the most popular of wrestlers, Steiner’s profanity-laced promos and need to voice his opinions to anyone who will listen has ensured that Steiner will always have a place in fan’s minds.

This has also netted Steiner a nice and cozy spot on the WWE’s blacklist. Scott has several times now called out WWE, trash talking about higher-ups in the company including the boss’s daughter Stephanie McMahon and son-in-law Triple H, lambasting WWE’s current product and their position in the business. Not to mention that Scott Steiner is also a bit loony, having attempted to chase down Hulk Hogan multiple times.

This loose-cannon nature is exactly why you will likely never see Scott in the WWE again or in its Hall of Fame.

  1. Ryback

Ryback was, until just a few years ago, one of the biggest up-and-coming stars in the WWE, with a gimmick that was reminiscent of Goldberg and a look that comes straight from a Vince McMahon wet dream. All that is in the past now, however, as Ryback has now been added to the ever-growing list of wrestlers that are on the bad side of WWE management.

Since leaving the company in 2016 Ryback has become one of the most outspoken former employees that WWE has ever had, claiming that WWE treats their talent poorly and frequently discussing issues he had with his WWE contract. He even went as far as legally changing his name to “Ryback Reeves” (formally Ryan Reeves) so as to prevent the WWE from claiming copyright on his ring name.

If you ever thought that there may have even been the slightest of chances that Ryback could return to the WWE, he made sure to nix it in the bud with some recent controversial remarks about the position of females in the world of wrestling, basically ensuring that we won’t be seeing Ryback again anytime soon.

  1. New Jack

As you can already tell with David Benoit, sometimes a wrestler doesn’t even have to do anything to be put on WWE’s naughty list, as is the case with ECW alumni New Jack. The reason New Jack is banned from WWE has little to do with his family, as is Benoit’s case, but more has to do with the bad reputation that the man has built throughout his wrestling career.

From his time in Extreme Championship Wrestling and beyond, New Jack has been on the bad side of wrestlers and law enforcement alike. He has been known to be overly aggressive in and out of the ring and even has a reputation of going out of his way to injure opponents, as was the case with Vic Grimmes whom New Jack has gone on record as saying that he “tried to kill” during their match.

This isn’t even to mention the infamous “Mass Transit Incident”, in which New Jack cut a 16 boy deep enough that it almost killed him (granted, said boy didn’t have any business being in the wrestling ring, as he both lied about his age and training). This issue led to lawsuits against both New Jack and ECW.

With WWE being a PG, “Family Friendly” product these days, I think it is safe to say that a dangerous man like New Jack will likely never be a part of a WWE card.

  1. Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio, or Alberto El Patron depending where he is wrestling, has never been one to shy away on his opinion of the WWE or certain talents. Having been released from the WWE twice, once on his own accord and once for assaulting a member of the staff who reportedly said a derogatory term towards him, Del Rio’s opinions have not endeared him to WWE management.

On numerous occasions, Del Rio has called out the McMahon family and Triple H, with him challenging Trips to a fight and calling the man a “Pu**y”, among other schoolyard-esque names.

Further complicating things for Del Rio, besides this, is the man’s relationship with current WWE star Paige. Del Rio, on numerous occasions, has supposedly tried to get Paige to leave the WWE and has almost gotten her fired on numerous occasions during the pair’s tumultuous relationship.

Alberto Del Rio almost seems to have gone out of his way to show his displeasure with the WWE and to cause problems for everyone involved. This kind of behavior is some that will keep Alberto outside of a WWE arena for a long time to come.

  1. Zahra Schreiber

Have you ever wondered how to sabotage a career in professional wrestling before it ever really gets started? Then take a lesson from one Zahra Schreiber.

This young lady was just starting out in the WWE and was a member of the NXT roster when a slew of photos of her were dug up online. The first of these came when the girlfriend of Seth Rollins, who was in the middle of his first major push in WWE, found out the superstar was cheating on her with Schreiber and posted nude pictures of her (as well as Rollins) online. But people have had nude photos leaked of them before, so how was that a reason to ban her from WWE?

The issue actually comes from the second set of photo leaks of Zahra, which shows her dressed up in full Nazi regalia. This came in conjunction with several tweets in which Schreiber defended her chose of wardrobe, even though said wardrobe is highly offensive to most people. Seeing as WWE has been accused before of being a tad racist towards minorities, a person with the kind of publicity that Schreiber produces is someone WWE would do well to avoid.

  1. Colt Cabana

Do you remember Scotty Goldman? No one would blame you if you don’t, as Goldman was only in the WWE long enough for a cup of coffee before being shown the door. Unfortunately, Goldman is likely all WWE fans will remember of indy standout Colt Cabana, who portrayed the ill-fated gimmick.

Since his time as Scotty Goldman, Colt Cabana had returned to the independent wrestling scene as well as started his own podcast, known as the “Art of Wrestling”. It is the latter which helped Cabana to find his way onto the WWE Sh*tlist, as his podcast was where the first post-WWE interview for C.M. Punk was conducted. This interview saw both Cabana and Punk call out the WWE, the company’s practices, and the skill level of the ringside physicians within the company.

The remarks that were made on the “Art of Wrestling” were disparaging enough that it led the WWE to seek legal action against both Punk and Cabana. As a result of this, seeing Cabana reprise his role as Goldman in the future seems incredibly unlikely.

  1. Teddy Hart

In wrestling, carrying the legacy of a wrestling dynasty such as that established by the Hart family usually at least gives you a shot in the wrestling business. Such is not the case with Teddy Hart, nephew of legendary Bret “Hitman” Hart.

Teddy, who got signed to the WWE initially at the young age of 18, did little to please management or his fellow wrestlers, sporting an attitude and an ego that was unbecoming of someone who was still fresh to the wrestling game. This attitude is what led Hart to be shown the door and released from his WWE contract after a few short years.

Subsequently, Hart has been involved in a number of legal struggles over the years. This includes being charged with sexual assault and rape in 2014. While these charges have since been dropped this, in addition to his bad attitude, guarantee that we are not likely to see Teddy Hart in WWE again.

  1. Sexy Star

Despite how things may look, you are not supposed to actually hurt your opponent in the ring. As a matter of fact, you are supposed to do everything to protect them and make sure that your opponent comes out of the match in one piece while still having a good match.

It is this wrestling “code of conduct” that Lucha Libre wrestler Sexy Star broke in her match with competitor Rosemary at the 2017 AAA Event TripleMania. During the match, Star went out of her way to put Rosemary into an armbar submission hold with the intention of breaking her opponent’s arm.

It has been up to debate as to why Star decided to take matters into her own hands with Rosemary, but it caught the attention of many prominent figures in professional wrestling, all of which criticized Sexy Star for the incident. This has essentially led her to not only be blacklisted from the WWE, but many promotions throughout the world as well, who would rather not take a risk on someone who can’t follow wrestling etiquette.

  1. Juventud Guerrera

Juventud Guerrera, often referred to as “The Juice”, is a legend in his home country of Mexico and is one of the pioneers of the Lucha Libre style in the United States. Despite all this, Guerrera is unlikely to ever receive much recognition from the WWE.

Guerrera is notorious for having a bad attitude in locker rooms both in-and-out of the WWE and has rubbed many of his colleagues the wrong way. He also holds himself in quite a high regard of his own talents: you are unlikely to find a bigger fan of Juventud Guerrera than Juventud Guerrera.

Guerrera also isn’t one to take orders very well. After accidentally shattering the face of Paul London from the impact of a 450 Splash, the move was outright banned by WWE. Despite this, Guerrera performed the move again the very next week, in direct defiance of WWE’s rules.

The massive ego, bad attitude, and inability to abide by rules are all reasons why WWE is likely to keep Juvey off of their payroll, so don’t expect to see him as a member of 205 Live anytime soon.

  1. Nailz

If one thing can be said about Nailz it is that he had a gimmick that seemed to very much fit his real-life personality: a former inmate who was dangerous and violent. Unfortunately for Vince McMahon, he got to find out how true to life this gimmick was first hand.

During the duration of Nailz’s tenure in the WWE, he was said to have a terrible attitude issue, one that would eventually lead to the decision to release him. Prior to his release, Nailz had apparently cornered McMahon and got into a physical confrontation with the owner of the WWE over a money dispute, even threatening Vince’s life.

The final “Nail” in the coffin that is Nailz’s WWE career came when the grappler testified against Vince McMahon in the infamous steroid trial in the early 90’s, during which he claimed to “hate Vince McMahon’s guts”. If threatening the owner’s life wasn’t enough reason to never bring Nailz back to the WWE, trying to get the boss thrown in prison will more then get the job done.

  1. C.M. Punk

Many wrestling fans, myself included, hold onto hope that C.M. Punk will put his failed MMA career behind him and make his return to the squared circle in the future. The truth is, however, that this will always likely be a pipe dream.

Punk left the WWE back in 2014 under less than ideal circumstances. Following WWE’s annual Royal Rumble left a sour taste in both the fans and Punk’s mouth, Punk walked out of the company while still under contract with the company. While away, Punk voiced his displeasure with the company and it’s direction many times (such as on the aforementioned Colt Cabana’s podcast), and also spoke poorly about management, the McMahon family, and even wrestling fans themselves.

Punk was officially given his walking papers by the WWE on his wedding day to fellow wrestler AJ Lee and has said many times over that he has no desire to ever go back to the life of a professional wrestler. While Punk has kept contact with many wrestling colleagues and even had offers from other companies for a return, it is unlikely we will ever see the “Straight Edge Superstar” in any wrestling ring again.

  1. Chris Benoit

While many of the wrestlers on this list have been essentially banned from the WWE, none have been so buried that even the mention of their name is forbidden. The only wrestler in the annals of the WWE that has ever had this treatment, and rightfully so, is Chris Benoit.

In June of 2007, Chris Benoit murdered both his wife Nancy and Son Daniel before taking his own life via hanging in what is one of the most infamous incidents in all of professional sports. The night that the bodies were discovered, WWE ran a special in commemoration of Benoit’s career, only finding out the circumstances of the incident after the show was already on the air. The following night, after the facts had come to light, Vince McMahon made an announcement on an episode of WWE’s ECW that Benoit would not be mentioned on WWE television again.

Chris Benoit had an illustrious career that saw him wrestle all over the world, win the Royal Rumble match, and main event WrestleMania, and all of which has now been erased from WWE’s history books. While the WWE has more than enough reason to do so, it is a bit of a shame that it’s as if one of the most talented men in the history of wrestling never existed.

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