15 Wrestlers Blacklisted by the WWE

These wrestlers will not be seen in a WWE ring anytime soon…

  1. Colt Cabana

Do you remember Scotty Goldman? No one would blame you if you don’t, as Goldman was only in the WWE long enough for a cup of coffee before being shown the door. Unfortunately, Goldman is likely all WWE fans will remember of indy standout Colt Cabana, who portrayed the ill-fated gimmick.

Since his time as Scotty Goldman, Colt Cabana had returned to the independent wrestling scene as well as started his own podcast, known as the “Art of Wrestling”. It is the latter which helped Cabana to find his way onto the WWE Sh*tlist, as his podcast was where the first post-WWE interview for C.M. Punk was conducted. This interview saw both Cabana and Punk call out the WWE, the company’s practices, and the skill level of the ringside physicians within the company.

The remarks that were made on the “Art of Wrestling” were disparaging enough that it led the WWE to seek legal action against both Punk and Cabana. As a result of this, seeing Cabana reprise his role as Goldman in the future seems incredibly unlikely.

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