15 Worst Finishers in WWE Today

From the boring to the ineffective, these are some of the worst finishers in the WWE

  1. Drew McIntyre: Claymore

Speaking of wrestlers that have had better finishers, we come to the former “Chosen One”, Drew McIntyre.

When he was first inside a WWE ring, McIntyre had not only one of the best entrance songs around (“Broken Dreams” anybody?), but also one of the best versions of the double arm DDT with the Future Shock. While the move has been done in different variations before, McIntyre did it with a crispness and fluidity that made the move look awesome.

Now “The Chosen One”, upon his return to NXT, has adopted the Claymore. This move is essentially a dropkick/big boot combo move that, while sold amazingly by his opponents, just doesn’t seem to have the same kind of impact as the Future Shock did. Hopefully once drew has been called back to the main roster he can put this move behind him like he did his days in 3MB.

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