15 Worst Finishers in WWE Today

From the boring to the ineffective, these are some of the worst finishers in the WWE

  1. Braun Strowman: Running Powerslam

Trust me when I say that the Running Powerslam, when performed by Braun Strowman, is effective and looks painful. It is a move that, for all intents and purposes, works for the “Monster Among Men”, and makes him look strong.

That said, is this really that great of a finishing move? The Running Powerslam has been used by nearly every “big man” wrestler in existence, from buffed out guys like The Ultimate Warrior to giants like Kane. So when Braun gets stuck with the move as his finisher, it feels like it is less special because it has already been done to death.

While it can be worse (at least he isn’t yet another Chokeslam user), it seems a bit lazy to give Braun Strowman such an overused maneuver. I feel like, for a “Monster Among Men”, he could do so much better.

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