15 Worst Finishers in WWE Today

From the boring to the ineffective, these are some of the worst finishers in the WWE

  1. Dolph Ziggler: Sleeper Hold

It’s a Sleeper Hold. That is pretty much all I have to say about Dolph Ziggler’s finishing submission, but I guess I need to go into more detail than that.

Ziggler is one heck of a wrestler, with a wide range of moves that he can perform and an ability to sell his opponent’s offense like no one’s business. So the fact that he uses a move as simple as the Sleeper Hold, a move that has been part of literally thousands of wrestler’s move sets, to finish off opponents is almost insulting.

Granted, Ziggler does not use the move nearly as much as he used to a year or two ago, but the fact remains that Dolph still uses one of the most basic and boring submission holds as a finisher. In 2017, it seems the only people truly going to sleep with the Sleeper Hold is the audience themselves.

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