28 Of The Worst Fails In Football History

Sometimes things just don’t go right.

NFL players are human beings, and they are bound to make mistakes. However, some of those mistakes are a little more embarrassing than others. We’ve assembled a list of blunders that were particularly cringeworthy.

A not-so-tricky trick play


During a game against the New England Patriots in 2015, the Indianapolis Colts decided to shake things up. After lining up in punt formation, they made a huge shift to a bizarre passing setup in which all players besides the quarterback and center were line up on the right side of the ball. The Patriots put an end to the play within seconds.

You had one job

Going against the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2003, the New Orleans Saints scored an improbable last-second touchdown to bring themselves within a point of tying the score. All they needed was an extra point from kicker John Carney. He missed the short kick, putting an immediate end to the Saints’ heroics.

Running away

Detroit Lions quarterback Dan Orlovsky helped the Minnesota Vikings out during a game in 2008. Pinned inside his own end zone, Orlovsky dropped back to avoid pressure. He went just a little too far, crossing over the out of bounds line and giving up an unforced safety.

Wrong way

(Photo By Streeter Lecka)

Saints quarterback Aaron Brooks got a little disoriented in a game against the San Diego Chargers in 2004. While coming under pressure during a passing play, Brooks made the questionable decision to throw the ball backwards. In other words, he threw it toward his own end zone.

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