Top 15 Most Attractive WAGs in The Premier League

It doesn’t get much hotter than this!

Can money buy happiness? It is the age-old question that many people search their whole lives trying to answer.

While “happiness” is hard to translate to a tangible object, there’s no denying that the financially privileged individuals of this world surround themselves with the material wealth to—at the very least—give off the illusion of happiness. After all, owning a 50-foot yacht certainly can’t hurt the high spirits.

Of course, money and fame undoubtedly go hand-in-hand. When you roll in the dough, you can cash your celebrity chip almost anywhere you go.

This money-to-celebrity relationship applies most perfectly to professional athletes. If you want to take it another step further, it applies even more perfectly to footballers. No, I am not talking about those meatheads who strap on massive helmets and run around trying to score “touchdowns.” I’m talking about the European footballers, or as the United States refers to them, “soccer players.”

Rounding out two of the top three individuals on Forbe’s richest athletes of 2017 are footballers: Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. There’s no denying the simple fact that money flows through football like water flows through a drain.

And what is the most prominent way for these millionaires to display their wealth, to show signs of their “happiness?” Their wives and girlfriends.

Let me make this clear – in no way am I suggesting that rich footballers simply buy beautiful women to call their girlfriends or wives. But whether we like to admit it or not, it seems that the richer the player, the more gorgeous their wives and girlfriends are. Maybe the players are indecently shallow people. Maybe the women are money chasers (after all, these women would likely not be caught sleeping with these men if they scrubbed toilets rather than scored goals).

But enough of this banter. Here are the top 15 most attractive WAGs in the Premier League.

  1. Evangelina Anderson (Martin Demichelis)

Though Martin Demichelis is no longer playing defense for Manchester City, we could not leave him off this list because of the sheer beauty of his wife.

Evangelina Anderson has been blessed with breathtaking good looks. A former Playboy model and nude model for several Argentine magazines, Evangelina became a notable name on Chilean television as an actress and dancer. She began dating Demichelis in 2007 and since then has gone on to marry him and be the mother of his two children.

Evangelina is 32 years old, but doesn’t look a day over 25.

Needless to say, those children are going to grow up to be very attractive people.

  1. Edurne Garcia Almagro (David de Gea)

David de Gea is heralded as one of the best goalkeepers in the world, playing for Manchester United.

He certainly also has one of the most beautiful woman in the world to call his better half.

Edurne Garcia Almagro (or, as she is known to her followers as simply Edurne) is a popular Spanish pop singer, as well as an actress and TV icon. In 2005, she rose to fame behind the Spanish casting show Operación Triunfo. She also represented Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015.

So you tell me…who is the real celebrity here? At 28 years old, Edurne has accomplished as much (if not more) than de Gea. Not to mention, her Instagram is a photo album of stunning snaps.

De Gea, you are one lucky man.

  1. Sam Cooke (Chris Smalling)

Just try to name a more attractive duo than Chris Smalling and Sam Cooke. It’s not easy, is it?

The Manchester United defender must be very pleased to go home to this stunner every night. Sam, 28 years old, is an English glamour model and Page 3 girl, formerly a house and dance DJ performing around the world.

But Sam’s good looks and curvy figure have not gone to her head. She’s proven over the years to be a charitable person, having camped out to raise money for a homeless charity in 2016 and being a regular visitor to Bali.

Hey Smalling, buddy, what are you waiting for? Put a ring on this hottie’s finger!

  1. Margaret Natsuki (Shinji Kagawa)

Margaret Natsuki is former Manchester United midfielder Shinji Kagawa’s girlfriend.

But she is so much more than that.

Known to many as Maggy, this Japanese Canadian model has starred on television shows such as Sport, Hirunandesu, and Buzz Rhythm.

Maggy and Kagawa met, oddly enough, during an interview. As she interviewed him (back when he was playing for the German club Borussia Dortmund), she clearly made enough of an impression on him to have him ask her out off the screen.

Years later, it appears as if the sparks are still flying.

  1. Alexandra Helga Ivarsdottir (Gylfi Sigurdsson)

What kind of list would this be if we did not include the former Miss Iceland (in 2008)? Alexandra Helga Ivarsdottir is a drop-dead beauty at 24 years of age. She has been recognized around the world as one of the most gorgeous women out there. Even her own nation of Iceland chose her to represent the nation in the 2008 Miss World beauty competition.

Alexandra has been in a relationship with Everton midfielder Gylfi Sigurdsson since they were practically kids. Now, with Iceland qualifying of the upcoming World Cup for the first time in their existence led by the 28-year-old Sigurdsson, he is considered among the best players ever to come out of Iceland, if not the very best.

He’s got the money, the nation, and the girl all supporting him. That is one lucky guy!

  1. Yolanda Cardona (Victor Valdes)

Yolanda Cardona is a stunning model and mother of three children.

But with that figure, you would never guess she had any children at all.

Read for an even bigger surprise? She is 34 years old.

The Columbian model has aged like fine wine and has been in a relationship with Middlesbrough’s former goalkeeper, Victor Valdes, for quite some time now. Valdes just recently retired from professional football and is looking to settle down.

Looks to me like he has the perfect girl to spend time with.

Enjoy retirement, Valdes! We know you will!

  1. Rachel Peters (Ryan Mason) 

You guessed it. We’ve got another supermodel for you!

Rachel Peters is a well decorated looker with all the right genes to be one of the prettiest women you will ever lay eyes on. The 26-year-old lady is a Filipino-British model and beauty pageant titleholder. Very recently, she was crowned Miss Universe Philippines and will represent her country in the upcoming Miss Universe competition.

Somewhere along the way, she caught the attention of former Tottenham standout and current Hull City stud Ryan Mason. Mason’s move to Hull City in 2016 was recorded at a club record fee, so it stands to good reason that he is making some serious cash.

Life must be great for newly engaged Rachel and Mason. Oh, and did we mention that they are expecting their first baby soon?

They have my vote for cutest celebrity family.

  1. Ludivine Sagna (Bacary Sagna)

While the brilliant French-born right back Bacary Sagna is coming off of stints with both Arsenal and Manchester City, he is no longer employed on any Premier league roster.

But after taking a look at his wife, you will completely understand why we included her on this list.

Ludivine Sagna is as stunning as they come. The world got to see a little sneak peak of the 28-year-old model this past summer, as she was spotted in a one-piece swimsuit in the United States. Miami beach is known for their beautiful ladies, but I do not think even Miami was ready for her.

What a sight for sore eyes.

You have to feel bad for Sagna for losing his job. But then, you remind yourself that he gets to go home to Ludivine every night.

And just like that, you don’t feel so bad anymore, do you?  

  1. Georgina Dorsett (Tom Cleverley)

If you are Tom Cleverley, midfielder for Manchester, you are probably pretty used to being called out for some questionable on-field decisions over the years.

As for those off-field decisions with the ladies, you most certainly cannot question his moves.

Cleverley has made television star and host of The Only Way is Essex Georgina Dorsett his wife back in 2015. Since then, they have gone on to have their first child, Navaeh Rose, and immediately entered the running for most attractive celebrity families out there.

Georgina has been known to rock some scantily clad outfits over the years. Wardrobe malfunctions have come so close.

If only, if only. Keep dreaming, fellas.

  1. Kayleah Long (Shane Long) 

Alright, enough with these glamourous supermodels and beauty pageant gals. How about a real down-to-earth, nothing-but-natural beautiful lady?

Look no further than Kayleah Long.

Kayleah is married to Irish legend and Southampton star Shane Long. The two attractive people met in 2010 and officially tied the knot in 2013. Since then, they have kept busy in the bedroom and have become parents of three children.

Turns out, the met under very odd circumstances. Both of their respective ex-partners were cheating on them with each other.

If that is not fate bringing them together, then I do not know what is.

Keep being gorgeous, Kayleah, and keep smiling! That gorgeous grin practically knocks us dead!

  1. Bianca Slater (Ryan Bertrand)

Though Ryan Bertrand isn’t quite the biggest star in the Premier league, that hasn’t stopped him from snagging himself a drop-dead gorgeous honey. 

Bianca Slater is practically always the hottest woman in the room wherever she goes. The brunette stunner with a fine figure isn’t afraid to show it off, as she has done countless times for various lingerie lines.

While Bianca has admitted in the past that her career is far more important to her than being known as the better half of a famous football player, that doesn’t stop her from cracking this list at a respectable fifth place.

Bianca and Bertrand have been going strong now for quite some time now, with no perceivable end in sight.

  1. Tanya Robinson (Phil Bardsley) 

Phil Bardsley, you are one incredibly lucky dude.

Burnley’s Scottish defender made probably the smartest move of his life by marrying Tanya Robinson, the 32-year-old gorgeous British model and star of the television series The Real Housewives of Cheshire. She also tried her hand at singing in the past.

Bardsley has certainly seen his fair share of football clubs over the years. He broke into the Premier league in 2003 with Manchester United, but also went on to play for Royal Antwerp, Burnley, Rangers, Aston Villa, Sheffield United, Sunderland, and Stoke City.

He better hope his love life isn’t all over the place like his career has been, because Robinson looks like a real keeper!

  1. Annelie Alpert (Loris Karius) 

They say that backing every great man is an even better woman. Enter Annelie Alpert.

Annelie joins the list of WAGs as one of the newer members of the club.

Partner of Liverpool’s late signing, German goalkeeper Loris Karius, Annelie brings a fresh look to our list. Her supermodel-slim figure distinguishes her from the other ladies on this list, and that luscious blonde hair would make even the most hardened guys swoon.

Karius got his girl. Now he needs to go out and get Liverpool a premier league title!

  1. Polly Parsons (Thomas Vermaelen)  

Have you ever seen a more naturally beautiful woman in your life?

Polly Parsons is the full package. But much to ever single guy’s dismay, she’s taken by Arsenal’s former star and captain Thomas Vermaelen.

After a ludicrous transfer to Barcelona in La Liga, Vermaelen is no longer a Premier league player and rightfully should be excluded from this list.

But how can you say no to a woman like that? Tell me, how do you look into those entrancing eyes and say no?

The British beauty is known for being a television presenter on BBC3’s The Real Hustle. She once was engaged to EastEnders star Sid Owen after dating for six years, but later called off the wedding. Later that year, she began dating Vermaelen and eventually went on to have two sons.

The rest is history.

  1. Kayla Cadorna (Connor Wickham) 

Close your eyes and picture the hottest woman you have ever seen, covered in knockout body ink.

Now open your eyes and take a look at Kayla Cadorna. She does not look too far off from that image in your head, does she?

Unfortunately, your fantasy woman will have to remain just that, as Kayla has already taken up with Crystal Palace’s underperforming striker Connor Wickham. The man must feel like a king, coming home to the fairest queen in all of the land after a tough day on the pitch.

As a self-proclaimed fire performer, pro-dancer, and circus girl, Kayla epitomizes every bit of the word “fire.” She is inarguably the hottest WAG in the Premier League because of her individuality. The tattoos, the edgy nudes pervading the internet, the inability to look bad in any picture she has ever been taken in, it’s all there for this lovely, crazy girl.

The lady in pink tops our list of hottest belles in the league, and will likely remain there for many years to come.

Wickham, you may be somewhat of a letdown on the football pitch, but you haven’t let us down with your taste in women!

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