15 Times You Knew Something Had Gone Terribly Wrong in WWE

When Real Life Accidents Happen In The World Of Professional Wrestling

Steve Austin Suffers A Broken Neck

In the Summer of 1997, Stone Cold Steve Austin was quickly becoming the most popular and hottest rising star in the WWF. He was previously a heel and in a several month long feud with popular babyface Bret Hart. The feud turned Bret into a heel and Austin into a babyface. It also ignited the famous USA vs Canada feud, which lasted throughout the summer of 1997.

At SummerSlam, Austin challenged Intercontinental Champion, Owen Hart for the title. They had an awesome match and the fans were very into it. Owen went for a tombstone piledriver, but unfortunately Austin’s head a little too far past Owen’s thighs and when Owen executed the move, Austin’s head jammed into the mat, causing him to be temporarily paralyzed.

After a few minutes, Austin regained some use of his arms and legs, and rolled Owen up to win the match. However, Austin was seriously injured and he was out of action for a few months.

Austin would go on to be one of the biggest stars in wrestling history. However, he never fully recovered from the neck injury, and retired from wrestling in 2003.

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