15 Times You Knew Something Had Gone Terribly Wrong in WWE

When Real Life Accidents Happen In The World Of Professional Wrestling

The Death Of Owen Hart

Owen Hart tragically passed away on May 23rd 1999, during the Over The Edge pay per view. He was wrestling as “The Blue Blazer”, and he was scheduled to be lowered to the ring from the ceiling.

While it’s still unknown what exactly happened, Owen was wearing a cape, and it’s believed that the cape might’ve been too tight around his neck and he moved his arms out to adjust it, and that movement caused the quick release mechanism to open, causing Owen to fall 78 ft. He landed chest first on the top rope, and flipped into the ring, landing on his back.

He was still alive for a few minutes after the fall, but he was pronounced dead at the hospital. Owen’s aorta was severed from his heart upon impact. He died from the shock of internal blood loss. The official cause of death was blunt chest trauma.

Owen was just 34 years old when he passed away. Owen was beloved by all of his colleagues and fans. He is terribly missed, and lovingly talked about to this day.

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