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Jerry Lawler Suffers Heart Attack

On the September 10th, 2012, wrestling legend and long time commentator Jerry Lawler suffered a heart attack on a live episode of Raw.

Earlier in the show, Lawler left the announcers table and teamed with Randy Orton to take on Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk. After the match was over, Lawler returned to the announcers table to resume his regular commentary duties. During The Prime Time Players vs Kane and Daniel Bryan tag team match, Lawler slumped down and collapsed. Snoring was heard through Lawler’s mic. Fortunately, there was a Doctor sitting next to Lawler and he immediately begun working on him. EMTs then carried him out of the arena to the back.

Lawler has said that he was techincally deceased for 22 minutes before his heart started to beat again, they had to shock his heart seven times.

Lawler had to undergo an angioplasty to improve the blood flow to his heart. Fortunately, Jerry Lawler made a full recovery.

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