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Kurt Angle vs Shane McMahon – King Of The Ring 2001

Today, Kurt Angle is the general manager of Raw, and Shane McMahon is the general maanger of Smackdown and they are battling against each other for brand supremecy. However, in 2001, they were battling each other inside of the ring.

At The King of the Ring 2001 pay per view, they wrestled each other in a brutal street fight. Shane was famous for his wrestling style of taking very high risks in his matches, and this match was no exception.

They fought up to the entrance area, and Angle attempted to belly-to-belly suplex Shane through a panel of glass. However, the panel didn’t break as they had believed that it would. It ended up taking multiple suplex attempts, which resulted in Shane landed on his head before the glass did break. It was revealed years later that Kurt wanted to stop and do something else, but Shane told him to keep doing it.

Angle eventually won the match when he pinned Shane, with an Angle Slam off of the top rope.

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