15 Stunning Cheerleaders Who’ve Dated Elite Athletes

A hot cheerleader dating a star athlete? Who woulda thunk!

It’s the cycle of life: the hottest cheerleader ends up hooking up with one of the top athletes on the team – hot or not. It’s been this way since the start of high-school, and it’s engraved into the minds of millions around the world. From movies telling us that the athlete gets all the girls, to that actually happening in each school – no matter how ugly the dude. When an athlete reaches their peak performance, it’s no surprise that they want to match their skill with someone else who is at their top-tier – a professional cheerleader.

On this list, you’ll recover some of our findings as we dive deep into the world of athletic relationships and find out which gorgeous cheerleader is dating which top-tier athlete. While they come from a variety of different sports, it’s not uncommon for a cheerleader to date an athlete for another sport. While the pairings may be stereotypical, their stories are a bit more unique. Let’s dive into 15 of the hottest cheerleaders and who they’re seen snuggling up to.


  1. Abigail Klein

One of the most gorgeous in cheerleading, we think it’s only fair that we start this list off with a woman from the Dallas Cowboy’s cheerleading squad. A group of the most famous cheerleaders around, it’s no secret that the Cowboy’s organization typically has the cream of the crop – for both players and cheerleaders; however, Abigail Klein and her relationship with Troy Aikman is something that was almost unheard of in the league – a beautiful young girl dating a man that was much older and certainly not in his prime anymore. While most cheerleaders go for those that are at their current peak, that didn’t stop Abigail from wanting to get hot and heavy with Aikman. Because of their age difference, the news of their relationship has spread faster than you could say “NFL”.


  1. Amanda Vanderpool

Next on our list is yet another beautiful blonde cheerleader – except this time, for a hockey team. If you’ve never heard of hockey teams having cheerleaders, you wouldn’t be the first one; however, they do fantastic despite the limitations that exist. They generally don’t receive as much media recognition as other cheerleaders, like basketball or NFL cheerleaders, but they’re still very much cheered on and appreciated. Amanda Vanderpool is a former Mighty Duck cheerleader – yes, the Anaheim Mighty Ducks, that of which the movie was based off of. It wasn’t until she met Ladislav Smid on a road trip with the team that she dived into the world of dating a man in the sport. You may not recognize his name with the Mighty Ducks because he was traded fairly quickly before he made a name for himself. While they didn’t work out and have a beautiful happy ending, they’ve obviously moved on responsibly. Amanda is still a model, and now works in Los Angeles in local TV. Ladislav on the other hand, is no longer an NHL player, but he does play hockey in his home country.


  1. Ann Lux

We don’t think you’ll be too surprised at the team we’re showing next: the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. As we mentioned, making it onto this team is something a woman is honored to do, especially those that grew up dancing or being on a cheer squad. The auditions are rigorous and not only do you have to be talented, but you have to be gorgeous, as well. Ann Lux is no exception, as she’s one of the most stunning cheerleaders on the planet. For this relationship, she crossed sports and dated Will Middlebrooks of the Red Sox. While they’ve known each other since they were younger, they both had great success in their respective careers. If you’re wondering if she’s still a cheerleader, that’s a harsh no, as she and Will became engaged and she resigned her position to be with him in Massachusetts.

The ending wasn’t totally happy though, and Will wasn’t entirely in it for looks. While Ann is gorgeous, Middlebrooks would end up dating a reporter by the name of Jenny Dell, and they married just last year. Don’t feel sorry for Ann, though, as she’s also married now with children. They may not have had their happy ending together, but we’re ecstatic that they found it elsewhere.


  1. Brooke Sorenson

You may or may not hate us, but we’re going to show you yet another Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and their relationship. With that being said, we weren’t wrong when we said they were the cream of the crop! Brooke Sorenson is the next stunner on this list who ended up getting cozy – and QUICK – with a baseball (now former) player that goes by the name of Laynce Nix. (I mean, are you surprised? That name alone screams ‘edgy.) He first signed onto the Texas Rangers 14 years ago, while Brooke was both a choreographer for the Miami Dolphins, and a cheerleader for the famous Dallas Cowboys. If you were hoping she and Nix had an unhappy ending, your heart is about to unfortunately break: they are happily together and her social media tends to be locked on private. Sorry, fellas!


  1. Chloe Butler

This next girl is a toughie, and a total hottie all in one package. While she first got her start as a talented cheerleader for the Canaberra Raiders, said talents would eventually be taken to the Lingerie Football League that we all drool over. In fact, once she finished her streak with that sport, she went onto play Australia’s famous sport: Rugby, and is on their National Team as of this year. It’s no surprise that she struck up a romance with another equally as talented athlete, Travis Waddell, when she was on the Raider’s cheerleading team; however, that’s not the only athletic relationship she’s been in, as she’s now with Tim Grant, who plays rugby for the West Tigers.


  1. Christy Oglevee

While the last name may be weird, her looks sure aren’t. Christy should have learned her relationship lesson with Chris Cooley when she found out she was the other woman, but we guess she had to learn, right? After leaving his first marriage for Christy, she unfortunately got what was coming to her and received some heavy punishment in return. What goes around, comes around, eh? After the organization caught wind of what was happening, Christy was then first because she violated some fraternization rules. Even though Cooley left his first wife for her, they ended up tying the knot. After being together for several years, the pair ended up divorcing. If only Oglevee opened her eyes and saw Cooley for what he was worth: nothing in the world of monogamy.


  1. Kelly Hall

Next on our list is a beautiful Southern Belle. Of course, as a cheerleader, she ended up hitting the romance jackpot and was seen dating Matthew Stafford, a 2009 NFL Draft pick. Having one of the most robust careers, Stafford has thrown more than 31,000 yards, and has had almost 200 touchdowns throughout the entirety of his career. So, where’s Kelly? Still with him, of course! She’s been with him almost the full length of his career, and he currently holds several records for the Lions. They have offspring now, and this could mean that their talents are going to be handed down to another generation. We shall see!


  1. Kelsi Reich

Even though her romance ended up being an un-drafted free agent, Kelsi Reich saw much success with David Nelson – both on and off the field. Having a hefty resume with the NFL, David Nelson ended up playing for the NFL organization for five years, over the course of four different teams. He played not only for the Buffalo Bills, but he played around with the Dallas Cowboys – cheerleader that is. Kelsi Reich and David Nelson’s relationship became a forefront in the media when their two teams went head to head. In that game, Nelson got a touchdown and ran over to Kelsi with the ball, despite cheering for the opposing team. Of course, the media went bananas and the rest is history – literally. Not many know what their relationship is like nowadays, but we can only hope this cute pair is still together.


  1. Krystle Campbell

Krystle Campbell was a cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles, and was able to get Ryan Howard to settle down during his incredibly impressive career on the Philadelphia Phillies. Having won MVP, an award called the Silver Slugger, and many more, he was highly praised and equally sought after. He was even the top athlete in the 2008 World Series. While he isn’t an athlete for the Phillies anymore, they are happily married and still hold the City of Brotherly Love near and dear to them.


  1. Jordan Fish

Next on this hot list is Jordan Fish, a former cheerleader for the Charlotte Bobcats. This is yet another relationship that went cross-sport, as her new beau would be Denny Hamlin of NASCAR. While being one of the most talented drivers in NASCAR, he ended up snagging one of the hottest women – on the planet. The background behind their romance is quite different than most on this list. Hamlin had courtside seats for a Bobcats game, the team she cheered for, when they met. They did speak once on the phone afterward, but their relationship didn’t blossom for quite some time. They agreed to finally go out together to grab dinner, and they’ve been together ever since. Recently, they welcomed another child into the world and the rest is history.


  1. Laurie Schaub

Even though athletes and cheerleaders seem as if they’re meant to be together, that’s not always the case, however, some things just click so well that it’s no surprise it happened. When Matt Schaub played for the Atlanta Falcons, we found himself falling in love with one of their very own cheerleaders at a golf event for charity. Afterwards, they would date and get married in 2008. Even though some relationships end up rocky or completely over, they have proved the mold. In his career, Matt has played for the Falcons, Baltimore Ravens Houston Texans, and even the Oakland Raiders. Of course, the name was probably a giveaway for their happy ending, though!




  1. Lindsay Slott

Lindsay Slott’s career has been just as big as everything that Texas likes. ‘Everything is bigger in Texas’ and apparently so for Slott’s ambitions.  While working for the Houston Texans, she met a baseball player by the name of Hunter Pence, and they become romantically involved. Even though this was before he was a household name, she didn’t care, as she fell in love with him for who he was. Then, he made a name for himself with the well-known Houston Astros and San Francisco Giants.


  1. Royce Reed

While it may be quite some time ago, the relationship between Royce Reed and Dwight Howard was rocky and most definitely memorable. Even though he was a dominant player, he still couldn’t keep the beautiful Royce Reed. It’s worth mentioning that Dwight Howard is no stranger to feuds, and his team ended up seeing a decline in his performance. Royce Reed was a former cheerleader for Orlando Magic, and he found her during the best era of his performance. Even though they dated and had a child, their relationship issues ended up being much more public than some people would want, and he ended up suing her for violation of an instated court order. They collided head to head, where she put up an even tougher fight that was highly-publicized.


  1. Sarah Jones

We’ve had some happy romances and some romances that didn’t blossom from anything nice – for the main woman; however, Sarah Jones’ world of “romance” takes the case, as she was known for sleeping with many players and members in general of the Bengals organization. Of course, she pushed back with a hefty lawsuit, and then fell into yet another scandal. She was then arrested for hooking up and “being in a relationship” with a student who was underage. Yes, a relationship, with someone underage. She and said student ended up becoming engaged, and the rest is scattered somewhere in the deep web. Hopefully she stays out of the limelight for quite some time. If she does come back, let’s hope it’s not for something sexual or romance related.


  1. Whitney Wonnacott

Last on this incredibly hefty list is Whitney Wonnacott. She dated a former BYU Cougar that went by the name of Jimmer Fredette. Yes, Jimmer, and no, not Jimmy. While he seemed destined for greatness as a prolific athlete in the NBA, he never made it so far. While he does still play basketball in China, and successfully, Whitney is still by his side, as they married in 2012.While being so young, he still had so much success in the sport, despite playing for another country.

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