15 Striking Female Athletes in their Halloween Costumes

Some of the hottest female athletes creating fantasies you didn’t know you had!

Halloween may be a cultural event that spans 3 days in some cultures to remember dead ancestors, but in Girl World USA, it’s all about establishing dominance as a pillar of sexiness. This time of year is also used as an excuse to party and dress differently than you normally would. Whether the group costumes are elaborate or the consensus is “stereotypical sexy”, these celebs are doing it well.

It’s not all about being sexy, though, as Halloween is the time for those non-stereotypical sexy Halloween-goers to come to their creative senses and put together an iconic costume that can’t be beat. Whether they’re the life of the party because they’re a celebrity, or because of their clever costume, Halloween is the time to take out the stops and go hard.

It’s no secret that sexy-meets-weird Halloween costumes are growing increasingly popular, (i.e. Sexy Version of Stephen King’s “IT” monster), but there’s nothing better than a female athlete pulling off an extremely well-tailored costume catered to the conforms of their body. Since they do work so hard on their physiques, there’s no better time to show it off!

In lieu of the spooky season, here are the top 15 Halloween costumes of incredible female athletes.

15. McKayla Maroney (Gymnast)

You may know her as the face of the famous “unimpressed” meme, but you may see her in a different light. The pint-sized former gymnast put together a sexy canine costume featuring her name on the dog ID tag. Whether you’re a furry that can totally get down with this, or you’re slightly weirded out, but slightly okay because she’s attractive, we can all agree that the 21-year-old looks adorable.

Who she is: McKayla Maroney was one of the most elite vault competitors during her active years as a gymnast. In fact, she’s an Olympic gold medalist thanks to her prime performances. To put her skill in perspective: she almost fell at the 2012 London Olympics, and still almost managed a gold medal. How’s that for grace?


14. Sydney LeRoux and Alex Morgan (Soccer)

Sure, Sydney Leroux may look like a referee, but she sure isn’t referencing soccer. If you take a look at Alex’s costume, these two are paying homage to the famous Miley Cyrus twerk scene with Robin Thicke from the MTV VMA Awards. You may be thinking, “isn’t this a bit dated?” seeing as how it’s been four years, but people still wear Madonna costumes, so why wouldn’t this iconic reenactment be up for grabs?

Who they are: Yet another set of Olympic gold medalists, Sydney Leroux is also a World Cup Winner in soccer. Beyond this, she’s also in the National Women’s Soccer League for FC Kansas City. Alex Morgan on the other hand, is a striker who plays for both the Orlando Pride, as well as the US Women’s National soccer team. She was also a part of the team that won the FIFA World Cup just two years ago.

13. Miesha Tate (Mixed Martial Arts)

Miesha Tate is the physical embodiment of sexy and badass all in one, making her take on the DC Universe’s “BatGirl” that much better. While it doesn’t have much material, and doesn’t leave much to the imagination, this costume still causes quite a stir and gets an A+ in our book.

Who is she: Miesha Tate is a front running female in the world of mixed martial arts. Being one of the first females that blew up, she’s best known for her on-screen rivalry with the infamous Ronda Rousey, and even went so far as defending Holly Holm during UFC 196. If you thought her physique was rockin’, you’re not the only one: she also posed for the 2013 ESPN Body Issue, where she was praised for how well her body is sculpted.

12. Trish Stratus (Pro Wrestling)

Wonder Woman isn’t a new costume idea in the slightest, except there may be some slight adjustments this year due to Gal Gadot’s version; however, Trish Stratus rocks Lynda Carter’s version just fine – although her outfit may pull heavier influence from wrestling. Justice won’t be disappointed today, as this figure flattering, physique boasting costume is simple, heroic, and downright sexy.

Who she is: While not currently an active wrestler, this wrestler-turned-yoga instructor was once a former “Diva of the Decade” and superstar WWE wrestler. A seven-time WWE Champion, this pint-sized superstar made history with another female wrestling icon (Lita) by being the first female to wrestle during the main event. Those who are a fan of the hit show/story “G.L.O.W” make take some inspiration from this one.

11. Felice Herrig (Mixed Martial Arts)

Want to be terrified and turned-on all at once? Check out Felice Herrig’s Captain Marvel costume. More geared towards those that are a fan of cosplay, this Muay Thai specialist is unforgettable and highly ranked in the UFC Strawweight. Don’t mess with this #9, as you’ll being getting a striking combination of power and stamina from both Herrig and Captain Marvel.

Who she is: While she isn’t as popular in MMA as those dudes who get paid millions for a few seconds, but she is on the rise after an impressive win streak. Even though she succumbed to Paige Van Zant during a 2015 fight, she’s on her way to a title shot if she wins the highly-anticipated December match against Courtney Casey.

10. Eugenie Bouchard (Tennis)

We weren’t kidding when we said there were definitely be obscure characters that become sexy during the Halloween season – and Bowser isn’t off limits! Peach, Daisy, and maybe even Rosaline are overdone, and it’s time to take on the big monster that surrounds the game. This tall tennis star earns major brownie points (or coins) for her sexy creativity, as this one has rarely been done before.

Who she is: A recent tennis star, Genie Bouchard hails from Montreal, and beat the competition to make the finals and semi-finals of the world’s toughest tennis tournaments: that’s right, she’s made it to the end stages of Wimbledon and both the French and Australian Opens. While she isn’t the most famous and is slightly muted in comparison to other stars, this young 23-year-old has her entire life to continue her already-great legacy.

9. Danica Patrick (NASCAR)

We couldn’t leave the famous Danica Patrick out of this list – especially with how notable of a name she is, and how personable her entire being is. The 35-year-old spokesmodel and NASCAR racer looks fantastic in this Las Vegas Show Girl inspired costume. Let’s face it: many of us women dreamed in the 80’s and 90’s of making it as a show girl or moving to California in hopes to make it big – maybe that was Danica’s dream, too!

Who she is: Even though she’s best known as being a top competitor in Nascar, she’s also a spokesmodel for quite a few products and even a model at 35. Her resume is length, including being the first female to ever win the IndyCar series race, and even making her appearance in GoDaddy commercials and a Super Bowl commercial; impressive, huh?



8. Nikki Bella (Wrestling)

Another wrestler on this list, Nikki Bella is one of the newer household names. In this rockin’ photo, you’ll see her wearing a sexy cat suit representing one of her favorite animals. While the whole cat-thing may be overdone, Nikki outshines once again. Her fan base loves her confidence and security as a woman, which leads her to wearing more revealing clothing. We’ll take a stab at knowing you’ll put up with some bad luck when you run into this black cat.

Who she is: As we’ve mentioned, Nikki Bella is a WWE superstar, but that’s not all, as she’s won the Diva’s Championship not once – but twice. She even stepped foot into the ring of reality television by starring on the Total Divas show on E! While she isn’t currently in the ring, she’s still competing by trying her hand at dancing on Dancing with the Stars.

7. Paige Van Zant and Cynthia Calvillo (Mixed Martial Arts)


We bet you wouldn’t guess that this Elizabeth Banks meets Elle Woods look-a-like would be a professional artist in the world of MMA, would you? While she’s a young and hip 23-year-old who looks like a model, she actually fights tough inside the cage for a very decent living. The flyweight fighter is seen here with yet another accomplished female fighter, Cynthia Calvillo – sporting some sexy Xena gear (although Xena is naturally sexy).

Who they are: We knew there was some preppy backstory to Paige’s history; in fact, she’s a former cheerleader from Oregon who turned into a professional MMA fighter. No more and no less than 125 pounds, she holds victories over tough competitors like Bac Rawlings, and even the aforementioned Felice Herrig. She’s made a few television appearances on Chopped and other reality shows. On the other hand, Cynthia Calvillo is on Team Alpha Male, run by the notable Urijah Faber. Currently, she’s housing a 3-win streak and in the Strawweight Division for UFC.


6. Caroline Wozniacki (Tennis)

Another tennis star on this list, here you can see Carolina Wozniacki pose next to a faux-Slash (NBA’s David Lee) as Robin. While we think she’s much more suitable for a Batman role, we do agree that she looks adorable in her metallic-latent suit.

Who she is: Noted as one of the most notable players, despite not ever winning a Grand Slam tournament, she is ranked number 1 in the world, and has made quite a bit of cash flow in prize money ($23 million+). She’s one of the most popular tennis stars today (under the William’s sisters and those from that era), and she wears it proud.



5. Lexi Thompson (Golfing)

Bet you didn’t think you would see a sexy golf superstar that isn’t an old dude here – right? Lexi Thompson is seen here rocking this adorable yet seductive schoolgirl ensemble. Being 6-feet-tall, she has legs for days, and is noted as one of the most beautiful women in sports.

Who she is: Lexi isn’t only beautiful, but she’s also record-setting. Rising to fame after becoming the youngest person to quality for the United States Women’s Open, she ended up going onto other major gold tournaments by 16 (including the LPGA Classic by Navistar). In 2014, she won the Kraft Nabisco Championship, and she hasn’t even reached 23, yet!


4. Christmas Abbott (Bodybuilding)

Her name may not be fit for the holiday, by this Olympic weightlifter doesn’t care – and will kick your ass if you say otherwise. Here, she’s seen with her beau in the classic Bonnie and Clyde ensemble. Even though she’s in casual attire, her physique is incredible and you can see her muscles through her classic pencil skirt. If you’re a bank teller, you may just be thanking this gorgeous duo for robbing you.

Who she is: Christmas Abbot has one of the most powerful resumes in sports. Not only has she worked as a pit crew member for NASCAR, but she’s also competed (and won) in the world of weightlifting. You may also recognize her from the 19th season of Big Brother, and is a highly-recognized CrossFit competitor. She’s even written a book!

3. Jessica Eye (Mixed Martial Arts)

A newcomer and not quite a household name yet in the world of mixed martial arts, Jessica Eye will soon be the face of MMA. Having a world-class physique, this adorably sexy Native American Wolf costume bearer is just as powerful as the place she drew costume inspiration from.

Who is she: Representing Cleveland, Ohio in her fighting, she is one of the best in the world of women’s MMA. She’s been in the Octagon with Bethe Correia, Meisha Tate, and Sara McMann. She’s even modeled for Cosmo and was featured on the cover! You’ll likely be seeing much more of her before she retires.

2. Alexa Bliss (Pro Wrestling)

If you wanted to see a scary costume turned sexy, look no further than the Queen herself – Alexa Bliss. A pro-wrestler with a keen eye for horror, the picture here shows us her Nightmare on Elm Street villain ensemble. While much more attractive than burnt-face Krueger, her moves are just as scary – and deadly.

Who she is: A former Division I cheerleader for Akron’s finest University, she decided to dip her toes in the world of pro wrestling. Barely reaching 5’1, and hitting around 108 pounds, she isn’t your average wrestling athlete. She was scene on the NXT scene, and has often been overshadowed despite her punchy and rambunctious vibe. Now on the starring roster, she has quite a few titles and is becoming more popular.

1.      Caroline Garcia and Kristina Mladenovic (Tennis)

Last on our list is a two-for-one special. Featuring tennis stars Kristina Mladenovic and Caroline Garcia, these two take the casual and cute costume to the next level. Seen here as Cat Woman and Spider Man, these two talented women are fine without showing their goodies – and we agree! These attractive and fit tennis stars might not have the most accurate costumes, but they sure are great costumes.

Who they are: You may recognize Kristina from her breakout season this year, and is number 13 in the entire world for singles comp by the age of 23. She even recently advanced to the French Open quarterfinals. Caroline is also someone that’s breaking out in 2017, and has made it to the 4R tier of every singles Grand Slam this year during singles. She is noted as rank 9 in the entire world, and she even won the French Open doubles with her partner in crime (scene here) last year.

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