Roy Halladay Made Baseball Better

“Baseball is about talent, hard work, and strategy. But at the deepest level, it’s about love, integrity, and respect.” -Pat Gillick

Roy Halladay made baseball better. One of the greatest pitchers of his era, Halladay took the mound with poise, confidence, pride, and grace, earning the respect of a league of players and a nation of fans.

Halladay was a two-time Cy Young Award Winner and an eight-time All-Star, he pitched 67 complete games, 20 shutouts, a postseason no-hitter, and a perfect game. But somehow, after internalizing all of this – after poring over statistics and reviewing film, appreciating his superhuman ability to steer the ball all the way into the catcher’s mitt – we still haven’t reached the heart of his impact.

Halladay was revered by his peers – not only for his dedication to training or his willingness to listen and learn but because of his commitment to being the best person he could be. He was avidly involved in community outreach, from working with the Blue Jays to create a suite in Rogers Centre for patients at a local children’s hospital, to supporting humane societies around the country.

On his last day in the majors, Halladay is known to have said, “My goal is to try and leave baseball better than I found it” – and that he did.

Roy Halladay passed away this Tuesday, following a tragic plane crash over the Gulf of Mexico; he is survived by his wife, Brandy, and their two sons, Braden and Ryan.

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