Baseball Squabbles: 15 MLB Dugout Brawls

Friendly Foes in the Dugout

  1. Matt Garza vs. Dioner Navarro

See a common theme here? Pitchers and catchers must develop a close relationship to succeed, but sometimes that relationship can turn a little sour. Exactly was the case for the Rays’ duo in 2008. After Garza had shaken off several pitches then proceeded to serve up a three-run dinger to the No. 9 hitter, Navarro called time and approached the mound.


A shouting match ensued and the two players began shoving their mitts into each other’s face in the middle of the field. Once the inning ended, Garza made the first move in the dugout which induced a major scuffle that eventually carried to the tunnel of the clubhouse.  Although it seemed childish at the time, the flaring tempers may have fueled the World Series run for Tampa that year.


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