Baseball Squabbles: 15 MLB Dugout Brawls

Friendly Foes in the Dugout


Time to take it back two centuries to an era where baseball was developing into America’s Pastime. Hall of Famer members, Elmer Flick and Nap Lajoie had gotten into a conflict during the 1899 season that stemmed from an incident during the prior year. Lajoie was said to have taken fly balls in Flick’s territory which didn’t sit well with the latter.


During the following season, an altercation came about after the two couldn’t decide on which player a particular bat belonged to. After several punches were thrown, Flick managed to dodge a jab which resulted in Lajoie breaking his thumb after connecting with a solid object. Lajoie would miss the next five weeks and the team’s record dropped significantly.


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