20 Athletes Who’ve Had a Few Too Many Drinks

Even some of the premier athletes have trouble holding their alcohol!

We’re sure there’s enough drunk photos of you roaming around the Internet to make an entire scrapbook, so don’t judge too much; however, you’re not an athlete in the spotlight that’s a role model to thousands of kids around the country. If you were embarrassed to see them pop on up Facebook, just imagine how the forth coming athletes felt about the press surrounding these images, bashing them for how “irresponsible” and unstable they seem. While this may be a negative sign, we can’t help but to giggle at some of these photos, as they show the real side of athletes and celebrities that we don’t get to see too much on the field or court.

While they are incredibly fine-tuned machines that perform for a purpose, they most definitely aren’t invisible or immune to the devil’s juice: alcohol. In fact, they have so much money, they can get their entire family drunk and let them see their silly faces for themselves. A drunk face is quite common in today’s society, so let’s take a look at the intoxicated faces of the familiar.


  1. Michael Jordan

Oh, yes. Michael Jordan still had incredible career despite this photo – so don’t think one photo will ruin an entire career. Although, it’s worth mentioning that despite being one of the best athletes in the NBA, some of his vices include the unfortunate punking random people for no distinct reason, dunking large people out of spite, and even his gambling addiction. Despite the aforementioned, it’s worth noting that he was never a heavy drinker or someone with that vice. Even though he’s not an alcoholic, he still enjoys a bit of alcohol every now and then. As you can see from the above photo, he definitely knows how to take a hit or two when it comes to alcohol. Even though this may seem like he scored huge, we can’t say that we’ll be seeing this photo under his name in the Hall of Fame anytime soon.


  1. Matt Lineart

Next on our list is a college quarterback that clearly had too many drinks and potentially ruined his career with just this one image alone. In fact, this image is so uncontrollably cringy, that people out there feel sorry for him, despite him willingly drinking that much. Even though this image may be cringy, you really shouldn’t feel sorry, as he now works at the famous Pac-12 Network. He has quite a few beautiful homes, and he’s lived quite a full life as a college athlete. Like any other athlete in college, he loved drinking and partying. If you thought the above picture was bad publicity, just imagine the steamy photos that we aren’t allowed to post!


  1. Eli Manning

Ah, yes, one of the most famous men in football. Even though he has a stoic brother, Eli is the exact opposite, being able to show all sorts of emotion – including those whilst being drunk. There are quite a few faces of Eli, including the infamous “Dumb Eli”. A jaw so slacked it looks as if it’s falling off from head. While you may see this face on the field when someone on the other team does something impressive, or the ref makes an incredibly stupid call, but this time – we’ll chalk it up to the alcohol.


  1. Johnny Manziel

Yet another famous athlete that has had one too many drinks before. It’s okay – we’ve all been there. Yet another college footballer, Johnny Manziel was tacked onto the NFL map by Taxes A&M. He’s also known for upsetting Alabama incredibly bad during one game. Even though he’s become somewhat of a cringe parody icon in the world of football, his performance has declined incredibly, and maybe it has something to do with the alcohol. He should be stashing away that money in a bank, rather than showing it off as a phone – his career (or lack of) will need it.


  1. Ben Roethlisberger

If you hate d-bags, then you’ve probably heard of Ben Roethlisberger, whether you think he fits the part or not. A player on the Pittsburgh Steelers, Ben has had an unfortunate “bro” type event. While unfortunate for us viewers and those that have had to deal with him during that time, it’s a common occurrence for his character. We don’t totally understand what’s going on in this photo, as he seemed confused, as well as sleepy, but we hope he ended up getting his act together and learning how to handle his alcohol.


  1. Kyle Orton

Kyle Orton is someone who is well-versed in the subject of embarrassing photos from drinking, and we could compose an entire list based on those photos without making a dent in the stack. The internet (as well as us) has gathered together to curate and fuel an embarrassing addiction to photos of Kyle Orton whilst drunk. We’ve seen him like this so many times that we feel this might be his natural state.


  1. Wayne Gretzky

You didn’t think the legend was immune, did you? Wayne Gretzky has thrown back some alcohol a time or two, especially with how successful he has been. He has set unbeatable records, and is generally known as a very nice dude. He’s humble, talented, and fun – what else could you want out of an athlete? Maybe that personal info is why we love this photo of Wayne SO much – it just doesn’t seem like his character. Clearly, he’s human, despite his superhero-like abilities, and that he has a bit of a party animal inside of him just as we all do.


  1. Alex Ovechkin

One of the best hockey players in modern history, Ovechkin is not immune to alcohol, either. Ovechkin and Crosby were two of the most famous players that set the bar high for generations to come. With many accomplishments, he surely knew how to celebrate! Seen here enjoying a few too many, his scantily-clad minions beside him were also enjoying themselves. His missing teeth surely make the photo.


  1. Andrei Kirilenko

Andrei may be talented, and his wife practically rewards him for that. Rumor has it, Andrei’s wife allows him to cheat annually – but only once. We’re pretty sure we’re seeing his annual celebration going on in and around this photo, and we’re also sure that he wants this photo to disappear off of the Internet forever. His nickname is also a bit weird – AK-47, and he loved posing in photos with said weapon. He gave off an even weirder vibe than his wife’s “allowance”, and we’re sure you have zero good to say about Andrei in this photo – other than the fact that he looks like a baller, or someone who seriously needs help.


  1. Rob Gronkowski

Being on one of the most successful NFL teams, Gronk has partied here and there. Although, we’ll mention that Gronk has topped Ben Roethlisberger in the “bro” category. It’s ALSO worth mentioning that he’s the type of “bro” that gives a good name to said category of men. Whatever party they were having, we wish we were invited. Being of the best tight ends in the world (and no, we’re not talking about the sack), he’s also one of the biggest party animals, despite being with a franchise that’s competitively conservative. Of course, this photo didn’t get him in any trouble that we know of. Party on Wayne – Party on Gronk.


  1. Von Miller

While Miller might not have the same level of reputation as Gronk does, he definitely doesn’t pull himself away from the nightclubs. The one difference before Gronk and Miller is that despite Gronk coming off as a total party animal, Miller is actually extremely professional in appearance with the organization, and off-field. This photo of Miller is proof, that even he can let off some steam with a good adult beverage or two.


  1. Cam Newton

Ahh, good ‘ole Cam Newton. While once being an unstoppable force, he’s almost past this crossroads he’s stuck on. We aren’t sure this drunken photo helped, but we think his resume with the Panthers may have been his saving grace. Basically carrying his entire team in their Super Bowl appearance, this drunken photo might look bad in some light with the organization.



  1. Jamal Anderson

He didn’t have the most streamlined or successfully career, but Jamal Anderson sure did make a mark. Even though many people outside of the Falcons may not remember him, it’s probably because he generally wasn’t a fantastic player. While that’s not the only item he’s known for, he was also known for repeatedly crossing the line with law enforcement. From drugs to alcohol, we aren’t surprised that this photo exists.


  1. Mark Hunter

Compromising positions is something we expect and WANT to see in celebrity athlete photos – even if it does tarnish their career. Other times, we yearn to see something as memorable as this photo of a drunken Mark Hunter. While we’ll always zoom in and focus on him in this photo, we aren’t quite sure what’s happening with everything else. What do you think is going on in this picture filled with drunken haze and possibly regret?


  1. Ryan Leaf

Next on this list is Ryan Leaf – someone who didn’t have the best career and may be a bit too cringy for some to read about. Even though he reached his peak when he became drafted, things indefinitely slid from there. Turns out, he was a d-bag, and was definitely not the most eloquent in the world. This photo probably accurately describes him as a person when he’s not trying to fake being a great person.


  1. Reggie Miller

Reggie is an incredibly talented player, and surely doesn’t get enough praise from those who enjoy the sport; in fact, he’s in incredibly superstar athlete. While no one is truly sure if he’s just as good of a guy in real life, we’ll just assume he’s pretty okay. While this photo might seem a bit pretentious, we don’t know if that’s his true personality on a Michael Jordan level.




  1. Greg Olsen and Jay Cutler

While Cutler is seen as one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the NFL organization, you may believe that he has the best stats in the land and he may come off as cocky because of this. That all may be fine and dandy, but we aren’t sure if this photo is a prefect depiction of what Cutler thinks of his team’s fans.




  1. James Harden

Next on our list is the roar behind the Houston Rockets, James Harden. While lately, he isn’t as dominant of a force, he will probably always be naturally good at his sport. Since he did play with the likes of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, we only assumed his party game was top-tier until we saw the above drunken photo that proved it.




  1. Alex Smith

We’re almost done with the top photos of drunken celebrity athletes, and we want to slip you this one of Alex Smith, at probably the most drunk time of their life. We want to specifically show you this one as we really want to know the story behind it. While not on the level of Gronk’s drunkenness, we believe he may have turned into some supernatural force and is trying to suck on body and take out her soul. We’re wondering why her cheek is the portal for this supernatural force, though. We have other questions, too. We also want to know the man in the mystery Sombrero with that funky phrase on it. Someone, please, email us and let us in on it!


  1. Dirk Nowitzki

We bet you weren’t expecting to see this name on this list. A national treasure in the world of Basketball, this incredible athlete is not immune to drunken and sloppy photos. While he is one of the best, we think he definitely deserves a night off. Of course, this photo is just proof that he tends to take advantage of said nights, but we thank him and the camera man for delivering us this wonderful photo. Thankfully, we won’t have to experience something as silly and can live vicariously through Nowitzki.

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