15 Athletes Whose Partners Cheated On Them

Even talented, rich, and attractive athletes get cheated on!

People get cheated on all the time, sure, but can you believe that rich and attractive athletes get cheated on ALL THE TIME? Sure, many athletes take advantage of their looks, status, and wealth, and use that to their advantage by nailing down many women at once; however, some are more humble and gracious, and suffer the consequences of being “too nice”. Even though they may be the most talented athlete in their respective sport, doesn’t mean that their home life is just as fantastic and made of dreams.

Sure, being a professional athlete can’t be easy, but going home to someone who you thought loved you, only to cheat on you, is even harder. Below, you’ll find the top 15 athletes who suffered terrible hostility and infidelity from the partners they once trusted.


  1. Dwayne Wade

Marrying your high-school sweetheart isn’t all the rage, and Dwayne Wade unfortunately found out the hard way. Marrying Siovaughn Funches after high-school, her infidelity wasn’t the only negative thing to blossom from their relationship. After they divorced in 2010, she ended up going through multiple arrests and more than a dozen attorneys before the divorce was finalized, and he was even still providing for her at the time. Despite everything, she didn’t feel as if she needed to get her act together for her children, and ended losing custody. You shouldn’t be rooting for Dwayne just yet, as he ended up marrying Gabrielle Union, someone that was found to be the “other woman” in his relationship! Beyond this, it’s rumored that he’s already cheated on Gabrielle.




  1. Floyd Mayweather

Mayweather is cocky as hell, it’s true, but his former wife Princess Love may have bit a bit too royal and inconsiderate in her demands – talk about the 1500’s! She cheated on Floyd Mayweather in 2013 with Ray J, the man who made a sex tape with Kim Kardashian, but I guess we shouldn’t feel as bad knowing that he was cheating on her, too! Apparently, there’s a bit of beef between Floyd and Ray J, but we don’t think any of his “thrown” punches are justified considering he was cheating, too. Floyd was the one who initially introduced Princess and Ray J, starting the connecting of chemistry from day one.


  1. Tim Duncan

Next on our list is the most powerful forward in the NBA – ever, Tim Duncan. While he isn’t too exciting and is a generally a nice dude all around, his wife Amy found him too boring and ended up cheating on him, even though the two have three kids together. Of course, heartbroken, he decided to go through with a divorce, despite trying so hard. Get this, though: he almost didn’t sign onto play with the Orlando Magic because he wanted his wife with him on the plane between games and locations. He loved her, but his spice wasn’t good enough for her chicken!


  1. Pau Gasol

We can’t forget about Laker legend Pau Gasol, even though the exit from the team wasn’t as glorious as his general performance. Alongside Kobe Bryant, he succeeded with two championship titles, but one member of the Lakers wasn’t totally a team player. It was said that Shannon Brown, the shooting guard for the Lakers at the time, had an affair with Gasol’s fiancée, which may explain the decline in his performance. It’s worth mentioning that Shannon was married to the gorgeous r&b singer Monica for a while, and Shannon Brown took to Twitter to dismiss said rumors.


  1. Wayne Bridge

The next Wayne on this list has unfortunately gone through something similar. Wayne Brady’s teammate was the culprit with the affair-having girlfriend, and he went by the name of John Terry. Not only did the rumor mill virtually kill Wayne’s performance and his career, and the hostility towards John Terry showed on the court when he refused to acknowledge his existence. Terry’s marriage and career weren’t hit as hard as Bridge’s, but his reputation on and off the court would show to be the exact opposite. Unfortunately, Wayne didn’t do so well afterwards, but we hope he’s much happier now.


  1. Steve Nash

Noted as a very eclectic and interesting player, the point guard who want MVP’s two times in a row has modernized the fundamentals of basketball a bit, and became a sensation for his strategy and skill. Unfortunately, his relationship wouldn’t be as well-praised, and rumors started to flow. When word “broke” that he and his wife’s third child was black, people started outing other teammates that she cheated with. Fortunately, the child was white, and not out of wedlock (unless she cheated with a white man), but they eventually divorced because of the personal issues in their marriage that tagged along from this.


  1. Maxi Lopez

Next on our list is an athlete who has quite a bit of experience, as he went from Spain, Italy, and Russia to play. Of course, he brought his gorgeous wife Wanda Nara, who was a well-known model, along for the ride. It was said that while they were both staying in Sampdoria when he was playing, she had an affair with one of his teammates who were much younger. We would later find out that this teammate was actually almost a decade younger. You might be wondering where the receipts are: Nara and her husband’s teammate eventually married and had three kids together, while having two from her previous marriage.







  1. Antoine Walker

Even though his attitude is slightly what they call “trigger-happy”, he was the same off court, as well! Sure, he may have had a bankruptcy, but that doesn’t mean you cheat on the guy! Being in a relationship with Evelyn Lozada, he thought this would be the one happy pillar in his life. Unfortunately, he was wrong, and she found someone much more famous than he, and the two ended up parting ways. Since he ended his relationship with her, he quickly began losing the hard-earned money he had gotten from his lengthy career in basketball as a player for the Boston Celtics.







  1. Craig Janney

An incredibly talented player on the St. Louis Blues, we guess he wasn’t so talented at keeping his wife. Although, it would be her that showed infidelity with Craig’s teammate, Brendan Shanaham. Maybe he thought that because he wasn’t as popular as Janney, that he could have a taste of victory by scoring his wife. While both players were eventually traded from that team, it wasn’t a surprise that Shanaham was traded because of his lack of performance and sportsmanship. If you’re wondering what happened to the infidel couple, they’re still together – and with children, too!





  1. Eric Wynalda

We feel like some of these men don’t think about who they sleep with before they make someone else a victim. If you’re going to sleep with one of the most talented and powerful player’s significant others, you should be ready to face the consequences. Apparently, a midfielder for the D.C. United team had an affair with prominent player’s wife – that player being Eric Wynalda. Since Eric was such a fantastic player, and the coach didn’t want his performance to suffer, he cut John Harkes from the team, and Wynalda promptly got a divorce. Of course, the two cheaters denied anything happened, but Wynalda thought much the opposite.


  1. Jason Kidd

This next one could be a duo listing for Jim Jackson, as well, as Toni Braxton was rumored to be dating BOTH of them; but who were they? The two were an incredible duo that played together on the Dallas Mavericks, and they would prove themselves to be the backbone of the team, along with Jamal Mashburn. While rumors were denied, it wouldn’t be very surprising, seeing as how she was one of the most prominent figures in music at the time, and he was a classy dude who wouldn’t speak ill of anyone.


  1. Lindsey Bonn

The first female on our list as the star of the listing, Lindsey ended up falling into a relationship with the Woods himself. Of course, the media would help us learn that he wasn’t the most faithful in any relationship, ever, more importantly with his former wife Elin Nordegrnen, but they ended up becoming a pretty power couple for a few years, until she found out that he was also cheating on her. Not very surprising when that’s how you got into your relationship, now is it?


  1. Mike Kekich and Fritz Peterson

Even though the Yankees are one of the most prominent teams due to their talent, their scandal is also what keeps their name in the media. In fact, this one is a bit weird, as they were all cheating on each other. They ended up announcing two separate press conferences to announce their divorces, so they could get into relationships with each other’s future ex-wives. Yes, Mike wanted Fritz’ wife, and vice-versa. What a bunch of weirdos.


  1. Kevin De Bruyne

Once a player for Chelsea in Manchester City, he was quite the interesting player that had everyone with high hopes in their hearts. While on loan between teams, there was a bit of mess between his relationship and an issue with his teammate Thibault Courtois. It was said that De Bruyne’s wife decided to leave him for his teammate because Kevin admitted that he had an affair with her best friend. I guess that we shouldn’t feel too crappy for him, since he put himself in that position, and we hope she’s much happier now, despite cheating on him out of spite.


  1. Brent Barry

Last on our list is an NBA player who didn’t excel an incredible amount, but he became a fantastic commentators afterwards. While showing an immense amount of respect for the sport, he wasn’t given the same from his wife, when he found out that she cheated on him with his teammate that goes by the name of Tony Park. When this news broke out, Tony Park’s wife, Miss Eva Longoria, found out, and both pairs decided divorce was the best option. We have to ask though – who the heck cheats on Eva Longoria?!

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