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    The 8 Greatest Formula 1 Cars

    Alfa 158/159

    Which One Is Your Favorite Formula 1 Car?

    What makes a racing car ‘great’? Is it raw speed? Aerodynamic beauty? Coolness? Is greatness measured only in in titles, victories and podiums?

    While all of this is important, any such list is ultimately subjective. Over the years, there have been so many amazing vehicles racing on a Grand Prix weekend that it would be impossible to list all of them. From the vintage racing machines of old, to the modern Formula One car racers driven by the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas, Daniel Ricciardo, Max Verstappen and Kimi Raikkonen, the list would just be far too long! Instead, here’s a list of my personal favorites. The cars below resemble a broad consensus among F1 fans, but these are my choices from the history of the world’s premier motor sport.

    So here they are. Eight greats. They’ve been driven by legends. Celebrated by millions. And now they’re collected together here, for your automotive reading pleasure…

    What’s The Best Formula One Car Of All Time?

    1. Alfa 158/159

    Alfa 158/159

    Before the dust had even settled on the first ever Formula 1 championship in 1950 the sport had already produced an iconic racing machine.

    Driven by early F1 heroes Juan Manuel Fangio and Guiseppe Farina, this Alfa Romeo boasted a 1.5 liter, supercharged 8-cylinder star won every race it completed in that first season. In total it went on to win 47 of 54 Grands Prix it entered. Not bad for a racer originally built over a decade earlier, between 1937-1938.

    Aesthetically the Alfa 158/159 is simple, no-nonsense beauty, and driving it must have felt like sitting at the back of a red missile. It invokes a nostalgic feel for the early, pioneering days of motor racing; back when winning was all about power, pace, bravery, and whoever could keep the car on track.

    2. Maserati 250F

    Maserati 250F

    Competing between 1954 and 1958, the 250F is a sleeker affair than the Alfa 158/159.

    Raced by sporting legends such as Juan Manuel Fangio and Sterling Moss, Maserati’s 2.5 liter V12 speed demon achieved some historic wins, such as Fangio’s 1957 German Grand Prix win on the way to his fifth and final world championship.

    The 250F changed significantly over the years it was raced competitively, but it’s retained an identity loved by race fans for generations and is coveted by vintage collectors (who’ll need some serious classic car insurance).

    Like the Alfa 158/159, the Maserati 250F harks back to the F1 days of daredevils and danger, a time when there was a very real threat of death and destruction every race. It regularly tops fan polls, and in 2009 was voted the greatest ever racing car by Octane magazine readers.

    3. Lotus 72

    Lotus 72

    Team Lotus has produced a number of awesome F1 cars, but this is arguably their best and one of my favorite designs.

    Shaped like a wedge on wheels, the innovative Lotus 72 looks more like the Batmobile than an F1 car in its sporting black-and-gold team colours.

    But although it’s not the most beautiful car on this list, the combination of the Ford-Cosworth 3.0 liter V8 engine power, Colin Chapman-led chassis design and driving skills of Jochen Rindt and Emerson Fittipaldi led Lotus to three F1 constructors’ championships and two drivers’ championships between 1970-1973.

    Embracing the world of aerodynamics, the Lotus 72 was way ahead of its time, and it wasn’t until the mid-70s that another F1 car surpassed it. This iconic car was finally retired in 1976 after 20 wins from 75 races.

    4. Ferrari 312T

    Ferrari 312T

    The Ferrari 312T was a machine. I mean, obviously it was a machine; but a winning machine.

    Between 1975 and 1980 Ferrari won 27 Grands Prix on the way to its four constructors’ championships and three drivers’ championships. It’s an amazing record. Driven by greats such as Niki Lauda and Gilles Villeneuve, the super 3.0 liter flat-12 engine-powered 312T stands up as one of the most successful F1 models of all time.

    Arguably, in this creation the Maranello-based team produced a revolution in F1 car design, with a compact length, traverse-mounted gearbox and high air intake above the driver’s head. In some ways the 312T could be seen as the first ‘modern’ Formula 1 racer.

    5. McLaren MP4/4

    McLaren MP4/4

    No matter how you look at it, McLaren MP4/4 was simply awesome. It completely owned the 1988 season, claiming 15 pole positions, winning 15 out of 16 races, recording ten 1-2 finishes and leading all but 27 laps of the year.

    It’s a level of dominance that has never quite been equalled. Want further proof of the MP4/4’s brilliance? In the 1988 San Marino Grand Prix both McLarens qualified more than three seconds faster than the second row of the grid. Mind-blowing.

    But technical excellence isn’t everything. Designed by Steve Nichols, the 1.5 liter V6 turbo Honda-powered MP4/4s were driven by F1 icons Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna. And far from being boringly one-sided, the amazing ’88 season saw two drivers way ahead of the field, but still battling each.

    Today, Honda engines power the drivers from the Scuderia Toro Rosso team, and Red Bull Racing teams.

    6. Williams FW14B

    Williams FW14B

    The inclusion of the FW14B sees the first appearance on this list of Adrian Newey. He’s undoubtedly the best F1 car designer in the modern era, and arguably the greatest in the history of the sport.

    The FW14B was the vehicle that powered Britain’s Nigel Mansell to his one and only F1 drivers’ championship in in 1992. The car dominated in 1992, winning ten out of 16 races on the calendar, and notching up 15 poles and ten fastest laps.

    With its combination of Renault 3.5 liter V10 engine, semi-automatic gearbox, traction control and active suspension – a computer-controlled suspension design that maintains a constant ride height – the FW14B was a technical marvel. It was also pretty easy on the eye, with a streamline body and attractive colour scheme.

    7. Ferrari F2002

    Ferrari F2002

    Schumacher. To newbie F1 fans he’s a middle-aged guy who spends every Grand Prix scrapping for a few points in a Mercedes. Yet in the early 2000s he was simply unstoppable.

    The F2002 saw Ferrari and Schumacher at their most dominant. It was a car in which Schumacher achieved a top-two finish in every single race during 2002. He also managed nine 1-2 finishes along with number two Ferrari driver Rubens Barrichello. In total the F2002 won 15 out of 19 Grands Prix.

    Powered by a 3.0 liter V10 engine, the F2002 was designed by current Mercedes principal Ross Brawn, along with Rory Byrne and Paolo Martinelli. It’s a sexy beast, and is probably the model that most modern era F1 fans picture when they think of Ferrari – rather than the also-rans the Maranello team has fielded in recent seasons.

    8. Red Bull RB7

    Red Bull RB7

    Red Bull has now won three consecutive F1 drivers’ and constructors’ championships, thanks primarily to their Chief Technical Officer and all-round aerodynamic genius Adrian Newey.

    The RB7 was deployed for the 2011 season, and owned the calendar with 12 wins and an incredible 18 pole positions from 19 races split between drivers Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber.

    All teams now use the same 2.4 liter V8 engines, Pirelli tires, drag reduction systems and kinetic energy recovery systems, so where does this Red Bull dominance come from? Newey’s trump card was the innovative diffuser at the rear of the car, which provided unequaled downforce on cornering and unrivaled lap times. Today

    Sorry if that sounds a bit techie, but the truth is that modern day F1 is not about engine power, but aerodynamics; teams spend millions on wind tunnels and computational fluid dynamics to shave just a tenth of a second off a lap time. This is the reality of things. The advent of stricter technical regulations has changed the scene. It’s not good or bad. It’s just different. With the Liberty Media takeover, things may change…but it is too early to tell.

    So what do you think racing fans? Agree? Disagree? Am I on the money here, or have I gone mad? Should there have been a mention of a Force India car, or more Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso rides? Let me know, and let the debate begin…

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    The Griip G1: The Aprilia RSV4 Powered Race Car That We All Want


    The Griip G1 is the perfect compromise between a car and a sportsbike

    The Griip G1 proves that the Aprilia RSV4 superbike engine is just as capable in a four wheeled arrangement as it is on two. While we’ve seen Kawasaki engines in Smart Cars, or Suzuki engines in tractors, and even a BMW S1000RR powered plane, this Formula 1000 race car that’s driven by an Aprilia RSV4 engine is probably our favorite contraption out there. In fact, you could drop the Aprilia RSV4 engine into a grand piano and we’d be more than happy – it’s just one of the finest engines out there. No contest.

    But what about the Griip G1? It’s a specially made, track-only race car that was designed in Israel and built in Italy…and you can buy one of your very own, should you feel the need to. With a price tag of €52,900 (or about $62,660), which is roughly the cost of three Aprilia RSV4 RRs, you’ll be able to buy yourself a pretty sophisticated four wheeled racing machine.

    The Griip G1: $62,600 Of Pure Aprilia Powered Fun

    Griip G1 from above

    With a chassis made from tubular 4130 chrome-moly steel that comes wrapped in carbon fiber bodywork the Griip G1 is already quite an advanced racer. Throw in a stock 1000cc RSV4 engine that’s been more or less left in stock form, and you’ve got a track weapon on your hands. The engine makes the same factory quoted 201 hp and the only real modifications include a new intake and exhaust system and an oil lubrication system that have been engineered in house by Griip, as well as the final drive being converted from chain to shaft. While the engine hasn’t seen much tuning, that sort of power in a lightweight frame and chassis – that weighs a mere 860 lbs fully fueled – sounds like a hell of a lot of fun.

    Griip G1 Aprilia Open Wheel

    The Griip G1 comes with loads of cool racing features like a removable steering wheel, crash structures, a proper racing harness and even an on board fire extinguisher… but even with all that gadgetry, it’s still not likely to be as fast or powerful as a motorcycle in terms of bang-for-buck. However, if you really want to race around the track on four wheels and you desperately need an open-wheel machine, then we can think of no better choice that the Griip G1. It’s still an Aprilia RSV4 after all.

    Griip G1 Front Side View
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    How Many Female NASCAR Drivers Are There?

    Most of the world knows NASCAR as a man’s sport, even though we can’t ignore the fact NASCAR females are rocking it as well. This clashes completely with the fallacy women are terrible drivers. It is somehow logical that among the huge number of NASCAR fans, females would make at least part of it. Of course, it is not possible for them all to become drivers, but you can see girls in motorsports as they are slaying it.

    Some of them engaged in open-wheel racing, sports car racing, but some even climbed the stock-car racing scale. Did you know there are more than 100 women who qualified for NASCAR touring series until this year? Even though very few of them contested a full season, it is impossible to deny this number is completely astonishing.

    So, when someone asks how many female NASCAR drivers are there, the answer would surprise them. Today we are talking about these a courageous and bold ladies that can stand wheel to wheel to many of male drivers on the road or the racetrack.

    20th Century

    The very first female who competed in the inaugural NASCAR race was Sara Christian. Then she got company – Louise Smith and Ethel Mobley. Yet, during 1950-1960, only a few of them competed in touring series. Females are proud of Betty Skeleton Erde, as she set a stock car speed record for women in 1954 at Daytona.

    Once more, girls made a break in NASCAR racing, until Janet Guthrie and Dale Earnhardt participated in NASCAR races in 1976/7. Janet wears a title of the first woman who leads a race under caution (Winston Cup Series), while the first lady who leads in a Busch Series race was Patty Moise.

    The historic moment in NASCAR Touring Series was when Shawna Robison became the first woman who won it. She also earned the title of “Most Popular Driver” and ”Rookie of the Year” in 1988. This gave a strong impulse to females around the world to try out luck and express their passion for racing. Shawna won the pole position of the touring, but she achieved great success when she won the pole of all three major series and won at qualifications for Xfinity Series at Atlanta Motor Speedway in 1994.

    Here comes the time when women entered the game on lower levels for the start more enthusiastically. Going from the 1990s, females scored great results at Xfinity Series (Patty Moise), All Pro Series, and Camping World Truck Series (Tammy Jo Kirk). Tammy actually was the first woman who competed in World Truck Series.


    Shawna made a small break of contesting, but she got back in full force and won ARCA Bondo season in 2000. After this, she returned to sporadic NASCAR competitions for a few seasons to come. She became the first female that won a race at Texas Motor Speedway in 2003.

    NASCAR got the idea to provide a more diverse driver base, which was realized through the Drive for Diversity program. However, despite the fact the program was successful in joining some of the minor drivers, such as Kyle Larson, Darrell Wallace, and Daniel Suarez, there were no females included in the program that had more than one start its major divisions.

    The youngest female race driver by 2011 was Johanna Long, who entered the Camping World Truck Series, at the age of only 19. From that moment on, she raced in the Nationwide Series.

    Then, in 2010, fabulous Danica Patrick, an IndyCar Series driver, joined NASCAR. She achieved noticeable results by 2012 when she clinched the pole position at DRIVE4COPD 300 and became the second female driver next to Shawna Robinson who made it. The same year, NASCAR honored Danica as the NASCAR’s Most Popular Nationwide Driver.

    She became the first female who received this kind of award in the top three divisions. Yet, this is not the end of her awards. Danica Patrick lead a green flag lap and clinched the pole position at the 2013 Daytona 500. The highest finish for any female NASCAR drivers was her 8th position in the Daytona 500 as well. We can count her achievements literally by tomorrow.

    Danica Patrick retired in 2018, after the Daytona 500. If you would like to know more about this fierce lady, as well as about other NASCAR female drivers who made great names in man’s sport, AutoWise made a list of 10 female NASCAR drivers of all the time.

    From 2014 there is a championship system for female drivers exclusively, formed by the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series. 2016 brought a record of 18 females who raced in NASCAR’s touring series. Among them, Julia Landauer came out as the most successful one. In 2018, Haile Deegan won NASCAR touring series, which made her the first female who achieved this result after almost three decades.


    We have mentioned 13 female NASCAR drivers through our text, as these ladies truly deserve special attention when it comes to this topic. However, just as we said in the beginning, there are a lot more female drivers out there. Besides these prominent and experienced ladies, we will some of them who achieved great results as well.

    1. Arlene Hiss,
    2. Robin McCall,
    3. Erin Crocker,
    4. Kim Crosby,
    5. Mackena Bell,
    6. Jennifer Jo Cobb,
    7. Alli Owens,
    8. Amber Cope,
    9. Angela Cope-Ruch,
    10. Milka Duno,
    11. Madalena Antas,
    12. Paige Decker,
    13. Claire Decker,
    14. Susie Wolff,
    15. Courtney Force,
    16. Leilani Munter,
    17. Nicole Behar,
    18. Katherine Legge,
    19. Brittney Zamora.


    In modern times, more and more women are interested in racing. It is certain that this number will only go up with years. These female NASCAR drivers handled heavy machinery without any pain, and deserve great honor from both among men and women.

    With over than 100 female NASCAR drivers that have been part of racing and competition from 1949, we can only look forward to future racing events to admire their skills and persistence.

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    20 Best NASCAR Drivers of All Time

    The National Motorsports Press Association has been giving out the Most Popular NASCAR driver award every year since the Sprint Cup Series started back in 1949. Despite the fact that the award has been a major part of the motorsport tradition for decades, it’s still extremely difficult for anyone to predict who will come out on top and win the award each year.

    However, thanks to the Internet, it’s now much easier for us to identify who the best NASCAR drivers are, and we’ve used this resource to determine the best NASCAR drivers that have ever participated in this sport.

    Below is a list of the best NASCAR drivers which we came up with after searching the Internet for the most legitimate sources of information we could find.

    20. Harry Gant

    Gant has had a very long and rewarding career by any standard, and he went on to enjoy astronomical success well into his 50s. Not only did Gant win five races in one year during the 1991 season, but he finished fourth overall, and earned his highest standing in 1984 when he finished third. Gant has won a total of 18 times, finished among the top 10 for a total of 208 times throughout his career, and has had 17 pole positions. Not only that, but Gant bagged 21 Nationwide Series wins as well, making him one of the greatest of all times.

    19. Mark Martin

    While the Sprint Cup has eluded Martin throughout his career, he’s still considered to be one of the best thanks to all the achievements that he’s had, such as winning 49 Nationwide Series cups, 51 pole positions and getting the runner-up spot five times. Not only that, but motorsports have been good to Martin financially as well, as he’s made well over $85 million throughout his career, plus he’s won the highly popular Truck Series seven times and is one of NASCAR top paid drivers.

    18. Rusty Wallace

    With an impressive record of 55 wins, it’s no surprise that Wallace is among the best NASCAR drivers. His records include winning the Sprint Cup Series in 1989 and having the second most consecutive starts at 697, as well as winning the Bristol Motor Speedway a total of nine times, which is second only to that of Darrell Waltrip who has won it 12 times.

    During the 1993 Sprint Cup Series, Wallace led the pack by winning 10 times and getting the runner-up spot, trailing by a mere 80 points behind his long-time friend and rival Dale Earnhardt. The following year, he got back his position as the series leader and bagged 8 additional wins. Wallace was also the trailblazer of his time, as he was considered to be a road course specialist when his peers were mainly oval experts. Prior to his retirement in 2005, Wallace managed to win six road courses and was only recently surpassed by Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon as the road course king.

    17. Glen ‘Fireball’ Roberts

    While Roberts’ career was relatively short-lived and spanned only 15 years, he sure did make the most out of it. Originally from Daytona Beach in Florida, Roberts has had a total of 106 career starts and has earned 32 pole positions and 33 wins during that time. He finished in the top ten 122 times and bagged the top five spot 93 times. He reached second place in 1950, and out of 16 starts in the Convertible Series, Roberts won the title an impressive four times.

    16. Bill Elliott

    Bill Elliot is undoubtedly one of the most legendary NASCAR drivers of all time, and is affectionately known by various terms of endearment by colleagues and fans alike, from “Million Dollar Bill” to “Awesome Bill from Dawsonville” and even “Mr. Popular”. To be fair, he probably earned the latter nickname after winning the National Motorsports Press Association’s Most Popular Driver award a record 16 times! And with a career that boasts 55 pole positions and 44 wins, Elliot has definitely earned his fair share of success.

    On top of that, Elliot is the first NASCAR driver to win the “Winston Million” an achievement which is acquired by getting the checkered flag in three of the most prestigious races in the sport, namely the Southern 500 in Darlington, The Winston 500 at Talladega and The Daytona 500.

    15. Terry Labonte

    During the 27 seasons of Labonte’s career, he has won two championships and has been in top pole positions in each of the sport’s three most important tours. This is despite the 12-season dry spell that he experienced between cup titles over the years. Not only that but Labonte has 22 wins under his belt and is known as one of the most popular NASCAR drivers in history.

    14. Tim Flock

    While Flock comes from racing royalty, his reputation goes beyond his family name. This is due to all the awards that he’s amassed throughout his career, including holding 37 pole positions, winning 39 races and making an impressive 187 starts during his 12-year career.

    He has also won the NASCAR cup twice in 1952 and then again in 1955, and holds a winning percentage of 20.86, which is the second-best winning percentage in the sport’s history. Flock will go down in history as the driver to win the only sports-car race to be hosted by NASCAR, an event which took place in 1955. Plus, Flock currently holds the number 18 spot on NASCAR’s list of the drivers with the most all-time wins.

    13. Kyle Busch

    Ever since his coming up into the sport as a protégé, Busch has made a name for himself as a legend in the making and it’s not hard to see why. With only seven seasons under his belt, Busch has made an impressive 104 wins so far among the sports’ top three tours, and he’s just getting warmed up.

    12. Ned Jarrett

    While Jarrett’s cup career only lasted 13 years, he has managed to make several accomplishments that include 35 pole positions, 50 series wins, three NASCAR championships and a 14 lap win at the Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway in 1965.

    Not only that, but “Gentleman Ned” also managed to win 28 races during the 1964 and 1965 championship seasons, as well as two championships within the Sportsman Divisions during the 1957 and 1958 season.

    11. Junior Johnson

    Johnson has won 50 cups throughout his career, including the Daytona 500 in 1960, and has held 46 career poles. Johnson will also go down in the sport’s history as the first person to discover superspeedway drafting, and on top of that he is a well-known petrol head and boasts a fabulous car collection.

    10. Tony Stewart

    Stewart has three championship title wins under his belt, and has even had a win as an owner alongside his Stewart-Haas racing team during the 2011 season. His worst ever finish was when he took the 11th place in one of the 12 Cup competitions that he’s participated in.

    He has finished in the top ten 266 times, placed in the top five 162 times, and has won 44 times. Stewart also boasts 13 pole positions and has an impressive winning streak with a ratio of 1 win for every Cup race that he’s competed in, all of which have definitely earned him a spot in the NASCAR top 20 drivers list.

    9. Lee Petty

    With 427 starts, 18 pole wins, three cup victories and a distinction as the first winner of the legendary Daytona 500, Petty is one of the greatest trail-blazers in the sport. He ranks ninth on the list of all-time championship winners and is known as the first driver in NASCAR history to win the Cup three times in a row. However, very few people know that Petty actually contributed more than just his sportsmanship to NASCAR racing, as he’s also credited with contributions like window nets and rolls bars to the sport.

    8. Bobby Allison

    Throughout his career, Allison has had 718 starts, 84 career wins, 58 pole positions and became a recognized member of the famed “Alabama Gang.” Not only that, but Allison also bagged the NASCAR Cup during the 1983 season, won the NASCAR Modified Division championship twice during the 1964 and 1965 seasons, and has two NASCAR Modified Special Division championships under his belt.

    It doesn’t come as a surprise that he has since been placed in the NASCAR Hall of Fame, an honor which was bestowed upon him in 2011, over two decades after his premature retirement in 1988 due to irreversible injuries.

    7. Darrell Waltrip

    Known among his fans and colleagues as “DW”, Waltrip is a three-time NASCAR Cup championship winner and has held 59 pole positions as well as 84 career wins, 12 of which were for the Bristol Motor Speedway championship. Waltrip continued his winning streak as a team owner, as his team managed to win NASCAR’s three major national series tournaments, after which he went on to enjoy an equally successful career in television.

    6. Cale Yarborough

    From 1976 to 1978, Yarborough won three back-to-back championships and earned 68 pole positions. He also earned a spot on the NASCAR Hall of Fame, thanks to achievements like being the series runner-up in three different seasons, including the ‘73, ‘74 and ‘80 tours. Yarborough also boasts 83 NASCAR Cup race wins under his belt, 28 of which he got during his championship winning streak.

    5. Jeff Gordon

    Born and grown in sunny California, Jeff Gordon has four championship belts under his belt, as well as 85 wins throughout his career. He also ranks third on the all-time win list alongside the great Bobby Allison and is a few wins behind David Pearson and Richard Petty.

    He’s the only driver in the sport’s history to win a record of 64 short tracks, and this is in addition to his 9 road course wins and 12 victories on the restrictor plate. Gordon’s winning streak is so impressive that he has literally been victorious in all the tracks featured in the NASCAR calendar, with the exception of the Kentucky and Homestead-Miami Speedway Cups, which only came after his time. Over and above his impressive achievements, Gordon has also been credited with bringing NASCAR racing to the mainstream, which is an incredible feat for sure.

    4. Jimmie Johnson

    Prior to being spotted by Jeff Gordon and Rick Hendrick back in 2001, Jamie Johnson was basically an unknown driver in NASCAR circles. However, 9 seasons later JJ became the first NASCAR driver to win the championship five times running and was also the first to qualify for every Chase for the Sprint Cup thanks to holding the top five position during his first nine seasons. To top it off, JJ has had 25 pole positions and 55 wins throughout his career.

    3. Dale Earnhardt

    Popularly known as “The Intimidator”, Earnhardt has won seven championships and seven titles throughout his illustrious career, which was unfortunately cut short just as he was about to bag an eighth championship win in 2001. Up until then, Earnhardt had 136 starts, out of which he won 76 Cups and had 21 Busch Series victories as well. He also did well as an owner as his team Dale Earnhardt Inc. has won two truck titles and was an equipment provider during 4 NNS championships.

    2. David Pearson

    Pearson’s initiation into the NASCAR Hall of Fame was well earned as he boasts a career that includes 113 pole positions, three cup titles in 1966, ’68 and ‘69, and is the second all-time winner in the sport’s list, trailing behind only Petty as the driver with the most pole positions and victories. At the peak of his career, Pearson bagged 27 race wins, and was the runner-up in 30 different races in just two seasons.

    1. Richard Petty

    Richard Petty is known as “The King” of NASCAR racing for a reason. He’s an all-time champion and holds the top spot for having the most Cup wins (with 200 victories), the most Cup championships (seven wins), the most Cup poles (123) and the most wins in one season when he earned a record 27 victories during the 1967 season, in which he scored a record 10 consecutive victories. Also, can you believe that Petty had 1,027 starts during his career? Yep, and he won the Daytona 500 a whopping 7 times, making him the record holder for the most Daytona 500 wins of all time.

    Best NASCAR Drivers FAQ:

    Do NASCAR drivers wear diapers? 

    Usually, no. but some drivers do actually wear diapers during certain races and/or weather conditions, but it’s really up to the driver. There’s no rule saying that drivers should wear diapers, and besides, there are certain measures that drivers take to avoid having “an accident”, like taking salt tablets to keep them from needing water, to controlling the temperature levels inside the car and even going to the toilet just before they start the race.

    That said, some of the more demanding races like the Coke 600 in Charlotte, the Talladega and the Daytona 500 can necessitate the use of diapers.

    Are NASCAR drivers athletes? 

    NASCAR drivers are considered to be athletes due to the intense training that they have to undergo before they get behind the wheel. In fact, research shows that most of these training exercises can increase the heart rate by up to 80% and most NASCAR drivers take their training really seriously.

    This includes cardio as well as strength training in order to better handle the extraordinary G loads that they have to face come race day. Being able to maintain an optimal heart rate during high-pressure situations is always very important.

    How are NASCAR drivers paid?

    NASCAR drivers get paid according to their performance as well as name recognition, and they primarily get their paychecks from team owners. However, drivers can also get paid through product endorsements and they get a huge chunk of the winnings for each race victory that they get.

    Why do NASCAR drivers swerve side to side?

    The cars driven by NASCAR drivers are usually fitted with specially designed tires that feature rubber compounds that work best under certain temperature conditions. Unlike your normal car tires, these tires adapt their texture to match that of the track surface so that they get a good grip on the track, no matter how high the temperatures get.

    However, they don’t really adhere well to the surface during those first few laps and they take a while before they warm up, so the friction created by swerving from side to side is a great way to warm the tires for the race. As a result, race tires tend to wear out much faster than average car tires.

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    15 Washed Up Athletes Who Are Still Incredibly Rich

    It’s no secret that many famous athletes or celebrities become washed up and make you think, “man, I wouldn’t want to be that guy.” But really, with how rich they still are, you might just want to be them! Sure, their careers are over, but their supply of money isn’t. Whether they injured themselves on the field or decided to take out their anger on someone, the next 15 athletes you’ll find on our list have had their careers over within an instance. While some fans of the athletes are still holding on to the athlete’s achievements, the media doesn’t think they should have any more limelight.

    While tons of reports, radio hosts, or Internet “tough guys” have a ton to say about those who are washed up (but not enough good about themselves), they tend to forget that these “washed up” athletes are still richer than they’ll ever be thanks to great money management, or being so good that they are loaded for life. Washed up doesn’t mean there’s an inability to make wise decisions! Check out our list of 15 washed up athletes who are still incredibly rich.

    1. Anna Kournikova

    At her prime, Anna was a young and spunky athlete who was in the eyes of the media almost constantly. Talented and beautiful, Anna’s legacy continued throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s, even though she was never at the top of her class. Because of her charismatic personality and her level of talent, her name was well known throughout households across America. While her talent wasn’t as high as others in her respective career, her beauty is what got people talking. Since she was famous before the age of social media, companies that saw her flocked to her. In return, she decided to brand herself and cement her legacy even further after the end of her tennis career. Even though she doesn’t have many major titles like other women in the sport, she has a net worth of over $50 million. I guess her talent is the ability to brand herself well and continue to do so decades later.

    1. David Carr

    You may know David from his older brother, Derek Carr. While he may have made somewhat of a name for himself, he didn’t go very far with the sport. Formerly on the Houston Texans, David Carr was known for his awful offensive plays. While he may not have excelled as much as he could have within the NFL, he ended up being smart with his money made in off league contracts, and rounded up around $40 million in doing so. He isn’t totally out of the world of sports, as he’s currently an analyst for the NFL Network, and general NFL media. As for playing the sport, he was a backup starter for Eli Manning on the New York Giants. We don’t think he’s doing all that bad after all nowadays.

    1. Nikola Pekovic

    Next on our list is someone who thrived on the Minnesota Timerwolves at one point in his life. In fact, millions of dollars were thrown Pekovic’s way, and he had great success during the early era of his career. Since he came from Europe, he relished in his newfound fame and career in the United States. While he’s been in the game for over a decade, he ended up having to leave the league because of a number of injuries that plagued him; however, he didn’t just sit there and not do anything on the side, as he’s worth over $60 million thanks to a number of deals he made within the NBA over the course of the years. While he may not be a player ever again in the Association, he’s still financially healthy for what we assume to be years to come.

    1. Robert Griffin III

    It’s unfortunate that some people get the crappy end of the stick when it comes to life throwing curveballs at you. This was the case for Robert Griffin III, when he was hit with many injuries over the course of his 2012 campaign. Once a Rookie of the Year for his offensive skills, Griffin quickly declined because of his injuries. Once he went towards the Cleveland Browns, he sustained yet another injury, and shortly after, parted ways with the franchise entirely. While he may be out of the league, his NFL deals have accumulated $28 million for him.

    1. Trent Richardson

    Trent had a bit of a shuffle between teams, as he played for the Cleveland Browns as a running back. Then, shortly into his second season with the team, he was shipped off to Indianapolis Colts. We’re sure this didn’t make him feel that great, and it probably knocked him off his game a little bit; however, it was probably one of the better decisions the team could have made for that time, as he was an incredible player. Beyond this, he went onto other teams like the Baltimore Ravens, and the Oakland Raiders. He wasn’t taken out of the franchise due to injury, but he’s had his run. While he boasts that he isn’t broke despite having more than $1 million squandered from him, he probably won’t be playing in the franchise anytime soon.

    1. Tim Tebow

    There was a time recently when Tim Tebow was a household name in the NFL, and still are for super fan boys. He had quite the rise and fall though, and was selected during the 2010 NFL Draft within the first round. He wasn’t in the NFL for too long, but managed to get a six-figure salary from his time on the New York Mets; however, he isn’t totally out of the world of football, as he’s now an analyst for the SEC Network and ESPN. Beyond being talented in the world of football, his ability to market himself and financially plan will keep him in the game – so to speak, for years to come. Here, you can see him playing for a minor league baseball team that he’s currently an outfielder for!

    1. Scott Steiner

    While his age might indicate that he’s a washed up nobody, we think his back account says otherwise. The over 55 WCW champion has a net worth of over a million dollars to this day. Not only was he in the wrestling industry, but he dabbles in the world of conventions to meet fans and earn money from his legacy. He is also known for his interviews in which he doesn’t hold back on bit – quite the entertaining guy! Guess that’s what happens when you’re in an industry that’s both a sport and entertainment all wrapped up into one package.

    1. Anthony Bennett

    It’s unfortunate that Anthony Bennett is seen as maybe one of the biggest busts when it comes to drafting in the NBA. Not only embarrassing, but he’s only 24! While he’s still young and healthy, he could still make a comeback and prove his worth – if he gets another chance. While you may think he’s young and broke, maybe even washed up, you’d be surprised to know that he’s worth at least $16 million, despite not having a lengthy career yet. If he ever starts playing for the NBA again, we think he’ll be much richer than that!

    1. CM Punk

    CM Punk is known for his schtick with his attitude, but he’s also known for his weird match up on a Pay-Per-View fight. Fans and others within the industry weren’t sure why he was setup for an event like that, when he wasn’t really the type or prepared for that kind. He was dominated, for sure, but he still managed to rack up $1 million in the deal. Of course, that’s not the only money he’s earned from his athleticism, as he’s raked up quite a bit from his WWE days – a net worth of around $8 million. Beyond this, he’s been on a number of television shows, including MTV’s The Challenge – yes, that show is still on.

    1. Colin Kaepernick

    While we don’t think he’s washed up – many consider his protesting self to be “washed up”. While he may have been flawed in his physical performance during his NFL streak, he has seen better days. Now heavily into activism, he’s worth more than $43 million thanks to his career with the 49ers and various deals struck. While he’s still a hot name in the world of social media, whether for performance or for his activism, we don’t think he’s as washed up as some want to believe. We’re glad he’s using his voice to protest what he believes, as he has quite a large platform to do so.

    1. Sean Avery

    Next on our list is someone who is the most villainous within the Hockey League. Even though villainous, he was also one of the most popular during his time playing in the league. While he left the NHL indefinitely just 5 years ago, he still has quite a bit of money that he’s sitting on. While sports got his foot in the door, he stated that it wasn’t the only reason he’s richer than you, and even the more well-off people who watched him play. While he may be irrelevant when it comes to the actual sport and the teams he played on, he’s remained in the spotlight, as well as dabbling into other interests that kept his name in the media throughout the 2000’s. Between modeling, being an editor for Men’s Vogue, as well as presenting a fashion line for New York Fashion Week in 2009, he’s remained relevant in some sort of way, and has been successful at mostly every venture he’s gone into. While his net worth is currently being held captive, we can safely assume it’s in the millions.

    1. Josh Hamilton

    Formerly an MVP, (a one-time MVP, to be exact), he unfortunately met with his demons of addiction, and made it quite public when it decided to get help and go into rehabilitation. He of course is a talented player who then struck a five-year deal with the Los Angeles Angels. In fact, this deal was worth $125 million, and unfortunately was dubbed as one of the worst decisions ever made. In fact, the team ended up trading him to the Texas Rangers two years ago, which they subsequently released him this year. Overall, he made $146 million from his contracts. Hopefully he can find a team for 2018 to continue earning.

    1. Greg Oden

    Unfortunately, another huge bust when it comes to the National Basketball Association, he was at least able to nail a spot on the starting roster. Even though he made it there, it was clear his body was meant to paly that rigorously on a professional level, with stronger people against him. Unfortunately, injuries plagued the player rather quickly, but he’s still quite rich from the stint. In July of this year, Seth Wickersham, a senior writer for the ESPN network, says that he has earned more than $24 million from said contracts, despite not being a player in the big leagues for long. Even though he’s still rich, and people consider him a washed-up bust, he has quite the humble head on his shoulders.

    1. Ronda Rousey

    One of the more notoriously “washed up” athletes on this list, she went from being the best in the industry, to one of the worst, notably. It happened so quick, it seemed to be overnight. While she’s worth millions, she suffered quite the defeat in the last two contests, despite talking such a big game. After losing her comeback game, we haven’t heard much from her since, except that she’s been romancing a former athlete and diving into the world of her personal life.

    From one of her last fights in December of 2016, she was able to rake in around $3 million alone. Of course, she still has endorsements and is taking on other business ventures, we can’t say she’s washed up when it comes to her financial life. While she’s not a notable fighter anymore, it’s rumored that she may step into the WWE ring next year. A businesswoman who’s marketing herself where she can, and healthily, we think she’s set for life.

    1. Johnny Manziel

    You may have seen him as “Johnny Football” during his career, and unfortunately hasn’t been able to find any work within the league for quite some time now. Even though he may not ever play professionally ever again, he still has accumulated more than $7 million during his career. While eventually that money will fade away, he’ll probably always be rich due to his family being in the oil industry since before he was ever into football. Talk about set for life, and laughing all the way to the bank.

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    15 Pathetic NBA Fails That No One Will Ever Forget


    The history of the National Basketball Association is one of long-short success stories, heartwarming surprises, and risky moves that have paid off. But on the other side of the coin, there have been numerous cases where a move didn’t work out right. To put it bluntly, sometimes things can go horribly wrong. Does Malace at the Palace ring a bell? How about Nick Anderson’s four attempts at a free throw?

    Here’s a list of horribly embarassing and pathetic moments for the NBA to help jog your memory.

    1. When When Ron Artest, Pistons started a brawl with fans before the end of a game

    Leading up to a game in 2004, the Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers already had some bad blood brewing from the previous season. Something had to give, and it was Pacers’ forward Ron Artest (now known as Metta World Peace) who sparked the biggest and most infamous brawl in NBA history.

    There was a scuffle under the basket, and play stopped. The scuffle continued over to the benches, and next thing you knew, Artest had jumped into the stands and begun beating a fan that had thrown a full water cup at him. Joined by teammate Steven Jackson, the two Pacers players went on a haymaker spree. The incident is known today as the Malace at the Palace. Artest, along with four other players, were charged with assault and battery (the only incident in NBA history in which an NBA player was charged with a crime from an on-court incident.

    1. When Steve Nash got body-checked, teammates defended him, and the Suns lose the playoff series

    The 2007 NBA playoffs were marred by an incident late in a semifinals game between the San Antonio Spurs and the Phoenix Suns. The Suns were leading in Game 4, led by Steve Nash, when Spurs’ forward Robert Horry knocked Nash into the scorer’s table.

    The Suns would go on to win the game, but at the expense of crucial players on their team. Stars Amar’e Stoudemire and Boris Diaw both came off the bench to defend Nash, which ultimately got them suspended for Game 5. The spurs went on to win that game, and complete the series win in Game 6.

    1. When Reggie Miller scored 8 points in 9 seconds at MSG

    Game 1 of the 1995 Eastern Conference Semifinals looked like it was over, with the New York Knicks boasting a 105-99 lead over the Indiana Pacers with 18.7 seconds left.  But the Pacers’ guard Reggie Miller had other plans.

    Most Knicks fans had probably already turned the game off. But those poor souls who left their televisions on had to witness one of the most unforgettable meltdowns ever to happen on the hardwood court. In the blink of an eye, Miller had single-handedly brought his team a lead they would not relinquish, with the clock winding down favoring the Pacers 107-105. The knicks choked like no team has ever chocked before.

    1. When LeBron droped a dud in the 2010 Eastern Conference Semifinals

    Many people forget it, but long ago before LeBron James had amassed any NBA Championships, he was known primarily as a choke artist late in games and in the playoffs. Game 5 of the 2010 Eastern Conference Semifinals is a prime example of this LeBron.

    The Cleveland Cavaliers were favored at home going into the game against the Boston Celtics. But those pregame numbers quickly went down the drain, when the Celtics clearly came to play and the Cavaliers never left the locker room after the first half. The Celtics won 120-88, LeBron made only three shots from the field, and it was the worst home loss for the Cavaliers in team history. It was the last game LeBron would play at home in a Cavaliers jersey until his return from Miami a few years later.

    1. When the referees rigged the 2002 Lakers-Kings series, cost the Kings an NBA Championship appearance

    At the turn of the 21st century, one of the hottest and most heavily contested rivalries in the NBA was the Los Angeles Lakers and the Sacramento Kings. In 2002, the Kings were looking to avenge their defeats at the hands of the Lakers in back-to-back playoff campaigns. The series began in favor of the Kings and they eventually wound up with a 3-2 lead going in to Game 6.

    The Kings controlled the majority of Game 6. They had outplayed the Lakers for three consecutive quarters and looked to be on their way to their first NBA Finals in franchise history. Then, the referees stepped in and took matters into their own hands. It seemed as if every call went against them, and the free thrown statistics spoke for themselves; the Lakers attempted 18 more free throws than the Kings in the 4th quarter alone. After the series had ended (with the Lakers winning Game 7 and advancing to the NBA finals), disgraced referee Tim Donaghy would attest in court that the officials had been told to throw the game so that the series would go to a Game 7 and be more profitable for the league.

    1. When Kermit Washington almost killed Rudy Tomjanovich with one punch

    Most people reading this right now were not alive to have watched the 1977 infamous game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Houston Rockets. In the 1970’s, the NBA was regarded as a league run by punishing, enforcing big men who would foul you hard for trying to take a shot in the paint.

    In this fateful game, all of the over-aggressiveness came to bite the league. Rockets’ forward Rudy Tomjanovich sprinted onto the court in an attempt to stop an ensuing fight. But as he ran forward, Lakers’ Kermit Washington turned around and put Tomjanovich on his back with one punch. While the knockout blow may have excited many people, it actually ended up almost costing Tomjanovich his life. It eventually cost him his career, and the NBA put a stop to on-court violence from that moment onwards.


    1. When the Pistons made the inbounds pass to Larry Bird

    Game 5 of the 1987 Eastern Conference Finals is a game that lives in Detroit Pistons’ infamy. It was their game to lose. With less than 10 seconds remaining on the game clock, up one point over the Larry Bird-led Boston Celtics, and the ball in their possession for an inbounds play, a successful pass would have solidified the victory.

    But Bird made sure that did not happen. Legendary Pistons’ guard Isaiah Thomas tried to sneak a quick pass and catch the Celtics off guard, but Bird stepped in front of the pass and intercepted the pass. He immediately fired it to Dennis Johnson under the basket for the game-winning layup. That play alone swung the momentum of the series toward Boston, who wound up winning in seven games.


    1. When the Lakers lost the 2003 Finals because Shaq and Kobe could not put their differences aside

    Heading into the 2004 NBA Finals, the Los Angeles Lakers were heavily favored to whip through the Eastern Conference champion Detroit Pistons. The Lakers were three-time defending champions, sported four future Hall of Famers on their roster, and were unquestionably the best team in the NBA.

    But their ultimate doom was owed to their two star players, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal, simply not getting along. The All-NBA forward and All-NBA big man utterly hated playing with each other; each wanted to be “the man.” As a result, the entire team chemistry was off, and the Pistons took full advantage. Detroit wound up winning the series 4-1 and spoiling what would have been Los Angeles; fourth consecutive NBA finals championship.

    1. When the Lakers chocked away the biggest lead in NBA Finals history

    The Los Angeles Lakers seemed to make a habit of being the victims of demoralizing NBA Finals collapses in the mid 2000’s. In 2008, the Lakers faced off against the Boston Celtics in a throwback-style matchup reminiscent of the 1980’s. The series went to six games, but Game 4 was when the Lakers saw their hopes of winning it all get flushed down the tube.

    It was known as the biggest collapse in a NBA Finals game in the history of the sport. The Lakers led by as many as 24 points in the third quarter. It would have taken a miracle for the Celtics to come back from that scenario, but the miracle happened. The Celtics jumped out to a 21-3 run to end the quarter, and the lead did not last long into the fourth quarter. From there, the series was all but history.

    1. When the Mavericks fell at the hands of Dwayne Wade

    In 2006, the Dallas Mavericks and the Miami Heat both made their first NBA Finals appearances. They would later face off again in 2011 (in which the Mavericks were victorious), but this series belonged to the triumphant Heat. Dirk Nowitzki would have to wait; this was the Dwayne Wade show.

    From the onset, though, it did not look that way. Dallas began the series up 2-0 and had a nice lead in Game 3. Their first championship looked all too close, but the Heat fought back to win that game and the following three games to take home the hardware. Many basketball fans point to questionable officiating in Game 3 and from then on out, but only the Mavericks are truly to blame for their Finals debacle.

    1. When the 2007 Mavericks were made to look silly against the Golden State Warriors

    Following their crushing 2006 NBA Finals defeat, the Dallas Mavericks were supposed to walk through the playoffs in 2007 with ease en route to their second consecutive Finals appearance. They finished the regular season with the best record in the league and were set up to host the eighth seeded Golden State Warriors, who were making their first playoffs appearance since 1994.

    But perhaps the Mavericks were already thinking about the Western Conference Finals, because the Warriors came to play and they subsequently shocked the world. The feisty Warriors took Game 1 in Dallas, and then rode their rambunctious crowd to victories in Games 3, 4, and 6. It was only the second time in the history of the sport that the top seed was upended by the lowest seed in the first round. 

    1. When the Sonics became the first #1 seed to ever lose in the opening round

    Speaking of top seeds embarrassingly losing in the first round, enter the Seattle Supersonics. In 1994, Seattle was largely considered the best team in the NBA, due mostly to Michael Jordan being on a hiatus from the league as he pursued a career in baseball. Seattle jumped out to a 2-0 lead over the lowly Denver Nuggets in the best-of-five series.

    But Denver came storming back, snuck three straight games (the final two in overtime), and were crowned victorious in the largest upset in NBA playoffs history. Many viewers still remember the Nuggets center Dikembe Mutombo after Game 5, laying on the court, displaying the ball over his head and belting out, “I love this game!”

    1. When Nick Anderson bricked four straight free throws in the 1995 Finals

    The Orlando Magic were arguably at their franchise best in the 1995 season. They made it all the way to the NBA Finals to square off with the Houston Rockets. It was a battle of the bigs: Hakeem Olajuwon versus Shaquille O’Neal. But it was a separate player for the Magic that would steal the spotlight, and not in a positive way.

    Late in Game 1, the Magic were leading by three points, and guard Nick Anderson was tasked with shooting four fould shots after being fouled twice in a row. Anderson was a career 66% free throw shooter, so it was stands to reason that he was the man to foul on the Magic. Long story short, Anderson missed all four free throws, and the Rockets stole the game in ovetime. From there, the Rockets went on to sweep the Magic, all thanks to Anderson’s all-time blunder. Now you know why your coach always gets on you to  make your free throws, kids.

    1. When the 2000 Blazers suffered the biggest collapse in playoff (and their franchise) history

    In a nutshell, the 2000 Portland Trail Blazers ended their season in such a harsh way, it set their franchise back for almost 15 years. There have been many NBA playoffs collapses, but none like what Portland was able to accomplish in Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers.

    Boasting a 15-point lead with just under 10 minutes to play in the final quarter, the Trail Blazers let the Lakers complete a 15-0 run. In the end, the Lakers won the game by five points, and the Trail Blazers never won another postseason series until 2014. It was a choke performance of the ages.

    1. When the Warriors Blew a 3-1 Lead in the NBA Finals

    Do we really need to tell you how this one went down? On the biggest stage with the biggest lead and all of the momentum, the 72-win Golden State Warriors were the most dominant team of the 21st century (and possibly ever) and had just coasted to a 3-1 NBA Finals lead over the LeBron James-led Cleveland Cavaliers team. There was only one problem: Warriors’ big man and emotional anchor of the team, Draymond Green, was suspended for Game 5 after a kicking incident.

    Momentum went to the wayside for the Warriors, the Cavaliers scooped it up, and ran with it for three consecutive victories. The marquee moment came when the final buzzer went off in Game 7, with the Cavaliers maintaining the lead in Golden State, and LeBron James yelling out, “Cleveland! This is for you!” Ever since then, fans at all sorts of sporting events and entertainment venues have been spotted holding signs that read “ The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead.”












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    10 Professional Wrestlers Who Are Shockingly Smart In Real Life

    When it comes to combat sports there seems to be an unfortunate stigma that sticks in the air: that the only reason people are fighters is that they are not smart enough for any other type of work. While it is true that fighters take blows to the head for a living, many of them are much smarter then they may seem on the surface.

    The same is true for professional wrestlers. While people have argued endlessly about the education of professional wrestlers because of their chosen profession, the truth is that these individuals are some of the smartest people in the world of professional sports. In fact, it is suggested that most aspiring wrestlers get a college education so that, should things not work out as planned in the squared circle, that there is always something to fall back on.

    The following ten professional wrestlers are just a few that made sure that they had all their bases covered by proving they have the brains to back up their in-ring skills. From teachers to Harvard graduates, it may just surprise you which wrestlers could beat you with both their mind and their muscles.

    1. D’Lo Brown

    While D’Lo Brown has not been seen in a WWE ring in quite some time now, he was one of the mainstays of the WWE’s “Attitude Era” in the late 90’s. During his time with the company, D’Lo was a multiple-time European and Tag Team champion, being part of the Nation of Domination stable as well as tagging with strongman Mark Henry.

    Outside the ring, D’Lo attended the University of Maine, where he graduated as a Certified Public Accountant. This qualification allows the former WWE superstar to provide accounting services for the general public, meaning Brown is one of the few individuals around that could pop your head off your shoulders while managing your finances at the same time.

    1. Raven

    During the 90’s, few wrestlers captured my attention quite like Raven. While Raven’s style was very reminiscent of the times, his manner of speaking and dark demeanor enraptured young punk kids such as myself which were very much a product of the time.

    All of the success of the Raven character, from the look to the attitude, can be attributed directly to the man behind it: Scott Levy. Given how smart the man behind the gimmick is, Raven’s success should come as no surprise.

    Scott Levy possesses a real-life IQ of 143, which is high enough to put him into the elite, high intelligence group known as Mensa. In addition to the high IQ, Levy also possesses a degree in criminal justice. Both of these aspects have lead the Raven character to be one of the most well-spoken, mysterious characters in recent memory, and one that can outsmart you just as well as leave you broken.

    1. Wade Barrett

    Wade Barrett was one of the most criminally underused wrestlers during his time with the WWE. Leading the Nexus during their initial invasion angle, Wade Barrett had a very up-and-down career in the company that saw him both win championships and be frequently injured or jobbed out to other wrestlers. After several years of this, Barrett asked for, and was granted, his release from WWE 2016, where he has since pursued an acting career.

    Prior to all the lights of Hollywood or the turnbuckles of professional wrestling, Barrett made his living as a marine biologist, having received a degree in the field from the University of Liverpool. While training for professional wrestling, Barrett earned money as a laboratory recruiting consultant, as well as partaking in bare-knuckle boxing.

    Say what you will about the ill-fated WWE career of Barrett, the man certainly knows how to keep busy!

    1. Kurt Angle

    While Kurt Angle is famous for his in-ring accolades, as well as winning an Olympic gold medal with “a broken freakin’ neck”, what is often not stated among Angle’s accomplishments are those of his academic pursuits.

    Prior to his Olympic and WWE career, Angle had attended Clairon University of Pennsylvania. While there, Angle not only competed on his college wrestling team, but also was a member of the college’s student senate. Before moving on to the big time, Kurt finished his college term by earning a degree in Education.

    No matter how his name comes up in conversation, chances are Kurt Angle will mostly only be remembered for his athletic achievement. For those that know Angle, however, they know that he is one of the smartest men to ever grace the squared circle, and one who lives up to his mantra of “Intensity, Integrity, and Intelligence”.

    1. Jack Swagger

    One of the things many people may remember hearing quite often during the WWE run of Jack Swagger are the proud words of Jim Ross, who exclaimed on a regular basis that Swagger was an alumnus of the University of Oklahoma. It was here that Ross actually discovered Swagger and brought him into the world of professional wrestling.

    While attending the University of Oklahoma Swagger, in addition to wrestling for the Sooner collegiate team, was majoring in the area of finance, earning a degree in the profession in 2006. At the time he graduated, Swagger’s original plan was to pursue a career in the finance field, with a WWE career far out of his realm of possibility until the day Jim Ross sent the young man a WWE contract in the mail.

    Jack Swagger really deserves to be called the “All American American”, as he is proof that hard work and pursuit of a good education can sometimes lead you to some unexpected places.

    1. Kane

    When you think of Kane, what do you usually think of? The brother of the Undertaker? The man who set Jim Ross on fire? The maniac that hooked Shane McMahon’s goods up to a car battery? How about English Literature major?

    If that last part threw you for a loop, then you may be shocked to know just how educated Glen Jacobs, the man behind the Kane mask, really is. Before his career in professional wrestling got started, Jacobs pursued, and obtained, a degree in English literature from the Northeast Missouri State University (now Truman State University).

    Jacobs applied this knowledge in his many pursuits outside of the ring, which includes many libertarian activities, owning an Allstate insurance branch, and running under the Republican banner for the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.

    My only question now is, should Jacobs lose his bid for mayor, will he chokeslam his opponent through the podium?

    1. Xavier Woods

    Xavier Woods is one of the busiest men on the current WWE roster, without question. While wrestling in the ring alongside Big E and Kofi Kingston as part of The New Day, Woods takes time out on the road to work on his gaming YouTube channel, Up Up Down Down, as well as travels to various media events for both wrestling and gaming.

    This kind of busy life is nothing unusual to Woods, as he has had to juggle many things in his life prior to his WWE debut. While training, traveling, and competing for companies such as NWA Anarchy, Deep South Wrestling, and TNA, Woods was also pursuing his doctorate in educational psychology from Capella University. He eventually reached this goal, earning his PhD in 2017 while at the height of The New Day’s WWE popularity.

    That’s right: Woods juggled a successful WWE career, a YouTube channel, and college classes all at the same time. No matter how you feel about Woods or The New Day, the man certainly knows how to multi-task.

    1. Sheamus

    With a shock of red hair and a braided beard, Sheamus’ style choices have often been called “stupid” by the WWE Universe. The truth is that what lies underneath that hair inside of the pale-white dome of the “Celtic Warrior” is anything but that.

    While building himself up towards a career in the squared circle, Sheamus attended college at the National College of Ireland, earning a National Diploma in his native country. After earning his diploma, Sheamus started work as an IT Tech, fixing up computers and other technical devices for various companies and individuals.

    Sheamus probably doesn’t have to worry anytime soon about the need to find gainful employment, being in the middle of successful tag team run with Cesaro, but should the need arise he can always give the Irish Curse to someone’s computer.

    1. Christopher Nowinski

    Christopher Nowinski had a very short-lived career in the WWE, winning the Tough Enough competition and wrestling for the company until concussions put a stop to his career before it got started. While short, there is one thing that many people remember about Nowinski’s run with the WWE: that he was a Harvard graduate, a fact that he was not afraid to let people know.

    While professional wrestling and sports were always Nowinski’s first love, Christopher decided to continue his education in case his dreams didn’t work out. This had lead to him earning his degree BA in Sociology before putting on the tights and jumping into the ring.

    Nowinski may be known for his time in the WWE among fans, but it is his pursuits outside of the ring that makes him truly stand out when compared to his wrestling peers. Since his departure from the WWE, Nowinski has helped draw attention and awareness to the severity of sports-related concussions, starting the Concussion Legacy Foundation. This foundation has helped to identify brain trauma caused in contact sports as a public health crisis, and has paved the way for concussion testing and preventative measures being taken in many popular sports, such as football, hockey, and, of course, professional wrestling.

    1. David Otunga

    It seems that the smarter the wrestler, the worse the wrestling career. Such is the case with David Otunga, who, despite being one of the most intelligent men to grace the squared circle, has failed to gain much notoriety in the WWE aside from being known as Jennifer Hudson’s husband.

    Outside of the ring, Otunga pursued a degree in law from Harvard, making him one of only two Harvard graduates to wrestle in the WWE. He had since used this degree to join the Sidley Austin law firm between 2005 and 2007, and still practices law on occasion today, having appeared in a Pro-Bono case as recently as 2012

    Otunga’s law background has been used several times in WWE as well, with him displaying his legal expertise in “cases” involving personalities such as John Laurinaitis and The Big Show. One has to wonder, however, if David Otunga will be able to flex his legal muscles in the pending Concussion lawsuit that WWE is now facing down.

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    20 Athletes Who’ve Had a Few Too Many Drinks

    We’re sure there’s enough drunk photos of you roaming around the Internet to make an entire scrapbook, so don’t judge too much; however, you’re not an athlete in the spotlight that’s a role model to thousands of kids around the country. If you were embarrassed to see them pop on up Facebook, just imagine how the forth coming athletes felt about the press surrounding these images, bashing them for how “irresponsible” and unstable they seem. While this may be a negative sign, we can’t help but to giggle at some of these photos, as they show the real side of athletes and celebrities that we don’t get to see too much on the field or court.

    While they are incredibly fine-tuned machines that perform for a purpose, they most definitely aren’t invisible or immune to the devil’s juice: alcohol. In fact, they have so much money, they can get their entire family drunk and let them see their silly faces for themselves. A drunk face is quite common in today’s society, so let’s take a look at the intoxicated faces of the familiar.


    1. Michael Jordan

    Oh, yes. Michael Jordan still had incredible career despite this photo – so don’t think one photo will ruin an entire career. Although, it’s worth mentioning that despite being one of the best athletes in the NBA, some of his vices include the unfortunate punking random people for no distinct reason, dunking large people out of spite, and even his gambling addiction. Despite the aforementioned, it’s worth noting that he was never a heavy drinker or someone with that vice. Even though he’s not an alcoholic, he still enjoys a bit of alcohol every now and then. As you can see from the above photo, he definitely knows how to take a hit or two when it comes to alcohol. Even though this may seem like he scored huge, we can’t say that we’ll be seeing this photo under his name in the Hall of Fame anytime soon.


    1. Matt Lineart

    Next on our list is a college quarterback that clearly had too many drinks and potentially ruined his career with just this one image alone. In fact, this image is so uncontrollably cringy, that people out there feel sorry for him, despite him willingly drinking that much. Even though this image may be cringy, you really shouldn’t feel sorry, as he now works at the famous Pac-12 Network. He has quite a few beautiful homes, and he’s lived quite a full life as a college athlete. Like any other athlete in college, he loved drinking and partying. If you thought the above picture was bad publicity, just imagine the steamy photos that we aren’t allowed to post!


    1. Eli Manning

    Ah, yes, one of the most famous men in football. Even though he has a stoic brother, Eli is the exact opposite, being able to show all sorts of emotion – including those whilst being drunk. There are quite a few faces of Eli, including the infamous “Dumb Eli”. A jaw so slacked it looks as if it’s falling off from head. While you may see this face on the field when someone on the other team does something impressive, or the ref makes an incredibly stupid call, but this time – we’ll chalk it up to the alcohol.


    1. Johnny Manziel

    Yet another famous athlete that has had one too many drinks before. It’s okay – we’ve all been there. Yet another college footballer, Johnny Manziel was tacked onto the NFL map by Taxes A&M. He’s also known for upsetting Alabama incredibly bad during one game. Even though he’s become somewhat of a cringe parody icon in the world of football, his performance has declined incredibly, and maybe it has something to do with the alcohol. He should be stashing away that money in a bank, rather than showing it off as a phone – his career (or lack of) will need it.


    1. Ben Roethlisberger

    If you hate d-bags, then you’ve probably heard of Ben Roethlisberger, whether you think he fits the part or not. A player on the Pittsburgh Steelers, Ben has had an unfortunate “bro” type event. While unfortunate for us viewers and those that have had to deal with him during that time, it’s a common occurrence for his character. We don’t totally understand what’s going on in this photo, as he seemed confused, as well as sleepy, but we hope he ended up getting his act together and learning how to handle his alcohol.


    1. Kyle Orton

    Kyle Orton is someone who is well-versed in the subject of embarrassing photos from drinking, and we could compose an entire list based on those photos without making a dent in the stack. The internet (as well as us) has gathered together to curate and fuel an embarrassing addiction to photos of Kyle Orton whilst drunk. We’ve seen him like this so many times that we feel this might be his natural state.


    1. Wayne Gretzky

    You didn’t think the legend was immune, did you? Wayne Gretzky has thrown back some alcohol a time or two, especially with how successful he has been. He has set unbeatable records, and is generally known as a very nice dude. He’s humble, talented, and fun – what else could you want out of an athlete? Maybe that personal info is why we love this photo of Wayne SO much – it just doesn’t seem like his character. Clearly, he’s human, despite his superhero-like abilities, and that he has a bit of a party animal inside of him just as we all do.


    1. Alex Ovechkin

    One of the best hockey players in modern history, Ovechkin is not immune to alcohol, either. Ovechkin and Crosby were two of the most famous players that set the bar high for generations to come. With many accomplishments, he surely knew how to celebrate! Seen here enjoying a few too many, his scantily-clad minions beside him were also enjoying themselves. His missing teeth surely make the photo.


    1. Andrei Kirilenko

    Andrei may be talented, and his wife practically rewards him for that. Rumor has it, Andrei’s wife allows him to cheat annually – but only once. We’re pretty sure we’re seeing his annual celebration going on in and around this photo, and we’re also sure that he wants this photo to disappear off of the Internet forever. His nickname is also a bit weird – AK-47, and he loved posing in photos with said weapon. He gave off an even weirder vibe than his wife’s “allowance”, and we’re sure you have zero good to say about Andrei in this photo – other than the fact that he looks like a baller, or someone who seriously needs help.


    1. Rob Gronkowski

    Being on one of the most successful NFL teams, Gronk has partied here and there. Although, we’ll mention that Gronk has topped Ben Roethlisberger in the “bro” category. It’s ALSO worth mentioning that he’s the type of “bro” that gives a good name to said category of men. Whatever party they were having, we wish we were invited. Being of the best tight ends in the world (and no, we’re not talking about the sack), he’s also one of the biggest party animals, despite being with a franchise that’s competitively conservative. Of course, this photo didn’t get him in any trouble that we know of. Party on Wayne – Party on Gronk.


    1. Von Miller

    While Miller might not have the same level of reputation as Gronk does, he definitely doesn’t pull himself away from the nightclubs. The one difference before Gronk and Miller is that despite Gronk coming off as a total party animal, Miller is actually extremely professional in appearance with the organization, and off-field. This photo of Miller is proof, that even he can let off some steam with a good adult beverage or two.


    1. Cam Newton

    Ahh, good ‘ole Cam Newton. While once being an unstoppable force, he’s almost past this crossroads he’s stuck on. We aren’t sure this drunken photo helped, but we think his resume with the Panthers may have been his saving grace. Basically carrying his entire team in their Super Bowl appearance, this drunken photo might look bad in some light with the organization.



    1. Jamal Anderson

    He didn’t have the most streamlined or successfully career, but Jamal Anderson sure did make a mark. Even though many people outside of the Falcons may not remember him, it’s probably because he generally wasn’t a fantastic player. While that’s not the only item he’s known for, he was also known for repeatedly crossing the line with law enforcement. From drugs to alcohol, we aren’t surprised that this photo exists.


    1. Mark Hunter

    Compromising positions is something we expect and WANT to see in celebrity athlete photos – even if it does tarnish their career. Other times, we yearn to see something as memorable as this photo of a drunken Mark Hunter. While we’ll always zoom in and focus on him in this photo, we aren’t quite sure what’s happening with everything else. What do you think is going on in this picture filled with drunken haze and possibly regret?


    1. Ryan Leaf

    Next on this list is Ryan Leaf – someone who didn’t have the best career and may be a bit too cringy for some to read about. Even though he reached his peak when he became drafted, things indefinitely slid from there. Turns out, he was a d-bag, and was definitely not the most eloquent in the world. This photo probably accurately describes him as a person when he’s not trying to fake being a great person.


    1. Reggie Miller

    Reggie is an incredibly talented player, and surely doesn’t get enough praise from those who enjoy the sport; in fact, he’s in incredibly superstar athlete. While no one is truly sure if he’s just as good of a guy in real life, we’ll just assume he’s pretty okay. While this photo might seem a bit pretentious, we don’t know if that’s his true personality on a Michael Jordan level.




    1. Greg Olsen and Jay Cutler

    While Cutler is seen as one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the NFL organization, you may believe that he has the best stats in the land and he may come off as cocky because of this. That all may be fine and dandy, but we aren’t sure if this photo is a prefect depiction of what Cutler thinks of his team’s fans.




    1. James Harden

    Next on our list is the roar behind the Houston Rockets, James Harden. While lately, he isn’t as dominant of a force, he will probably always be naturally good at his sport. Since he did play with the likes of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, we only assumed his party game was top-tier until we saw the above drunken photo that proved it.




    1. Alex Smith

    We’re almost done with the top photos of drunken celebrity athletes, and we want to slip you this one of Alex Smith, at probably the most drunk time of their life. We want to specifically show you this one as we really want to know the story behind it. While not on the level of Gronk’s drunkenness, we believe he may have turned into some supernatural force and is trying to suck on body and take out her soul. We’re wondering why her cheek is the portal for this supernatural force, though. We have other questions, too. We also want to know the man in the mystery Sombrero with that funky phrase on it. Someone, please, email us and let us in on it!


    1. Dirk Nowitzki

    We bet you weren’t expecting to see this name on this list. A national treasure in the world of Basketball, this incredible athlete is not immune to drunken and sloppy photos. While he is one of the best, we think he definitely deserves a night off. Of course, this photo is just proof that he tends to take advantage of said nights, but we thank him and the camera man for delivering us this wonderful photo. Thankfully, we won’t have to experience something as silly and can live vicariously through Nowitzki.

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    15 WWE Opponents who Hated Working With Each Other

    The WWE has, since day one, been filled with exciting matches that are usually fought between rivals that can put on spectacles for the audience at home and in attendance. These rivalries and matches, despite being predetermined, are what has captivated fans for decades and brought us back for more.

    What we don’t always see, however, are that some of these matches don’t always go off without a hitch. A lot of times the men and women you see in the ring don’t always see eye-to-eye, or just don’t work well enough together to put on a good show. This can sometimes lead to bitter feelings behind the scenes that are more real then what we see on camera.

    In today’s article, we will be taking a look at 15 opponents in the WWE that just couldn’t work together, either due to ego, skill, or personal disdain for one another that can put some of the scripted, on-camera disputes to shame.

    1. Alex Riley/John Cena

    Many claim that working with John Cena in a program can be a death knell, with Cena “burying” many talented individuals whenever they start to get too big of a push. While in most cases this theory is debatable, in the case of Alex Riley it very well may be fact.

    The whole issue between Cena and Riley started with a simple botch during the 2011 Royal Rumble. In the match Cena, thanks to a distraction from The Miz, was supposed to be eliminated from the match by Riley. Instead, Riley tripped up and managed to eliminate himself from the match, which helped to draw the ire of Cena.

    After this, we mysteriously started to see less and less of Riley, until the man was eventually released from the WWE. It just goes to show that, no matter if the rumors are true or not, you don’t want to find yourself on Cena’s bad side.

    1. CM Punk/Ryback

    While neither of these men are still part of the WWE, there is no doubt that during their time in the company, they didn’t get along all that well: a fact that both men have been quite vocal about.

    On Colt Cabana’s “Art of Wrestling” podcast, Punk had singled out Ryback for being careless in the ring, frequently injuring the people that he worked with, and saying that Ryback was “Stupid” and “A Steroid Guy”. In response, Ryback refuted Punk’s statements, claiming that Punk never told him of these issues to his face and that it is not true, and has since been vocal about his dislike of Punk.

    Given both men’s track record, it is unlikely that we will ever see these two compete against each other again in the ring. With the tension between these two and the egos at play, however, this may be a good thing.

    1. Ultimate Warrior/Hulk Hogan

    Hulk Hogan, for all his accomplishments in the world of professional wrestling, has had more than a few run-ins with his fellow wrestlers backstage (as you will see later). One such man that had issues with “The Hulkster” is none other than the Ultimate Warrior.

    At WrestleMania VI, in what was dubbed “The Ultimate Challenge”, Warrior and Hogan met in the ring to unify the WWF Intercontinental and WWF World Championships. While the match was passable, things between Hogan and Warrior apparently got rough backstage afterward, with Warrior making claims such as Hogan holding other talents back and being openly hostile.

    While Hogan never spoke about these issues much himself, Warrior’s claims have since been backed by more than a few other wrestlers such as Randy Savage and Shawn Michaels. Speaking of Shawn Michaels…

    1. Shawn Michaels/Hulk Hogan

    Hogan drops into our list for a second time due to his backstage politics, this time showing the amount of influence he has even over other people known for their backstage antics such as “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels.

    In the summer of 2005, Hogan and Michaels were supposed to compete in a series of “Dream Matches”, starting with Summerslam 2005. This series was supposed to consist of three matches, with each man picking up at least one win, starting with Hogan at Summerslam. Hogan wasn’t having this, however, refusing to put over Michaels and wanting the series of matches to be a one-off instead.

    In response to this, Michaels over-sold all of Hogan’s offense during their Summerslam encounter, creating a terrible match and making Hogan look foolish. Needless to say, neither man endeared themselves to the other as a result of this match, and the two never met in the ring again.

    1. Undertaker/DDP

    Even with all of the backstage politics such as those we have previously discussed, one person that never gets crossed is the Undertaker. No matter what type of maneuvering you try to do backstage, if you get on the Undertaker’s bad side, your career might as well be over. This is what Diamond Dallas Page learned during his very brief feud with “The Deadman”.

    During the WCW invasion of 2001, DDP and Taker were involved in a feud that saw DDP stalking the latter’s wife, which led to a match at the Invasion PPV. Prior to the match, DDP had scripted and planned out everything that he had wanted to happen in the match; something that he had done many times previously in WCW.

    Undertaker, who likes to do things his own way in the ring, saw someone such as DDP telling him how to conduct his match as a slap in the face. As a result, Taker destroyed Page in the ring that night. Afterwords, Page slowly slipped into the role of Jobber to the Stars before eventually being released from the WWE.

    1. Sin Cara/Alberto Del Rio

    Both the original Sin Cara and Alberto Del Rio had a bad reputation backstage in the WWE, where both were accused of being difficult to work with or having bad attitudes. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that both of them got on the other’s bad side fairly easily.

    The rivalry between Sin Cara and Del Rio can actually be dated all the way back to the two wrestler’s original run in Mexican promotion CMLL, where backstage politics got them in each other’s way a lot. This carried over to the WWE in 2012, when Del Rio “accidentally” tried to remove Sin Cara’s mask in the ring: a cardinal sin in their homeland of Mexico. This was followed up a while later when the two met again in the ring, only for the match to be stopped by Sin Cara for what seemed to be a minor injury.

    The heat between these two wrestlers is said to be so bad that fellow Luchadore Konnan has claimed that Sin Cara once pulled a gun on Del Rio in a locker room in Mexico. With this kind of bad blood, it may be a good thing that WWE released them before they had a potentially serious problem on their hands.

    1. Mr. Kennedy/ Randy Orton

    While John Cena often gets a bad rap for pushing killing a wrestler’s push, Randy Orton is no slouch in that area himself. Even though this can be evidenced in the way he ended Kofi Kingston’s push during their angle (during which Orton audibly called Kingston “Stupid” during a match), it is perhaps even prominent in the sad tale of one Ken Kennedy.

    During a match that the Kennedy and Orton had on a taping of Smackdown, Orton got dropped awkwardly on his neck and head by Kennedy during a botched backdrop. This move would infuriate Orton to the point that he threw a tantrum backstage, saying that Kennedy was reckless and that the botched move could have easily ruined his career. This incident eventually led to the release of Mr. Kennedy from the WWE.

    Since his release, Kennedy has been very vocal about his disdain for Orton by criticizing “The Viper” every chance that he gets. Being so outspoken about one of the WWE’s top stars has pretty much guaranteed that Kennedy will not be back in the WWE anytime soon, but considering the career that he has had since leaving the company, it’s doubtful he would ever want to come back anyway.

    1. Chris Jericho/Chyna

    Known today for pioneering the way for female wrestlers in the WWE as well as her many accomplishments in the company, Chyna was not always the most well-liked individual behind the scenes. In fact, many of her fellow wrestlers have had negative things to say about their experience working with her, and none more so than “Y2J” Chris Jericho.

    During Jericho’s first few months he was shoehorned into an angle where he was “co-holder” of the WWF Intercontinental Championship with Chyna, which led to the two of them being involved in several matches together both as partners and opponents. During this time, the two of them complained incessantly about the other, with Chyna saying that Jericho always worked stiff with her and Jericho claiming that “Chyna was one of the worst in-ring workers” that he ever worked with.

    To this day, Jericho still has a sour tone when talking about that period of his career. And although Chyna is no longer with us, her career both in and out of the ring will never be forgotten, for better or worse.

    1. Dynamite Kid/Davey Boy Smith

    The British Bulldogs during their time with the WWF were two of the most popular competitors to ever grace the ring. The duo of Davey Boy Smith and The Dynamite Kid went on to defeat some of the top tag teams of the 80’s, including close friends The Hart Foundation, and won the WWF Tag Team gold. Despite all this, these two individuals had very little love for each other.

    This mainly came as a result of the attitude of The Dynamite Kid. Kid was said to be quite unpleasant to be around at the best of times, and a straight-up ass every other time. This reputation made many wrestlers steer clear of the British grappler, including his long-time partner Smith.

    The situation between these two was reportedly so bad that Smith was said to be “ecstatic” when the WWF finally decided to split the team into singles competitors. This decision led to massive success for Smith, who became Intercontinental champion and main evented Summerslam with Bret Hart, and relative obscurity for the surly Dynamite Kid.

    1. Andre the Giant/Kamala

    Both Andre the Giant and Kamala are now considered legends of the squared circle today. Despite their relatively limited move set, the two wrestlers were able to capture the imagination of the crowd simply by size and intimidation. According to Kamala, however, these two behemoths could never see eye-to-eye despite having many similarities.

    In an interview that was conducted with Kamala, the “Ugandan Giant” claims that he and Andre had not liked each other since day one, and often stiffed each other in the ring with their strikes. This mutual dislike boiled over to the backstage area, and neither man was ever able to put their differences aside before the untimely death of Andre.

    It is a shame that neither man seemed to like each other that much, as a tag team consisting of Andre and Kamala could easily have been one of the best big-man tag teams to ever compete in a wrestling ring.

    1. Edge/Matt Hardy

    This is one rivalry that, despite the genuine dislike between the individuals involved, the matches that the two faced off against each other in were generally good. Despite this, it really is impressive that these two didn’t try to do more damage to the other considering the circumstances behind their hatred.

    While Matt Hardy was injured and off the road, Edge moved in on Hardy’s real-life girlfriend Lita and the two became romantically involved. Incensed, Hardy tried legitimately jumping Edge during an episode of Raw, an incident that would get Hardy canned by the WWE. Hardy’s unemployment didn’t last long, however, as the WWE fans were very vocal about their opinion on the matter, with chants of “We Want Matt”.

    Once Hardy was re-instated with the WWE, the company capitalized on the real-life animosity between the two and created one of WWE’s most memorable angles to date. This was an angle that helped both men out in the long run, as Hardy would go on to have a bit of a career resurgence and Edge would move on to become a main event player in WWE.

    1. Jeff Hardy/CM Punk

    For this entry, we have a case of life imitating art. On one side you have Jeff Hardy, a man that has had to battle personal demons to get to where he was in the WWE, including drug addiction. On the other side, we have CM Punk, a man who has led a straight-edge, drug-free life which helped him become the man that he was. These two dynamics were mixed together by WWE creative to make one of the more personal storylines in the PG era.

    It seems that this matchup was more than an on-screen storyline, as behind the scenes Hardy hated working with Punk, who he felt legitimately looked down his nose at him for his life choices. Having left the company after this angle, Jeff, along with brother Matt, took their grievances with Punk online where the pair voiced their real opinions on the man and his attitude.

    Even though it is easy to look up to CM Punk for his life choices and standing by what he believes, with all the heat the man seemed to garner backstage with fellow wrestlers, one has to wonder if he really should take a “chill pill”.

    1. Booker T/Batista

    Sometimes when you become a big-name WWE superstar, you become respected and well-liked, such as Steve Austin or The Undertaker. Other times, your ego can get away from you and you can start to rub people the wrong way, as in the case of Batista and Booker T.

    In the beginning of “The Animal’s” WWE push, when he won the Royal Rumble the first time and beat Triple H at WrestleMania, the man started to get a bit of a large head, which led to him becoming a bit of a bully backstage. This was a fact that didn’t elude Booker T, who was in an angle with the big man at the time. During a filming for a 2005 Summerslam commercial, the issues between the two boiled over into an actual fist fight that saw Booker come out on top.

    Despite the behind-the-scenes issues between the two men, WWE continued to have them work together afterward, a fact which both men detested. It has been said that, since this incident, things between the two men have gotten better and that they have reconciled their differences.

    1. Hulk Hogan/Randy Savage

    Hulk Hogan makes a hat trick on this list with yet another person that he rubbed the wrong way, this time in probably his most infamous rival, “Macho Man” Randy Savage.

    These two individuals, at one time good friends, have a backstage rivalry that is almost as well documented as their on-screen one. From incidents including Hogan supposedly putting the moves on Savage’s wife, Elizabeth, to a dis-track dedicated to Hogan on Savage’s poorly received rap album entitled “Be a Man”, it looked as if these two were at each other’s throats on a nearly constant basis.

    Even though there were certainly hard feelings between the two throughout their careers, the two seemed to meet constantly in the ring as both partners (as part of the Mega Powers and nWo), and as opponents. It is for this reason that it is almost impossible to this day to mention one of these men without bringing up the other’s name (or Slim Jim’s).

    1. Bret Hart/Shawn Michaels

    If you thought that Hogan and Savage had an infamous off-camera rivalry, it pales in comparison to the real-life soap opera that is Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels. For the longest time, neither man had anything good to say about the other, and the ramifications of their rivalry are ones that are still felt to this day.

    Both men, despite putting on many classic matches like the Wrestlemania XII “Iron Man” match, hated working with each other. Both men had claimed that the other was immature, was disrespectful, or had too large of an ego, and both had refused to “do the job” (or lose) to the other on separate occasions. Perhaps the most infamous of these was at Survivor Series 1997, where Hart refused to lose to Michaels in his home country of Canada, which led to the now infamous “Montreal Screw Job”, where the title was taken off of Hart under dubious circumstances.

    While Hart and Michaels had supposedly put their issues behind them when Hart returned to the WWE, there still seems to be some tension between the two whenever they are seen together. Even so, the effects that this rivalry had on the wrestling business as a whole cannot be understated, as the “Montreal Screw Job” ended up becoming the catalyst for the “Attitude Era” as well as the Monday Night Wars.

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    30 Surprising Athlete Bans That Destroyed Careers Forever

    Over the course of sports history, there have been many instances of professional athletes with all of the skills and love on the their respective fields, but none of it off the field. That is because of choices they made, whether it be to accept a bribe to throw a championship game, or to take performance enhancing drugs to elevate their game, or to not be able to shake a cocaine addiction, or even to break a rival opponent’s leg in an unthinkable lack of sportsmanship. Here’s a list of everything NOT to do if and when you become a professional athlete, if you want to avoid being banned for the rest of your life.

    1. Pete Rose (baseball)

    Pete Rose is often spoken of as the greatest hitter in major league baseball history. Unfortunately for him, he will never fully be recognized for his achievements because he has been banned from baseball (in 1989) for his role in betting on games while playing for and managing the Cincinnati Reds.

    In 2004, Rose finally admitted to doing so. He will continue to haunt the streets leading into the Cooperstown Hall of Fame for many years to come.


    1. Lance Armstrong (cycling)

    There was perhaps no bigger, more revered, and more successful American athlete in the early 2000’s than Lance Armstrong. He won the hearts of his fellow Americans after successfully beating cancer and going on to win seven Tour de Frances.

    However, doping allegations followed him for quite some time, and they finally caught up to him in 2012. He was banned from cycling for the rest of his life, after an investigation concluded that he had been doping for the entirety of his career.


    1. “Shoeless” Joe Jackson (baseball)

    “Shoeless” Joe Jackson is a name still referenced today as one in baseball lore, despite not having played for close to 100 years. The former Chicago White Sox slugger was considered the best in his day, dominating the 1910’s in many hitting categories.

    However, he and a few other teammates were found to have accepted a bribe to throw the 1919 World Series in what is now referred to as the Black Sox Scandal. The commissioner at the time, Kenesaw Mountain Landis, banned Jackson and his fellow cheaters from the game of baseball for life.


    1. Tonya Harding (figure skating)

    In the early to mid 1990’s, the pinnacle of women’s figure skating was occupied by Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan. Many believed Kerrigan to be the better competitor, and this troubled Harding.

    In one of the most shocking turn of events in Olympic history, Kerrigan conspicuously broke her leg, and it was rumored to be of Harding’s doing. The rumors were later confirmed – Harding and her ex-husband had hired a man to do the dirty work. Harding was banned from figure skating for life in 1994.


    1. Connie Hawkins (basketball)

    Point shaving was all the craze in college basketball in the 1950’s. For Connie “The Hawk” Hawkins, it became far too real. He was given a life ban from basketball, though he had no confirmed connection to gamblers or suspicious foul play. Not only that, but he was not even playing ball during the time was allegedly cheating – his freshman year in college.

    Hawkins fought the man and ultimately won his right back to play basketball. After successfully suing the NBA for mistreatment, he found a place with the Phoenix Suns and was well on his way to a Hall of Fame career.


    1. Michael Vick (football)

    The Virginia Tech phenomenon and Atlanta Falcons slinger, Michael Vick was touted as the best dual threat quarterback ever to step foot on an NFL turf. He lit up opposing defenses, until a strange and ghastly story broke in 2007 that broke many peoples’ perception of him forever.

    Sources had it that Vick was running a dogfighting ring, which landed him 21 months in prison and an indefinite ban from football. After serving his time and rehabilitating himself, Vick’s ban was lifted and he was given the opportunity to play in the NFL again with the Philadelphia Eagles. He would play another seven seasons, but never to the same form as his Atlanta days and never again held with the high regard that many had held him in before 2007.


    1. Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays (baseball)

    If you are talking baseball legends, the names Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays are certainly in your vocabulary. They are considered two of the best center fielders ever to play the great American game.

    Oddly enough, after their careers were long gone in 1983, both Mantle and Mays accepted employment as greeters in the casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Commissioner of baseball at the time Bowie Kuhn banned them both from baseball because of their proximity to gambling. Peter Ueberroth, the successor to the throne, would later reinstate Mantle and Mays in 1985.


    1. Marion Jones (track and field)

    Marion Jones was an American hero at the 2000 Sydney Summer Olympics. In that campaign, she amassed three gold medals and two bronze medals.

    But after a performance enhancing drugs scandal broke, Jones had to relinquish all five of those medals. Jones was named as an athlete involved in the BALCO scandal involving star athletes from various sports that were found to be taking performance enhancing drugs. Not only was she stripped of her medals that year, but she was also banned from competing in track and field for the rest of her life.


    1. Art Schlichter (football)

    Art Schlichter was a quarterback for the Baltimore (and Indianapolis) Colts and was expected to be their quarterback of the future when drafted in 1982. But those expectations would never materialize, due to his four-decade long bout with a gambling addiction.

    In 1983, Schlichter was said to be over $700,000 in debt. He fled to the government for protection, but the NFL took notice and suspended him indefinitely. The ban was lifted a year later with the expectation that the gambling was behind him, but the Colts had to cut him in 1985 after finding him gambling again. He is currently serving a 10-year stint in federal prison for stealing thousands of dollars to fund his gambling habits.


    1. Billy Coutu (hockey)

    Billy Coutu stands in a class of his own for professional hockey players. But before we get to that, we must preface his story by noting that he was a hard-nosed fighter on the ice. Coutu would throw his fists up against his opponents and sometimes even his own teammates.

    But in 1927, he took the fighting urges too far and socked a couple of referees in the Stanley Cup Finals. He was promptly ushered a lifetime ban by the NHL, and though he was later permitted to partake in minor league play, Coutu is the only player in the NHL who has ever been officially banned for life.


    1. Ben Johnson (track and field)

    The fastest man in the world throughout the 1980’s was definitely Ben Johnson. The sprinter had it all going for him at the Olympics, breaking the world record in the 100-meter dash and in 1988 winning a gold medal while smashing his own record in the process.

    However, in a matter of two days, his world came crashing down around him. Johnson tested positive for steroids, and did not gain much sympathy for the old “everybody is doing it” cry. Johnson would be stripped of all his records and medals, and was banned from track and field competition for life.


    1. Eddie Cicotte (baseball)

    Another member of the Black Sox Scandal in the early 20th century, Eddie Cicotte was a dominant pitcher and was about to cash in big time. In 1919, Cicotte was chasing a feat of 30 wins that would have guaranteed him double his salary, but he only made it to 29 because then owner Charles Comiskey, cheap as he was, demanded Cicotte be benched the rest of the season so he would not have to cough up the cash.

    Unfair as that was for Cicotte, he turned around and did something equally as unfair. The pitcher was one of the White Sox who took a bribe to help throw the World Series. Cicotte turned an unfair situation for himself into an unfair situation for baseball fans everywhere.


    1. Roy Tarpley (basketball)

    The NBA in the 1980’s was a microcosm of America at that time – a cocaine riddled, lively party scene. No NBA player was more at the forefront of the cocaine image in the sport than Roy Tarpley.

    Tarpley was awarded the Sixth Man of the Year in 1988. But after testing positive for cocaine for the third time in 1994, Tarpley (a member of the Dallas Mavericks at the time) was banned from the league. Court orders had him free of all drug or alcoholic substances as part of an aftercare program. But when Tarpley was set to be reinstated into the league in 1995, he was caught drinking alcohol and officially banned for life.


    1. Dexter Manley (football)

    In a similar way to Tarpley, Dexter Manley was an above average athlete who suffered from cocaine addiction that wound up costing him his career.

    The defensive stud was a key cog in the machine for the Washington Redskins defense in the 1980’s, but could not lay off the cocaine and promptly failed his third drug test in 1989. This unfortunate circumstance cost him a lifetime ban from the NFL. Manley appealed and was reinstated in 1991, but squandered this opportunity when he failed yet another drug test. This time, he was out of the league for good.


    1. Jenrry Mejia (baseball)

    It seems incredibly odd that for all of the baseball players who have confessed or have been accused of taking steroids, Jenrry Mejia is the first and only player to date who has ever been banned for life under the MLB’s steroids suspension policy. Lucky for guys like Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, and Mark McGwire, the league did not have a policy for steroids in those days to the likes of the one that exists today.

    In early 2016, Mejia tested positive for performance enhancing drugs for the third time in two years. As per league policy, this warrants him a lifetime ban from the game. Mejia has the right to appeal for reinstatement after the 2018 season, but who knows if the player once regarded as a dominant closer for the New York Mets will ever come back in full form.


    1. Justin Gatlin (track and field)

    American hero Justin Gatlin has shown the world that he can out race anybody in a 100-meter dash. A former gold-medal winner for the US, he recently took home silver in last year’s Rio Olympics.

    But if we rewind over ten years ago, Gatlin was a rising star in track and field before he tested positive for testosterone, which landed him a ban from the sport for four years. Gatlin would later return to the sport in 2010 and continue to have success, but not without suspicion, because he is always one of the older guys in the race. Is he performance enhancing again? You be the judge.


    1. Jack Molinas (basketball)

    Point shaving in college basketball has historically been almost as synonymous as steroids in baseball. There have been many documented (and likely, undocumented) cases of point shaving in collegiate basketball, especially in the 1950’s.

    Jack Molinas is a name many remember as at the center of the controversy. In 1954 while playing professional basketball with the Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons, he was dealt with the consequences of point shaving from the 1951 collegiate season and was handed a ban for life. The story gets even worse for Molinas, as he was reportedly gunned down in a drive-by shooting in what was likely a mob hit over unsettled debts in the 1970’s.


    1. Marty McSorley (hockey)

    Marty McSorley was perhaps the instigator of the dirtiest play in NHL history. Known for being the gritty tough guy for the Wayne Gretzky-led Edmonton Oilers in the 1980’s, McSorley enjoyed a long career up to 2000.

    But in that final season, McSorley made the most bone-headed play of all when he lifted his stick into the side of the head of opposing player Donald Brashear, causing the latter to fall to the ice and scarily thrust his head into the ice, undoubtedly leading to a graphic concussion. McSorley was charged and found guilty of the assault in the altercation, and was suspended for the rest of the season. He would never return to the sport, and though he was never officially banned from the game, it might as well have been considered one; he probably would not have been welcomed back into hockey with open arms.


    1. Roger Brown (basketball)

    In a similar story to Connie Hawkins, Roger Brown was a basketball player banned from the NBA for suspicion of being associated with gamblers. In an ironic twist of events, one of the shady people he was accused of dealing with was Jack Molinas. Though Brown was never accused of point shaving, he was handed a life ban from the NBA and went on to have an illustrious career in the American Basketball Association.

    The NBA ultimately allowed Brown back in to the league, but at that time Brown was past his prime and too aged to be able to compete at a high level. In 2013, he was voted into the Hall of Fame, nearly 20 years after he had passed away.


    1. Tim Montgomery (track and field)

    Like Marion Jones, another sprinter by the name of Tim Montgomery had all of his accomplishments stripped from him after being caught cheating. The gold-medal runner was given a ban for life from track and field competition and was another central name listed in the infamous BALCO scandal.

    Montgomery never actually tested positive for steroid use, but the information disclosed in the BALCO uncovering were substantial enough to earn him a lifetime ban and put a stop to his competitive career. Years later, in 2008, Montgomery finally admitted to using performance enhancing drugs.


    1. Michael Ray Richardson (basketball)

    If it were not for the cocaine addiction that fueled many suspensions and bans from basketball in the 1980’s, Michael Ray Richardson would be remembered today as one of the best players ever to grace an NBA hardwood and would certainly be one of the best individuals ever to dawn a New York Knicks or New Jersey Nets uniform.

    The lockdown, surefire shooting guard had it all going for him until cocaine took over. In 1986, he was banned from basketball after failing his third drug test. Richardson would be given a second chance in 1988 after being reinstated, but would go on to blow it in 1991 because of, you guessed it, another positive cocaine test.


    1. Frank Filchock and Merle Hapes (football)

    There have not been many documented cases of players or coaches accepting bribes to throw a championship game. The 1946 NFL championship game is one of the only instances that is remembered to this day.

    Frank Filchock and Merle Hapes were accused and later admitted under oath to taking bribes to fix the game. Hapes would never set foot on an NFL field professionally again after receiving his ban, but Filchock had his ban lifted after a long successful stint in the Canadian football league. Even so, his second chance in the NFL lasted only briefly, as he was aging quickly and chose to retire.


    1. Buck Weaver (baseball)

    Known as the eighth man involved in the Black Sox Scandal, Buck Weaver vehemently denied ever taking money to throw the 1919 World Series. His refusal to admit guilt was even backed by both the charged gamblers and his own teammates (much unlike “Shoeless” Joe Jackson and Eddie Cicotte). Weaver even had an excellent series, which helped his case.

    However, the case against him was that he was aware of the plot to thrown the series. Despite allegedly not participating in the plot, and denying his participation for the rest of his life, commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis saw it fit to reign down on anybody associated with the disgraceful act, and shoved a lifetime ban into Weaver’s lap. Weaver would never play professional baseball again for the rest of his life.


    1. Chris Washburn (basketball)

    Chris Washburn was easily one of the biggest NBA draft busts of the 1980’s and perhaps one of the biggest busts of all-time. Drafted third overall by the Golden State Warriors in 1986, Washburn was expected to come in and immediately produce at a high level. Instead, he did nothing short of stink up the bed.

    Washburn’s abysmal play was overshadowed by his cocaine addiction, which eventually earned him a lifetime ban from the league only two years into his career. The NBA did not look too kindly on substance abuse, and Washburn got to experience that first-hand.


    1. Fred Lorz (track and field)

    It may come as a bit of a relief to you that the next track and field star on our list did not engage in performance enhancing drugs (at least, to anyone’s knowledge). Fred Lorz cheated in an entirely new and creative way.

    In the 1904 Olympic marathon in St. Louis, Lorz appeared to have won the race by a landslide. Only after a brief investigation was it uncovered that Lorz actually hopped into a car and drove the majority of the race, finishing well ahead of the rest of the competitors. The move landed Lorz a lifetime ban, which was lifted less than a year later.


    1. Stanley Wilson (football)

    Cincinnati Bengals running back Stanley Wilson had a problem with cocaine. He had already been suspended for both the 1985 and 1987 seasons. In 1988, the night before his team was set to play in the Super Bowl, he was discovered using cocaine in his hotel room by a team coach.

     Since this was his third infraction, Wilson was ultimately banned for life from football. In 1999, he was found guilty of stealing $130,000 and sentenced to 22 years in prison.


    1. Hal Chase (baseball)

    Hal Chase faced allegations of cheating as a baseball player as early as 1910. But midway through the 1918 season, while playing for the Chicago White Sox, the reports really started coming to fruition.

    Chase was rumored to have paid pitcher Jimmy Ring $50 to throw a game against the Giants. Later that season, the president of the National League received a copy of a $500 check from an anonymous individual that Chase received from a gambler for throwing a game. A Chicago grand jury indicted Chase for his role in the Black Sox Scandal as a middleman between the players and the gamblers, and he was cast from the professional game for good.


    1. Alex Groza (basketball)

    The story of Alex Groza is one of sad unmet potential. Groza was the figurehead of the National Championship-winning University of Kentucky basketball teams in 1948 and 1949. He then entered the NBA and found initial stardom.

    But after two full seasons of All-NBA professional ball with the Indianapolis Olympians, Groza was named as a key component of the 1948-1949 point shaving scandal. As a result, then NBA commissioner Maurice Podoloff handed the star player a life time ban. His career came to an abrupt and screeching halt after just two seasons.


    1. Steve Howe (baseball)

    Though drug addiction (specifically cocaine) in the 1980’s was most associated with the NBA and the NFL, some players in the MLB also fell victim to it. One such baseball player was Steve Howe, an All-Star pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees over his career.

    To make a long story short, Howe was suspended a whopping seven times for drug use over his 17-year campaign. In 1992 (approximately midway through his career), Howe was given a ban for life for cocaine and alcohol abuse. Lucky for him, though, he was reinstated just a year later.


    1. John Drew (basketball)

    John Drew is a marquee example of an NBA player who fell victim to drug abuse in the 1980’s, but was able to overcome it and achieve moderate success. The Atlanta Hawks All-Star checked himself into rehab in 1983, and was so successful after a return to the league that he earned himself the NBA’s Comeback Player of the Year award in 1984 for what looked like a promising defeat of his addiction.

    But things were not entirely as they appeared. Drew slipped into a relapse in 1985, and was ultimately banned from the NBA the following year. In a sad ending to an otherwise inspiring story, Drew was the first player ever banned for life under the NBA’s substance abuse policy.

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    Roy Halladay Made Baseball Better

    Roy Halladay made baseball better. One of the greatest pitchers of his era, Halladay took the mound with poise, confidence, pride, and grace, earning the respect of a league of players and a nation of fans.

    Halladay was a two-time Cy Young Award Winner and an eight-time All-Star, he pitched 67 complete games, 20 shutouts, a postseason no-hitter, and a perfect game. But somehow, after internalizing all of this – after poring over statistics and reviewing film, appreciating his superhuman ability to steer the ball all the way into the catcher’s mitt – we still haven’t reached the heart of his impact.

    Halladay was revered by his peers – not only for his dedication to training or his willingness to listen and learn but because of his commitment to being the best person he could be. He was avidly involved in community outreach, from working with the Blue Jays to create a suite in Rogers Centre for patients at a local children’s hospital, to supporting humane societies around the country.

    On his last day in the majors, Halladay is known to have said, “My goal is to try and leave baseball better than I found it” – and that he did.

    Roy Halladay passed away this Tuesday, following a tragic plane crash over the Gulf of Mexico; he is survived by his wife, Brandy, and their two sons, Braden and Ryan.

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    31 of the Hottest Women Athletes in History

    There used to be a stigma about female athletes being too masculine or not that gorgeous, but we’re sure that we can prove you wrong with a list full of the hottest women to grace athleticism. From all kinds of different sports and backgrounds, these scorching hot ladies will blow your dated stigmas out of the water. Here are the 31 hottest women in sports as we know.


    1. Claire Bidez

    First on our list is Claire Bidez, a woman who almost made it to the 2010 Olympics for Vancouver. A notable women’s snowboarder, Claire hails from Colorado, but spent time studying at the Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah. She received a degree in Environmental Biology. Not only does she have the looks, but she also has the brains, and the fitness to match!






    1. Ellen Hoog

    Next is an athlete who takes the mold of a “masculine body” and shatters that perception. With her dash of femininity, this total babe is the full package. In fact, she plays one of the roughest sports – field hockey, and has received a gold medal for her team – Netherlands. Not only can she take a bit of rough housing, but her body is equally as slammin’.



    1. Paige Spiranac

    Upon first glance, Paige doesn’t look like anything more than an Instagram model from the panhandle of Florida; however, she’s about to prove you wrong: she’s a professional golfer that’s been increasingly gaining notoriety for both her looks and for her ability to play so well. Studying at San Diego State University, this 24-year-old may be the primary reason the LPGA decided to introduce a much stricter dress code for playing, as she’s been known to be a bit scandalous in appearance on the course.


    1. Leryn Franco

    Leryn Franco is the closest thing we’ll come to an actual Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot’s version) in appearance and athleticism. A participant of not one, but three Olympics (2004, 2008, and 2012), she was a notable Paraguay player in the sport of javelin throwing. Watch out, though, Gal, as she’s moved onto acting and modeling!








    1. Soo Yeon Lee

    Coming her ability to act and play sports, the gorgeous Soo Yeon Lee hails from South Korea and is quite the player. Beginning her career as a table tennis player at a very young age, she ended up being trained by a notable gold medalist that goes by the name of Jung Hwa Hyun in her home country. While she’s retired now from the sport, her body is still as fit as it was in her prime.









    1. Alexandra Raeva

    While at first glance, she may look like a DIVA wrestler, Alexandra Raeva is actually a part of the Russian women’s team for curling. In fact, she competed in this sport at the Sochi Olympics in 2014. She’s made four separate World Championship appearances, including 2014, 2015, 2016, and even this year – 2017.



    1. Sierra Blair-Coyle

    Another blonde bombshell on this list, Sierra isn’t just looks, though, as she’s an incredible professional rock climber. A 23-year-ol hailing from Scottsdale, Arizona, she not only travels and competes full-time, but she has been a World Competitor 6 separate times (from 2010 to 2016). She was also a two-time Champion on a junior competitor level at the National Championships, and has quite a lot to offer with her degree in marketing from Arizona State University, as well. Beauty, brains, and the balls to climb something bigger than we’ll ever know.



    1. Leticia Bufoni

    If you thought women couldn’t skateboard, not only are you stuck in the 1950’s, but you’ve never met Leticia Bufoni, a renowned skateboarder hailing from Brazil. Even though she may only be 24-years-old, she was just 14 when she was able to compete in the X games. After she was able to land some gnarly tricks, she ended up becoming sponsored shortly after, and even received a title in being #1 for women’s street skateboarding for three years in a row (2010-2013).


    1. Meghan Hardin

    You may be thinking, “another blonde?!” Let’s kick stereotypes to the curb right now, as she could probably kick your butt in the sport she reigns supreme in. Another beautiful woman who is a star LPGA golder, she’s also the youngest to be ever seen on the Big Breaks series for the Golf Channel.


    1. Allison Stokke

    This next woman rose to fame through the Internet with the fashion modeling, but was also able to break into the world of American pole vaulting. At 28-years-old, she’s accomplished more than most of us will do in our lifetime. In her high-school days, she broke quite a few pole vaulting records.






    1. Blaire O’Neal

    We aren’t sure what it is about this type of appearance and women in golf, but there are a lot of similar-looking blondes in the game. Blaire O’Neal is yet another beautiful up and comer in the world of Gold, and she has quite the following already. She’s one a few awards for her talents, and we don’t think she’ll be subsiding from the game any time soon – oh, and she’s a model.







    1. Allyson Felix

    A competitor for the grand ‘ole United States of America, Allyson Felix is a gorgeous and notable athlete. In fact, she’s won 4 Olympic gold medals for our wonderful country! Beauty, grace, the body, and talent, Allyson is a fierce competitor that hails from Los Angeles, California. She competes in the 100 meter races, 200 meter races, and the 400 meter races. Not only has she been a World Champion 3 times, but she’s also a 2-time silver medalist in the Olympics, as well.




    1. Nastia Liukin

    A gorgeous woman with incredible skill, she was able to win the individuals all-around medal (gold, might we add) at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Not only has she authored a book, but she’s won quite a few other medals, too. An artistic gymnast, her grace and beauty also takes shape in the form of her movement.




    1. Mikaela Shiffrin

    Noted as one of the best skiiers in the world, Mikaela Shiffrin kills on the slopes. She is an Olympic champion and world champion, and hails from cool Vail Colorado. She specializes in the giant slalom, and any technical events involving the slalom. At just 22, she has accomplished way more than I could ever hope to.


    17. Michelle Jenneke

    You may have seen Michelle’s face in a viral video that set the Internet ablaze in 2012 – a video of her showing off her warm-up dance. Now, it’s worth mentioning that she has much more talent in Australian hurdling, as that’s what she’s famous for.









    1. Kaitlin Sandeno

    Related image

    Kaitlin Sandeno is a four-time Olympic gold medalist that hails from the US of A. She performed at the 2000 Olympic games in Sydney, as well as the 2004 Olympic games in Athens, Greece. She’s also a holder of world records, and even went to the infamous El Toro High School – no relation to Rancho Cucamonga High in “Bring it On”, who represented themselves as the “Toros” from Sunny Southern California. Kaitlin is still very active on the web and has a decent following. While being a former athlete, she’s still well-versed in the butterfly stroke, medley swimming, and freestyle.


    1. Kiira Korpi

    Image result for kiira korpi

    Appearing as if she’s the girl-next door, Kirra Korpi is a figure skater from Finland who retired in August 2015. She represented her home country of Finland, and wrote on her website that she initially set out to be “the best figure skater in the world”. She was quite notable, and is a 5x Finnish national champion, along with being a medalist two times for the Cup of China, as well as winning the European bronze and silver medals 3 times. While she has a much lengthier resume than this, we just wanted to show you how much she accomplished in 22 years – from age 7 to age 29!


    1. Jonelle Filigno

    Image result for jonelle filignoA soccer player hailing from Canada, Jonelle Filigno is a gorgeous woman who ended up winning a bronze medal at the Olympic games at London’s 2012 games. Bronze isn’t anything to bat an eye lash though at the world’s toughest competition.



    1. Jen Lacy

    Image result for jennifer lacy basketball

    Next on our list is Jenn lac, a gorgeous woman who makes casual clothing look like a smoke show. The first basketball player on this list, she is a professional Women’s National Basketball Association player who ended up winning a league title with her team, the Phoenix Mercury, in 2007. Thank you for paving the way for women in basketball, you stunning woman!






    1. Rachel Cummins

    Image result for rachael cummins

    Rachel goes by a nickname as sexy as she, “The Panther”. This wild cat has quite the lengthy MMA career, and has more wins than losses. Currently, her record is 3 wins, 2 losses – and don’t say anything nasty to her or she may beat you up; you might like that, though! She’s ranked number 87 on the Top Women fights in the Bantamweight category, and comes from Lake Forest, California.


    1. Anastasia Ashley

    Image result for anastasia ashley

    Her name sounds like a total California bombshell name, and you’d be right in the sense. A notable American surfer, Anastasia Ashley comes from San Clemente, California, and was in Sports Illustrated after her incredible performances and huge social media following.







    1. Gina Carino

    Image result for gina carano

    You most definitely have seen her in Deadpool as AJAX’s side kick, but she’s also a top MMA fighter that holds a 7-1 career record. Not only does she have the capability of kicking your ass, but she’s gorgeous and can act, too! While she’s retired now, she ended up going from Muay Thai to MMA where she competed for teams like EliteXC and Strikeforce. Her division was the featherweight category, and now she’s into acting!









    1. Lauren Sesselmann

    Image result for lauren sesselmann

    Sesselmann is not only a smoke show, but she’s also a bronze medalist for the women’s soccer team in Canada. This medal was won in 2012, but she’s done her part in athletics since. She was once on the Santa Clarita Blue Heat, and received an education from Purdue University, and Notre Dame Academy. A former Olympic medalist and defender for her team, Lauren has made quite the mark in women’s soccer.


    1. Jordan Larson

    Image result for jordan larson

    While she may not be the stereotypical American beauty, we think Jordan is hot – and her sports career is even hotter! Serving as a current member of the indoor women’s volleyball team, she plays for the United States, and even won us the silver medal in 2012. Rock on, Jordan.




    1. Hope Solo

    Image result for hope solo

    You’ve probably seen her face on memes, Imgur, you name it, but Hope Solo is actually a notable soccer player for the Women’s National Team representing the United States. With no relation to Han Solo, she’s one of the best goalies in the business.




    1. Michelle Waterson

    Image result for michelle waterson

    Another notable MMA competitor, she’s been seen as one of the best fighters to go pound-for-pound; oh, and it’s not just for her country, but in the entire world. Competing in the UFC, she’s an Invicta FC atomweight champion, and as of this summer, she was ranked #6 for contenders in the women’s Strawweight division for the UFC.



    1. Paige VanZant

    Image result for paige vanzant

    We have a ton of MMA fighters on this list, and for some reason, powerful women with a ton of strength to defend themselves makes them even more attractive. Paige VanZant is no different, and she’s actually becoming a household name in her Strawweight division. In fact, she’s in the top 10!









    1. Serena Williams

    Image result for serena williams

    I can’t believe we’ve come this far without mentioning any of the Williams sisters, but we think they deserve a high title on this list. One of the greatest female tennis players ever, Serena has won herself 22 Grand Slam titles and has even won 4 gold medals. Her career isn’t over yet, and she’s been the face of women’s tennis for more than a decade.









    1. Anna Fenninger

    Related image

    Another skier for the Giant Slalom, Anna ended up competing in the Sochi Olympic games in 2014, winning the Super-G title, and even a gold and silver medal! Born in Hallein Austria, Anna is the overall World Cup champ for two consecutive seasons – 2014 and 2015.




    1. Laisa Andrioli

    Image result for laisa andrioli

    A total smoke show, Laisa Andrioli is on the Brazilian Women’s National team as a soccer player with a crazy amount of skills. While she’s not doing much now besides actively looking for more soccer opportunities, we don’t think we’ve seen the last of her yet!




    1. Rachel Wray

    Image result for rachel wray

    A former cheerleader turned MMA fighter, this girl shows that all pep and no bark isn’t common for a bombshell like her. She actually cheered for the NFL before jumping ship to another tough sport! Her reign on the Kansas City Chiefs didn’t go unnoticed, but we can’t wait to see what she does in the world of MMA fighting.

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