23 Crazy Sports Announcer Fails

Even seasoned pros screw up sometimes!


  1. Rex Hudler Didn’t Even Know What the Moon Was

We aren’t totally kidding; in fact, during a 2014 game between the Colorado Rockies and the Kansas City Royals, Ryan Lefebvre mentioned that there was currently a full moon going on. After, Rex Hudler made some sort of glance and then stated, “it’s a beautiful planet.” Huh – beautiful, yes. Planet? No! There was a bit of silence after such a dumbfounded statement, and then Ryan said, “well, it’s a moon.” Good thing he didn’t go into teaching, huh? Of course, the other commentators were ridiculing him, and rightfully so. It’s all in good fun anyway.


  1. Don Taylor Boasted About Vesa Toskala’s “Stick” Size

Yes, we’re talking about that stick. During a game in 2008, announcer Don Taylor had the weirdest slip of all time; Freudian, if you will. When Vesa Toskala of the Toronto Maple Leafs performed an incredible save, Taylor spouted, “Toskala, with the ENORMOUS…dick s…uh, glove save.” While it’s fantastic on a couple of levels, we’ll tell you why. Firstly, if the glove save was the topic of discussion, why was penis on Don Taylor’s brain. We think that it was truly too funny that he paused before saying, “dick”, as if he had to think about it.


  1. Danyelle Doesn’t Play by the Producer’s Book

Quite a few sports casters and announcers have slipped up and swore on live television, but we found this one to be too funny. Danyelle Sargent made an oopsie back in 2006 (and early time for F bombs), when ESPNews was unable to properly cut to a segment and there were some technical difficulties to follow. After a moment, she thought her mic had been cut, but then proceeded to say, “what the fu*k was that?” Clearly, everyone heard, and her contract was never renewed.


  1. Bob Griese Loves Tacos Just as Much as Us Normal Folk

This next one may be triggering, and rightfully so. Back in 2009, during a break of the Minnesota versus Ohio State game, someone had brought up the subject of NASCAR. Chris Spielman asked “where’s Juan Pablo Montoya?” on air, since there were five “top” drivers listed, and then Griese blurted out, “He’s out having a taco!” Yes, a racist comment made by a well-off white man. How rare. Bob Griese eventually apologized, and was actually suspended for a game.


  1. Christine Nubla and Her Inability to Pronounce Suggestive Phrases

Okay, I get it – we’ve all done it; we’ve accidentally said “orgasm” instead of “organism” in our 10th grade biology class. Just me? Well, okay, but at least I didn’t do it live like Christine Nubla! While commentating for the Los Angeles Clippers in 2007, she was speaking of their game against the Portland Trail Blazers. While she was trying to describe a defense move against “dribble penetration”, she ended up saying what was on her mind – and in the gutter; “double penetration”. We don’t think you need a description of that phrase, but yeah.


  1. Cris Collinsworth Apparently Likes Dudes Coming in His Face

Color commentator Cris Collinsworth (that’s a mouthful alone!) was speaking about a game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Washington Redskins when the topic of quarterback pressure came up. Of course, he had no issue with saying what was on his dirty mind, “Quarterbacks, they understand that they may end up getting hit coming around the edge, but when that guy’s coming right in their face, that’s a whole different story for the quarterback.” Well, okay.


  1. Mike Ditka and His Mindless Gestures

While this one may not have totally been intentional, Mike Ditka is the face behind this next action. A former coach, and broadcaster for the Chicago Bears, Mike Ditka does whatever he pleases, and he pretty much hates public decorum of any kind. During a 2007 broadcast, he did something that grabbed the attention of thousands (possibly millions) of people around the country. He apparently didn’t know that the cameras had cut back to him and the other commentators when he was seen fully readjusting himself and having a field day with it!


  1. Andy Brickley Talks About “Sex” Between Datsyuk and Zetterberg

Another one of those tricky phrases, eh? Maybe they’re just speaking what their mind is thinking. In this case, color commentator Andy Brickley had a few choice words to say about Datsyuk and Zetterberg during a game against the Phoenix Coyotes in 2010. He tried to state that the two had “tremendous success”, but found himself saying “sex” instead of success. How do you perform tremendous sex against an enemy? Well, that’s a bit rhetorical, anyway…


  1. More Awkward Than Britney’s Meltdown?

Dead space can be tricky to fill, especially if there hasn’t been anything exciting going on. Mike Patrick was victim to one of these moments, when he tried to fill some dead space while commenting on the Alabama versus Georgia game in 2007. He announced that he had something important to ask and said, “What is Britney Spears doing with her life?” his partner looked weird, and asked the hard-hitting question: “Why do we care? Is she here?” The cringe is real.


  1. Fred Funk’s Name is too Funky to Pronounce

Image result for fred funk

It can be tough to speak live on air, as so many of these commentators know, but Fred Funk’s name has been subject to almost (and full=on) expletive due to his last name sounding a lot like, “f*ck”. While we have no video clip to show you, keep an ear out when watching the announcements for this athlete. As for future sportscasters, Make sure to always keep an eye (or an ear) on your surroundings and especially your script.


  1. Keith Hernandez Showed His Sexist Side

Ahh, good old Keith Hernandez and one of the most sexist comments you could make. About 11 years ago during a San Diego Padres and New York Mets game, Hernandez randomly spotted a massage therapist in the dugout helping the team. She went by the name of Kelly Calabrese, and high-fiving one of the catchers after a home run was scored. We’re not sure why Keith decided to take it upon himself and be a donkey’s butt, but he boasted that only employees are allowed in the dugout. When a retort was made stating that she was an employee, he came back even fierier with, “I won’t say that women belong in the kitchen, but they don’t belong in the dugout”. While he eventually apologized, and he delivered a cringe-worthy one at that, he wasn’t reprimanded as much as he should have been; however, he has definitely been mocked since.


  1. Even Famous Broadcasters Have Ill Judgement

This one is an oldie, but a goodie (not because of what he said, but that he was scrutinized and later resigned). Back in 1973, during an NFL game, Joe Washington had a 97-yar touchdown return. For some reason, Howard Cosell, one of the most well-known broadcasters in history, retorted with, “look at the little monkey run!” While no one “cared” at the time, it wasn’t the last time he used such a racist phrase. In fact, during a 1982 game he was commenting on, he used the “monkey” term again, except this time for wide receiver Alvin Garett. He stated, “that little monkey gets loose, doesn’t he?” This time, his comments weren’t easily swept under the doormat. There was quite the outrage over his commentary and he eventually resigned after that season.


  1. Oh, Rush Limbaugh and His Racist Antics

Next on our list is a bit of racism from someone who is well-known in the world of politics. In 2003, ESPN decided to hire Rush Limbaugh, despite having quite the controversial set of opinions, and made him a “talking head” for football. You may be thinking to yourself, “oh, that’s the greatest idea ever!” Not. He only lasted a month and a half before spewing something racist, stating that the media was “wanting a black quarterback to succeed”. After the outrage, he resigned.


  1. Lou Holtz and His Hard Wood

For those that follow football closely, especially Notre Dame sports, you may know Lou Holtz as a former coach. He’s even a notable person in the College Football Hall of Game. While he’s a fantastic coach, he’s not fantastic at everything. During a broadcast in 2007 for a Pittsburgh versus Navy game, he thought that spewing the “meaning” of his name (hard wood) would be of any use for commentary.


  1. Kelly Tilghman and her Clear Racism

Come on, Kelly – woman already have enough of a hard time making it as sports commentators because people don’t take them seriously, and here you are, screwing up everything. Apparently, Kelly Tilghman thought that her joking about lynching would be of any use, let alone rid of backlash. Thankfully, she was scrutinized about her comments towards the only black male in the sport that they were casting for. Her exact words? “….lynch him in the back alley.”


  1. Steve Lyons’ Series of Career Fails

Image result for steve psycho lyonsFor Steve “Psycho” Lyons, this one comment wasn’t the only fail we saw come out of him during his career. He definitely lives up to his nickname, though. He’s not only been racist, but he also decided to insert rough commentary and was eventually fired. Not only did he joke that an Italian-American teammate must have mafia connections, he’s also bullied a blind fan, and then made a racist comment towards Lou Piniella, saying that he was “hablaing Espaol”. Why did he say this? Because he said a few words in Spanish, of course. We don’t understand how, but he somehow managed to get a job as a studio analyst for none other than the NE Sports Network.


  1. Majerus Wasn’t Malicious – An Unfortunate Commentary

Rick Majerus may seem a little off sometimes, but what he said wasn’t nearly as malicious as the rest on this list, nor do we think it was intended as such. In this sense, it was more funny than anything. He was on the subject of basketball during a segment, when a player by the name of Rudy Gay was inserted into the mix. Before actually thinking, Marjerus said, “I’m not a big Gay guy.” The rest is history, as Marjerus was quite oblivious to what he had said. At least his mind isn’t in the gutter like ours!


  1. When a Professional Doesn’t Know What a Touchdown Is

We understand that being filmed whether live or not, isn’t the easiest thing in the world, and we all have little blunders as we’re human. In this next fail, Mike Morgan completely forgot what the heck a touchdown was during a segment on a 2011 Bethune-Cookman game. Instead of calling out that there was a touchdown made, Mike said the phrase, “and…incomplete and intercepted!” Even though he’s a seasoned pro, he said the complete opposite of what happened.


  1. Musburger Suffered from Mush Brain

There are only a couple of casters on this list that have been in the game for decades, and even those people (including Brent Musburger) fail sometimes. During a 2013 game between Notre Dame and Alabama, he unfortunately had a huge blunder. We don’t want to chalk it up to old age, but our boy Brent isn’t as on point as he used to be. He ended up making a comment about how gorgeous AJ McCarron’s significant other was – a.k.a Former Miss Alabama, Katherine Webb. Totally awkward.


  1. Steve Levy Surely Knows What a Disk is!

Our next fail comes from Steve Levy, a seasoned veteran for ESPN. Of course, we’ve all had reading mistakes, and sometimes our words don’t come out as we see them. For this next one, the teleprompter was the culprit. Whoever typed in “disk” ended up forgetting the “s”, and Steve suffered the backlash. Instead of figuring it out, he ended up saying that the player was “out with a bulging dick”. Hmm – some of us wish we could take time off for that! They tried to compose themselves after Levy boasted the players “injury”, but he apologized multiple times and made it clear that the injuries sustained were not funny in the slightest.


  1. Corso Thought His Mike Was Cut

Lee Corso should have known better – you never say something that could offend, even when you think your mic is cut off! Hasn’t he seen any comedy movie? While he’s typically known for his comical corniness, and mostly a disposition that one would call “sunny”, Corso is the exact opposite when the “cameras aren’t on”. He ended up dropping the “F” bomb quite a few times, and the Hulk never was suspended, although he did apologize.


  1. Kinchen’s Blunder was Painfully Obvious

Even Brian Kinchen saw the fault in his own phrase. When Iowa and Illinois played against each other in 2006, Kinchen decided to state how important it is to make sure you catch the ball with your hands. While it was funnier on air and in the heat of the moment, we think you could still see the humor that surrounded this comment. He even agreed that it wasn’t the best wording! Beyond this, he went even further to say that the ball should be caressed and that you have to be tender.


  1. The Best Blunder of them All

You’re definitely going to want to see this cringefest. While there are a ton of great clips from this TV sports segment (for a college sport, nonetheless), Brian Collins had to fill in quickly. His normal position is typically behind the camera, he ended up apologizing (via mouthing) to someone behind said camera. We’ll let the video speak for itself!

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