15 Washed Up Athletes Who Are Still Incredibly Rich

Just because they’re washed-up, doesn’t mean their back accounts are.

It’s no secret that many famous athletes or celebrities become washed up and make you think, “man, I wouldn’t want to be that guy.” But really, with how rich they still are, you might just want to be them! Sure, their careers are over, but their supply of money isn’t. Whether they injured themselves on the field or decided to take out their anger on someone, the next 15 athletes you’ll find on our list have had their careers over within an instance. While some fans of the athletes are still holding on to the athlete’s achievements, the media doesn’t think they should have any more limelight.

While tons of reports, radio hosts, or Internet “tough guys” have a ton to say about those who are washed up (but not enough good about themselves), they tend to forget that these “washed up” athletes are still richer than they’ll ever be thanks to great money management, or being so good that they are loaded for life. Washed up doesn’t mean there’s an inability to make wise decisions! Check out our list of 15 washed up athletes who are still incredibly rich.

  1. Anna Kournikova

At her prime, Anna was a young and spunky athlete who was in the eyes of the media almost constantly. Talented and beautiful, Anna’s legacy continued throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s, even though she was never at the top of her class. Because of her charismatic personality and her level of talent, her name was well known throughout households across America. While her talent wasn’t as high as others in her respective career, her beauty is what got people talking. Since she was famous before the age of social media, companies that saw her flocked to her. In return, she decided to brand herself and cement her legacy even further after the end of her tennis career. Even though she doesn’t have many major titles like other women in the sport, she has a net worth of over $50 million. I guess her talent is the ability to brand herself well and continue to do so decades later.

  1. David Carr

You may know David from his older brother, Derek Carr. While he may have made somewhat of a name for himself, he didn’t go very far with the sport. Formerly on the Houston Texans, David Carr was known for his awful offensive plays. While he may not have excelled as much as he could have within the NFL, he ended up being smart with his money made in off league contracts, and rounded up around $40 million in doing so. He isn’t totally out of the world of sports, as he’s currently an analyst for the NFL Network, and general NFL media. As for playing the sport, he was a backup starter for Eli Manning on the New York Giants. We don’t think he’s doing all that bad after all nowadays.

  1. Nikola Pekovic

Next on our list is someone who thrived on the Minnesota Timerwolves at one point in his life. In fact, millions of dollars were thrown Pekovic’s way, and he had great success during the early era of his career. Since he came from Europe, he relished in his newfound fame and career in the United States. While he’s been in the game for over a decade, he ended up having to leave the league because of a number of injuries that plagued him; however, he didn’t just sit there and not do anything on the side, as he’s worth over $60 million thanks to a number of deals he made within the NBA over the course of the years. While he may not be a player ever again in the Association, he’s still financially healthy for what we assume to be years to come.

  1. Robert Griffin III

It’s unfortunate that some people get the crappy end of the stick when it comes to life throwing curveballs at you. This was the case for Robert Griffin III, when he was hit with many injuries over the course of his 2012 campaign. Once a Rookie of the Year for his offensive skills, Griffin quickly declined because of his injuries. Once he went towards the Cleveland Browns, he sustained yet another injury, and shortly after, parted ways with the franchise entirely. While he may be out of the league, his NFL deals have accumulated $28 million for him.

  1. Trent Richardson

Trent had a bit of a shuffle between teams, as he played for the Cleveland Browns as a running back. Then, shortly into his second season with the team, he was shipped off to Indianapolis Colts. We’re sure this didn’t make him feel that great, and it probably knocked him off his game a little bit; however, it was probably one of the better decisions the team could have made for that time, as he was an incredible player. Beyond this, he went onto other teams like the Baltimore Ravens, and the Oakland Raiders. He wasn’t taken out of the franchise due to injury, but he’s had his run. While he boasts that he isn’t broke despite having more than $1 million squandered from him, he probably won’t be playing in the franchise anytime soon.

  1. Tim Tebow

There was a time recently when Tim Tebow was a household name in the NFL, and still are for super fan boys. He had quite the rise and fall though, and was selected during the 2010 NFL Draft within the first round. He wasn’t in the NFL for too long, but managed to get a six-figure salary from his time on the New York Mets; however, he isn’t totally out of the world of football, as he’s now an analyst for the SEC Network and ESPN. Beyond being talented in the world of football, his ability to market himself and financially plan will keep him in the game – so to speak, for years to come. Here, you can see him playing for a minor league baseball team that he’s currently an outfielder for!

  1. Scott Steiner

While his age might indicate that he’s a washed up nobody, we think his back account says otherwise. The over 55 WCW champion has a net worth of over a million dollars to this day. Not only was he in the wrestling industry, but he dabbles in the world of conventions to meet fans and earn money from his legacy. He is also known for his interviews in which he doesn’t hold back on bit – quite the entertaining guy! Guess that’s what happens when you’re in an industry that’s both a sport and entertainment all wrapped up into one package.

  1. Anthony Bennett

It’s unfortunate that Anthony Bennett is seen as maybe one of the biggest busts when it comes to drafting in the NBA. Not only embarrassing, but he’s only 24! While he’s still young and healthy, he could still make a comeback and prove his worth – if he gets another chance. While you may think he’s young and broke, maybe even washed up, you’d be surprised to know that he’s worth at least $16 million, despite not having a lengthy career yet. If he ever starts playing for the NBA again, we think he’ll be much richer than that!

  1. CM Punk

CM Punk is known for his schtick with his attitude, but he’s also known for his weird match up on a Pay-Per-View fight. Fans and others within the industry weren’t sure why he was setup for an event like that, when he wasn’t really the type or prepared for that kind. He was dominated, for sure, but he still managed to rack up $1 million in the deal. Of course, that’s not the only money he’s earned from his athleticism, as he’s raked up quite a bit from his WWE days – a net worth of around $8 million. Beyond this, he’s been on a number of television shows, including MTV’s The Challenge – yes, that show is still on.

  1. Colin Kaepernick

While we don’t think he’s washed up – many consider his protesting self to be “washed up”. While he may have been flawed in his physical performance during his NFL streak, he has seen better days. Now heavily into activism, he’s worth more than $43 million thanks to his career with the 49ers and various deals struck. While he’s still a hot name in the world of social media, whether for performance or for his activism, we don’t think he’s as washed up as some want to believe. We’re glad he’s using his voice to protest what he believes, as he has quite a large platform to do so.

  1. Sean Avery

Next on our list is someone who is the most villainous within the Hockey League. Even though villainous, he was also one of the most popular during his time playing in the league. While he left the NHL indefinitely just 5 years ago, he still has quite a bit of money that he’s sitting on. While sports got his foot in the door, he stated that it wasn’t the only reason he’s richer than you, and even the more well-off people who watched him play. While he may be irrelevant when it comes to the actual sport and the teams he played on, he’s remained in the spotlight, as well as dabbling into other interests that kept his name in the media throughout the 2000’s. Between modeling, being an editor for Men’s Vogue, as well as presenting a fashion line for New York Fashion Week in 2009, he’s remained relevant in some sort of way, and has been successful at mostly every venture he’s gone into. While his net worth is currently being held captive, we can safely assume it’s in the millions.

  1. Josh Hamilton

Formerly an MVP, (a one-time MVP, to be exact), he unfortunately met with his demons of addiction, and made it quite public when it decided to get help and go into rehabilitation. He of course is a talented player who then struck a five-year deal with the Los Angeles Angels. In fact, this deal was worth $125 million, and unfortunately was dubbed as one of the worst decisions ever made. In fact, the team ended up trading him to the Texas Rangers two years ago, which they subsequently released him this year. Overall, he made $146 million from his contracts. Hopefully he can find a team for 2018 to continue earning.

  1. Greg Oden

Unfortunately, another huge bust when it comes to the National Basketball Association, he was at least able to nail a spot on the starting roster. Even though he made it there, it was clear his body was meant to paly that rigorously on a professional level, with stronger people against him. Unfortunately, injuries plagued the player rather quickly, but he’s still quite rich from the stint. In July of this year, Seth Wickersham, a senior writer for the ESPN network, says that he has earned more than $24 million from said contracts, despite not being a player in the big leagues for long. Even though he’s still rich, and people consider him a washed-up bust, he has quite the humble head on his shoulders.

  1. Ronda Rousey

One of the more notoriously “washed up” athletes on this list, she went from being the best in the industry, to one of the worst, notably. It happened so quick, it seemed to be overnight. While she’s worth millions, she suffered quite the defeat in the last two contests, despite talking such a big game. After losing her comeback game, we haven’t heard much from her since, except that she’s been romancing a former athlete and diving into the world of her personal life.

From one of her last fights in December of 2016, she was able to rake in around $3 million alone. Of course, she still has endorsements and is taking on other business ventures, we can’t say she’s washed up when it comes to her financial life. While she’s not a notable fighter anymore, it’s rumored that she may step into the WWE ring next year. A businesswoman who’s marketing herself where she can, and healthily, we think she’s set for life.

  1. Johnny Manziel

You may have seen him as “Johnny Football” during his career, and unfortunately hasn’t been able to find any work within the league for quite some time now. Even though he may not ever play professionally ever again, he still has accumulated more than $7 million during his career. While eventually that money will fade away, he’ll probably always be rich due to his family being in the oil industry since before he was ever into football. Talk about set for life, and laughing all the way to the bank.

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