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14-Year-Old Boy Takes YouPorn Break


A 14-year-old Denver, Colorado boy youporn stunned friends and relatives today by taking a full 20-minute break from watching YouPorn videos. The boy, Ron Calpon, had reportedly been watching videos for over 400 consecutive hours before taking the unexpected break.

Said Calpon, who was watching an outdoor orgy on YouPorn as we spoke, “I’m was as surprised by the break as anyone else. I guess after watching someone ejaculate on a Romanian teen’s face 50,000 times, you need to take a breath.

“I’m was just so happy to see him again during that YouPorn break,” said Calpon’s mother, Anita. We could hear the sounds of Romanian teens faking orgasms coming from his computer, so we knew he was alive in there. It’s just nice to know he’s okay.”

Calpon said he’s not yet sure if he’ll take another YouPorn break this summer. “It never really occurred to me that people did things besides watch YouPorn all day,” he said. Added Calpon, “Why do they do that again?”

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