Yoga When You’re Broke

, Yoga A year ago at this time, I had a consistent yoga schedule, an effective program that kept me sane, balanced, and on the brink of physical exhaustion. I attended conferences and seminars, learned how to meditate, and found myself balancing on my arms in new and interesting ways. The first two weeks of

Writing Advice: How to Apologize

, Writing Advice Here’s a fun experiment: type the word “sorry” into your Gmail search bar. How many results come up? For me, it’s 450. We all spend our lives apologizing for one thing or another; writers, especially, tend to do a lot of apologizing. And yet, despite all this practice, very few people know

Writing Advice: Outline This

, Writing Advice This is another kind of outline. Dear Nancy, Should I outline? H.M., Brooklyn. Dear H.M., In a word, yes. I don’t know anything about you or your writing but in general, I’m pro-outlining, with some caveats. I know I’m going against the whole “intuitionist” school of writing by saying this – you

Writing Advice: 16 Essential Rules

, Writing Advice Instead of answering a reader question, I’m going to do something a little different this month. The Guardian newspaper in London recently asked a whole bunch of writers for their ten rules of writing. They got 29 responses, with well-known and respected writers like Jonathan Franzen, Zadie Smith and Joyce Carole Oates